[3.10] Caustic Arrow + Toxic Rain Trickster [pob][gear links]

In-Game: @Karmatic (INACTIVE)

Check out my high speed Darkness Farmer Guide.

Stuff to come
I got sick and braindead, so sections I plan to add in the weeks to come:
(as of 3/12)
-League start leveling + twink gear
-Crafting section with mod ilvls/influence/fossils/general methods
-Trade search links for everything
-An actual Passive Tree section, after exploring Cluster Jewels
-Clips/videos of build in action
-Pathfinder option, after I start with it this league
Other CA/TR Guides
POE.NINJA!! Metamorph builds will stay up for a while. Sort by Caustic Arrow and/or Toxic Rain (+DPS to see some insanity). Also, great place to scout early Delirium for cluster jewel ideas.

[3.10][HC]DankawSL's Caustic Arrow Raider
[3.10]Wizzzard's Toxic Rain Miner
[3.10]Brittleknee’s Caustic Arrow CI Trickster
[3.10]Hasunic's TR/CA Trickster



I use LocalIdentity's POB fork.
-Match the Item set and Tree to see my intended arrangement
-This is not a rigid configuration, just meant to show options and potential DPS
-Jewel selections are saved in the Tree, not Item Set

-Basic: 80s, core passives/QoL/pathing, no jewel sockets
-Advanced: 90s, shows pathing to Duelist area, accessible jewels
-Pro: Higher 90s, Glorious Vanity placement+effect, tanky mitigation shenanigans
-Cluster Jewel Base: Minimal, outer socket placement, 20-30 points free

-Despair/Wither active by default
-CA in bow / TR in chest by default, unchecked support options
-CA 6th link is Mirage Archer by default
-Basic CA/TR: Lv 21/0, regular 20/20 supports
-Adv CA/TR: Woke Gems + Empower 4

-Basic: Potato gear, 'good enough' for low red maps and early bossing
-Advanced: End-game bow, crucial damage affixes, minimum 'all content' zone
-Pro: A mix of real gear, goals, and fantasy. Not 100% realistic, nor impossible

-15 "Wither stacks" by default
-"Always on Full Life" (DOFL gem)
-"Frenzy charges" (if you have them consistently)
-"Ghost Shrouds" (ascendancy)
-"Phasing" (Freedom of Movement)

Passive Tree/Ascendancy/Pantheon
-Check out the POB. "Life and damage" pretty much. I hope to add more here, but I don't think it's worth the time photoshopping/coding until cluster jewels are better understood.
-POB is the only way to 100% know the value of different pathing options. Focus on the 'per point' value from allocating/removing different wheels to get a sense of the actual opportunity cost, and/or make multiple trees to compare directly.


Basic Setup
6L BOW mods

Get a 6L here ASAP. Less than 1.4 APS base feels bad, I just aim for 'Thicket' family.
#1: 6L Silverbranch is a common league reward & can be upgraded, but no DOT Multi
#2-3: Starter, Alt '+1 Gems' or 'Bow Gems', craft veiled 'Chaos DOT Multi' (ilvl 50)
#4: Classic craft, bit more dmg to skill in the bow, maybe a skipped 'step' nowadays (ilvl 64)
#5: Modern craft, better dmg to both skills, these natural stats = end-game bow(ilvl 82)


I did most of the 3.9 atlas with just a 5L Toxic Rain, but the extra link is always better.
A rare 6L is cheaper and can give far more life, but I've always just used a unique.

Queen of the Forest: 'Minimum' is 0% MS @ 15k Evasion. Max is 50% @ 45k Evasion.
My classic choice, but needs evasion-heavy flasks. Maybe okay with 3.10's map clear focus.

Carcass Jack: My general recommendation. I kinda converted at the end of 3.9.
Damage is okay, but Trickster lacks AoE. The difference in TR's overlap DPS is noticeable.

Ascendancy gives "+1 ES per 6 Evasion" on Body Armour


I personally use The Gull until switching to an enchanted rare. Shrines=OP aside, it's got the same stats as a solid rare helmet. If not, generic rare works.
Goals: 70-80+ Life (T3) ■ 40%+ resists ■ O Affix
Ascendancy gives '+5 Evasion per 1 ES' on Helmets


Penetrating base. Generic DOT Multi is easy to get early.
Dmg roll here = crucial to >3.9 DPS baseline.

Don't spend +$ on a low-tier 'Chaos DOT Multi' Hunter quiver, if it's more expensive than a plain rare with T1 'generic'.
Goals: 70-80+ Life (T3) ■ 12%+ DOT Multi (T2) ■ 40%+ resists ■ O Suffix
Better: 90+ life ■ 16%+ DOT Multi (T1) ■ Attack Speed


ES/Eva base. Basic rares have few natural mods for us, so maximize life and resists.
Shoutout to Storm's Gift, 15% shock is its own damage taken multiplier (against packs).
Otherwise, look for low-tier 'Chaos DOT Multi' on Hunter/Elder gloves.

Goals: 70-80+ Life ■ 40%+ resists
Better: Attack Speed ■ Hybrid +Life/Def ■ O Suffix ■ Chaos DOT Multi


ES/Eva base. Just plain boots here. Temple hybrid MS/Dodge is a common league reward drop. Crafted/influenced boots are low priority relative to other slots.
Atziri's are kinda OP, but only if you don't need resists.

Goals: 30-35% MS ■ 70-80+ Life ■ ~40%+ Resists
Better: Temple Dodge ■ O Suffix ■ Lab Enchant


STR and/or INT base are good. Basic rare = *shrug* since it'll be upgraded quickly.
Hunter/Elder mods can be hard to roll, so I'm usually happy with just crafted life.

Goals: 80+ Life ■ Any% Resists ■ O Affixes
Better: Better: -Total Mana Cost ■ x% Mana Regen ■ Any %/type Damage
Allocate: 'Freedom of Movement' on a potato ammy to save points.
Allocate: 'Corruption' on a long-term ammy, Black Oil maybe +$ early league
3.10: "% Increased Chaos Damage" is both essence/fossil, so SHOULD still be a 'live' fossil outcome. Not 100% sure.


Resist, Coral, Vermillion bases are ideal. Nothing fancy. Might need a little extra STR/INT.
Goals: 60+ life ■ 30%+ Total Res
Better: 70+ life ■ Mana Regen ■ Veiled -Mana Cost ■ STR/INT ■ 16% Inc Damage (20%=1ex!)


Leather or Stygian base. Extra Abyss Jewel = extra changeable affixes.
Great slot to carry life/resists with such stronk implicits.

Goals: 70-80+ life ■ 60%+ Total Res ■ O Suffix
Better: 90+ life ■ %Flask Duration/-Charges/Recovery
Jewel: +Life ■ %Chaos Dmg ■ %DOT w/Wielding 2Hw ■ +Evasion
Mods: Double/All Res ■ Dmg/Killed Recently ■ Atk Speed ■ %Evasion/Moving

20% quality is a given goal on all flasks
Menagerie=Add any immunity to flask w/ open suffix


I haven't changed from this combo in a long time.
Jives with '70% Recovery Rate of Life if killed recently' from Patient Reaper.

Experiment with different prefixes/Divine base if you'd like.
Don't need Bleed immunity always up, so that suffix goes here.


My suggestion early when your DPS is slower than your movespeed.
~6sec base duration across all flasks really feels great.

Test/use Alchemist's if you'd like, both are 100% valid choices.
I think 29-30% is always worth.


I always use one, rarely two. Witchfire is great early league for the DPS/evasion alone. Great with QotF. Aura is ~okay~ but at least keep a 1L Despair if you want distance on a boss.
Dying Sun might be cheap earlier than ever this league ;)


Generally I go Silver + x. Try stuff! Again, ~6sec duration for immunity uptime/QoL.
Silver: '25% Reduced Charges' = 30/60 charges on use. OR "Onslaught on kill" on gear.

Jade: 'x% Inc Duration' = ~6sec. Required(?) for QotF.

Quartz: 'x% Inc Duration' .. OR "Phasing on kill" on gear/Freedom of Movement.

Granite OR: 'x% Inc Duration' .. Check POB to see which gives more Phys Reduction.
Basalt: '25% Reduced Charges' .. .. ..!! .....!!!!


Free damage + movespeed.


-About the same bow from the previous section with 5ex of bench crafting. If you're spending this much, it's worth getting a good base. Any 'extra' suffix is kindofa bonus.
-Even better if you end with an empty suffix for a Conqueror Exalt slam. Attack Speed was a lucky regal while I was trying to do that, so I stuck with it
-I filled most of my atlas in 3.9 on the same exact bow except a trash suffix.

You must use Empower with +2 Support Gems
Goal: +1 Gems ■ +2 Support Gems ■ 31-35% DOT Multi ■ 36-40% Chaos DOT Multi
Better: Good extra natural suffix ■ Post-craft empty suffix for influenced mod


-ES base to take advantage of ascendancy.
-3.10: "-Chaos Res" is now locked to Hunter bases...other influenced mods aren't very useful. Likely you'll have to buy the enchanted (non-influenced) base you want, then Hunter Exalt slam the influence before crafting.
-I like to craft pierce here so I can drop it from the tree.

'Despair Effect' is the highest all-around dmg enchant for either/both skill (IMO)
Goal: Enchant ■ 90+ Life ■ -9% Enemy Chaos Res ■ ~70%+ Res ■ O Affix[/b]
Better: Crafted Pierce ■ ?


-6L is plenty enough, beyond is your own adventure.
-White sockets are QoL.
-Gem corruption is expensive+last priority, but feels pretty damn good. Gives enough dmg to hold CA+Mirage, and TR can go in the bow for max single target. If ya got nothing else to double corrupt...

You could fossil craft a fatty Life+ES/Eva chest for tankiness. Check poe.ninja for ideas.
Corruptions: % Increased Dmg ■ +1 Socketed Gems ■ +2 AOE/Projectile/Duration Gems


-Penetrating base as usual.
-An overall juicy T1 'Chaos DOT Multi' quiver is good enough.
-I'm still a sucker for additional arrow, which took 3 Awakener's Orbs for me to hit any life/res. You cooouuld Aberrant spam the hybrid base too. Overall big/expensive RNG item.

Both 'Generic' + 'Chaos DOT Multi' = max DPS option. I never made one tho :D
Goal: 21-25% Chaos DOT Multi ■ 90+ Life ■ ~x+ Resists ■ O Suffix
Better: Additional Arrow+Chaos DOT Multi ■ Generic+Chaos DOT Multi


-ES or Evasion base is okay.
-T1 Chaos DOT Multi with good stats is solid.
-Only Elder gloves have 'Frenzy on kill', and seriously my favorite QoL mod.
I traded for these, but they could be fossil-spammed or fused with an Awakener's Orb.

Goal: 13-16% Chaos DOT Multi ■ ~40%+ Resists ■ O Suffix
Better: Frenzy on kill ■ Attack Speed


-ES or Evasion base is okay.
-You don't need to go crazy here. I was trying to slam 'Endurance Charge on Kill', 'Elusive' was lucky, but feels great tbh. Toxic Rain procs it a decent amount, can't complain.
-You can simply buy juicy non-influenced boots and Conq slam for a good affix. I think Redeemer and Hunter have the most useful mods. Room to explore here.

Goal: Enchant ■ 35% MS ■ 80+ Life ■ O Suffix
Better: Influenced mods ■ Temple Dodge/MS


-Stat base you need, or Marble for life regen.
-'+1 Dex or Chaos Gems' AND 'T1 Multi' is powerful+hard to roll, take what you can get.
Again this can be Awakener fused, or fossil-spammed. I traded for this ;)

Goal: 13-16% Chaos DOT Multi ■ +1 Chaos OR Dex Gems
Better: Any good natural mods ■ % Inc Chaos Damage (crazy!)
Allocate: 'Corruption', or your secret shenanigans


-Vermillion base is great, maybe one Unset to help stretch links.
-Prob need big life/res maxing here, I usually just buy nice vanilla rares.
-Envy Essences are the only way to roll natural '% Inc Chaos Dmg'. Good luck :o
-You'll probably want at least one -Mana craft on your jewelry.

Goal: Vermillion Base ■ 70+ Life ■ 70-80+ Resists ■ O Affix
Better: Essence Chaos Dmg ■ -Total Mana Cost ■ Crafted Dmg


-3.10: You now need Hunter influence to craft Chaos Dmg on belts, which means you'll need to buy/slam a Hunter Stygian Vise if you want it. I used a nice plain one for most of 3.9.
-I usually don't go crazy on my abyss jewel.
'Phasing/Onslaught on kill' are great if you want to drop them from the tree/flask.

Goal: 90+ Life ■ 70-80%+ Resists ■ O Suffix
Better: Hunter Chaos Dmg ■ Hunter % Max Life
Abyss Jewel mods


Dying Sun: My favorite. Additional arrows make a huge difference on both skills.
Cinderswallow Urn: Super tanky option, good with +arrow on quiver. (pathfinder's bff)
Alchemist's Quicksilver: Fastest option, less reliable uptime.


-IMO these are only better than passives, with at least Life + Inc Dmg + DOT Multi.
-Resist ones are okay if you need help getting capped.
-4 mod max life jewels are extremely expensive.

%DMG TYPES: Generic / Chaos / Damage over Time / Area / Projectile
Goal: % Maximum Life ■ Chaos DOT Multi ■ One Increased Dmg Mod
Better: 4th mod (Inc Dmg, Resists, Evasion, etc)


Huge DOT Multi roll. Unmatched and worth IMO, but expensive nowadays.


Changes a keystone passive into "Corrupted Soul":
-50% of Non-Chaos Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield
-20% of Maximum Life as extra Maximum Energy Shield

This gives a huge one-shot eHP baseline. I recommend also taking Wicked Ward.
(and dropping Acro/Phase Acro so you can scale armour :P)

ANY 'name' Glorious Vanity can be divined into 'Doryani'.
Jewel # doesn't matter, but 'Arcane Vision' = 1pt corruptable notable ;)

Example Arrangements

Caustic Arrow + Toxic Rain

-One skill in your bow as your 'main'/extra DPS
-Mirage Archer can go in either + be swapped for single target
-POB is the best way to verify the 'best' links


-Don't use Concentrated Effect with Toxic Rain
-Efficacy is an 'okay' 6th link for TR
-Don't recommend DOFL for the 'Doryani' jewel
-Any Empower required if you have +2 Support Gems
-Empower is NOT required for chest skill or '+2 Bow Gems'

-Get these whenever you can
-Inc AOE+ is for TR (and amazing!)
-Avoid Swift Afflication+ on TR if possible (-25% duration)

Malevolence + 1 Aura (or Blasphemy)

-Experimenting with 2nd aura/blasphemy recommended!
-Take 'Charisma' to help with heavy reservation
-Or try Siphoning Trap when you need to spam TR

Wither Totem

-Keep unlinked from other spells (unless you like Flame Dash totems)

Manual OR Aura Curse

-No best answer here. I often change between them throughout any given league.
-Frenzy setup is powerful/worth if you have no charges otherwise
-Only add Enhance/Inc AOE to Blasphemy if you happen to use Impresence

Movement + Utility Options

-Try to narrow down to one Movement skill. Lately I like Smoke Mine.
-Phase Run/Withering Step override each other, so pick one. I like PR for Delving.
-Don't underestimate Siphoning Trap ;)

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not bad ^^ ty
Смех станет воплем, жизнь станет смертью...
Really nice build and info. thanks mate <3
Great build ...I am using it now only thing I wish you would have included, being that I am a NOOB at the Gem thing., is showing how you had yours socketed.
This is the one thing in POE that constantly has me scratching my head then my ass trying to figure it out. Crafting is tricky but I have to get the stuff to craft it first which I have to Farm with other higher lvl toons. Anyway ..I really appreciate this build a lot so much so that my son is also using it!! So this question is for both of us.


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