[3.16*] For Scion - Goddess Sword Spinning in Flurry (Cyclone + Blade Flurry + Frost Blades)

Turkmonk wrote:
so am i need to unlink berserk from CWDT gem? cuz i cant cast it with 4 link armour.

Yes. You can have Berserk as a lone gem.


Saece wrote:
Can you look at what im running, so far its a blast im not sure how the rage fits in, am i mising something?

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Rage linked to Cyclone gives you rage stacks which increases attack and movement speed. When you pop Berserk, it will expense the rage stacks to give you more damage which is very useful on boss fights.


one4u2nb wrote:
quick question, will this build and gears go until the end game? if not, what gears are you recommending? i am currently following this everything on this guide, yet somehow, i only got a small dps and a bit of survivability. thanks!

The build can definitely go end game. However, with Harvest nerfed, to get those GG rare gears will be painful.

You can consider spec-ing into Phase Acrobatics and go for evasion gears + Wind Dancer. I find that to help immensely in survivability.

In other words, going for Dodge + Evasion instead of armor + evasion.


Arkenbon wrote:
Hey I'm really enjoying this build (slayer/raider variant), but like a couple others have mentioned I'm beginning to struggle at high-yellow/red tier mapping. Particularly when it comes to bossing, beyond mobs, some magic mobs, and the ultimatum mechanic. My character feels really glassy, and doesn't have the punch needed to make up for how quickly I just die.

https://pastebin.com/FasKADzs for a link to my build in pob. I'd be very thankful if you'd help me/us figure out what's missing or at least what can be boosted to overcome the issues later-game.

Here is an updated POB: https://pastebin.com/QrNtPD8d

The skill tree is adjusted for dodge/evasion and I changed your Cyclone to a 6L setup. Without changing gears and all buffs up, you will have 2.36m dps on Sirus.
Hey thanks for the guide! This is my first league and it's been a ton of fun juggling 3 skill based on the situation. I also had some survivability issues once I got to high tier red maps and followed your phase acrobatics + wind dancer respec and also supplemented it with a Kintsugi Exquisite leather and it's greatly improved survivability. Was able to beat Phoenix deathless and Minotaur with 2 deaths so far, so for everyone thinking they're too squishy consider picking up a Kintsugi.
Hi there! This is my first league and this build was lots of fun. I'd just like to ask if you're able to take a look at my current build and see where I can improve on. The boots I crafted had a bit of a bad roll, other than that, i'd very much appreciate if you could help improve it! Thank you!

Any ways i can increase damage for my build?
Currently at abt 100k+ damage? Based on in-game stats

Current Build:




Hello! Im following this build. Working well so far. I wanted to know if I could replace cyclone with something else? Since I already have a physical Cyclone Slayer I wanted to use another skill on this build :)
Any suggestions for changing passives/gear/skills and skill alternatives for that to work would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Great build, mate. I'm following your build but can i Ask this. the Gem Immortal Call, it should stay at level 3 or should i level it up to 20 too ?
Dead build?
Only managed to update the POB. Please refer to the gems and skill tree in the POB for the time being. Will update them in the guide in the next few days. ^^;
is this build viable on scourge?
i love scion builds, last one i played was the cyclone ice queen and i loved it, would like to try a physical damage cyclone and this build looks dope
This build ain't a pure physical build. Instead it is a fire conversion build. It should do fine in Scourge.

You can adjust the mastery for more survivability if you feel that it is lacking. :)

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