Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

You guys are monkeys. Or how one of yours (out of context) said during baeclast: "We don't make conscious decisions."
This is the result of throwing shit on a single pile and hoping that it works. You don't even know what does what anymore, like where the damage comes from, one thing you should've had a general idea about since at least betrayal league. And thinks just get signed off as if you didn't even have internal communications.
Like the mechanics themselves are fine. On Death effects are fine, if you can build around them to an extent with the likes of on-kill explosions and shatter. Super beefy monsters are fine, too. Especially when they don't have everlasting multi area overlapping stealth attacks. It doesn't have to be easy. You can ease the player in during the campaign and ramp it up til maps. But the core loop of your arpg is already so abyssal shit since you opted to push metas and balance around them.
To be fair, the general idea of having a league interact with old mechanics is the best since legacy and I wish you'd pull more league content together for a tighter package. If it worked better, it would make the generic primary loot drop redundant and you could just play it for what it is. Which seems to be the original intent (kinda like torment).
Still unironically wish you the best.
Some good improvements there but not sure it will be quite enough yet. No idea where you guys are getting the idea from that the mechanic is more rewarding the further you isn't at all.

In anycase i get not having a maps items all vacuumed up but GGG...come on why do you design a league mechanic that encourages players to play in ways you apparently don't want us too?

You want us to to take our time to pick up items but then you make a mechanic that kills you if you stand still for a second. You don't want a clear speed meta but then introduce a mechanic with a timer that means you are punished for taking the time to pick items up/cast spells etc?

Makes zero sense.
I swear it's like people forgot that one of the core principles of these leagues has always been -testing- new mechanics... get over yourselves. It's a damned game, a free one, and a fun one or you wouldn't be here after all these years. Chill out and try to, I don't know, find fun where you can?
Whaler4444 wrote:
Instead of vacuuming all items maybe just cluster jewels, simulacrum splinters and any delirium orbs that drop.

This is what have to be done! This items should drop with accumulated reward.

I honestly ok with the current state of the league apart from performance part. Oddly you guys broke old mechanics. And betrayal feels as laggy as it was in synthesis (if not worse). Really hope you can fix it soon enough.
P.S. also don't forget that Cassia still not "working" for those who died on 1st char.
Icewave21 wrote:

dead monsters being more of a threat than alive monsters is just garbage.
And yes. This, also. Starting with stupid porcupines.
I guess you guys aren't going to remove the timer for this league. It is a shame as I normally don't like super fast clearing builds. Maybe next league you can not have a timer.
reciprocate wrote:
HazaRdReborN wrote:
GG to GGG, on all things except visibility. Don't cave on this one. The fog makes it feel like a bloody fog. If people want to play an even more colourfully vivid game (as if their rainbow filters are not enough) they can go play D3. The theme and look is awesome, and the shadowy effect of monsters and effects is awesome. And if anyone bothers you can learn to pin point on death skills from enemies, and other one shot attacks. But I guess that takes more time than just jumping online right away to complain about it, smeh.

Awesome league, keep up the great work.

Stop sucking their dick man. GGG needs to learn what contrast actually means. Because it's totally fun to be obscured from potential danger that kills your character out of nowhere.

They should call this the Randy Orton league because it's RKOs out of nowhere.

Maybe I should stop sucking their dick, or maybe you should get the dick out of your face to actually see what is going on in the game. There is nothing random about it. Wipe your face clean and you might see.

I notice one shot skills about to off me a second at least before they happen. And they are already nerfing that they said.

Also, did you miss the part "on all things except visibility"? Did that not give you a hint that the other changes are ok? Does that not by extension mean that perhaps some issues they got wrong and they are fixing them which I applaud? You want me to keep explaining or did you get it now?

I am the first to complain to GGG if there is something I don't like, don't believe me ask them (not that they would ever bother to answer). This league visually is awesome. Plain and simple. And those that have a hard time seeing things are braindead blind and should go play pokemon.

Finally we get a thematically immersive fun league and everybody is whining that they can't roam through it without dying and "omg give us auto loot" in a game that it doesn't belong.

Its sad to say the least.

But that is always the case, the whining and complaining is always louder. In everything. The players that are content are enjoying the game and haven't even bothered to jump on the forums aside from a few here and there to praise the league (myself included) while the crybaby bunch is in here as per usual to either whine on something new, or to keep whining about something that doesn't belong in the game and keep parading behind a "they don't listen to us" flag... Said example in this case of auto loot.

Pokemon don't do it for you, then try tetris.
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Is it confirmed that u can't leech on delirium monsters?
If it is that really fucks 50% of people builds....
So yeah my most pressing concern about the league was waived away with "just use loot lifter bro".
GGG, guys, this is the first league ever that has a timed effect for an entire map. Legion, Breach, all this stuff also had a "kill mobs first, pick up loot later" phases, but they were locked in place. Here, especially in a non-linear layout, it's extremely tedious to go looting back through the entire location.
...honestly, just remove the timer. No, seriously. Delirious maps are the best version of this league's content mainly because they've got no timer.
sym wrote:
are you fucking serious?

The monster damage bonus scales up to 30% increased at absolute most.

30% extra on a hit that would already one-shot you still one-shots you. do you understand?

We are reviewing all of the Delirium monsters and skills to find any that are overtuned and will be making adjustments to any that might be dealing disproportionate damage.

try doing this BEFORE the league comes out

(At the time of publishing, we just found an issue where in many areas, Delirium monsters and spawners do not appear when extremely deep in the mist).

how could this possibly get by your """"""tests""""""?

Currently, there's a random chance for individual Delirium monsters to have mods that cause On-Death effects.

do you know why random instances of on-death effects works in cases like bearers or volatiles? because you actually have time and visual clarity to tell what the fuck is going on. in delirium you basically can't stop moving, you have 0 time to read the mods on the monsters, and when the """effect animations""" play you can't fucking see shit, UNLIKE bearers or volatiles.
there's nothing like this in delirium, there's just grey/white shit, covered up by fog, and then you die if you stop for a second near any mobs

it's because they are a viable way of making monsters that are killed instantly have an effect on players, and they aren't trivialised by clear-speed.

so you designed a league mechanic that is squarely focused on how fast you can clear maps to the point that you cannot fucking stop moving at any point, and then you say this shit which makes it seem like you have an issue with clear speed 'trivializing' the game? which is it- do you want people clearing fast or not?

Delirium increases the difficulty and reward of all other Path of Exile content.

no, it doesn't. nothing about this is difficult other than attempting to avoid the nearly invisible particle effects that signal something that will instantly kill my character. that's called tedium, to the point that i've started skipping delirium encounters entirely when they don't offer me maps or currency as a reward. and when i don't skip it, i'm basically rolling the dice with my character's experience bar.

this is fucking bullshit and you know it

Spot on, yours are the one post making most sense, but everyone has gripes with this RUSH mechanic, which forces backtrace, which kills you, which you cant avoid and which you cant see. All this done to deal with clear speed meta +1

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