[3.10] Caustic Arrow + Toxic Rain Trickster [pob][gear links]

In-Game: @casual_place

Check out my high speed Darkness Farmer Guide.

Stuff to come
I got sick and braindead, so sections I plan to add in the weeks to come:
(as of 3/12)
-League start leveling + twink gear
-Crafting section with mod ilvls/influence/fossils/general methods
-Trade search links for everything
-An actual Passive Tree section, after exploring Cluster Jewels
-Clips/videos of build in action
-Pathfinder option, after I start with it this league
Other CA/TR Guides
POE.NINJA!! Metamorph builds will stay up for a while. Sort by Caustic Arrow and/or Toxic Rain (+DPS to see some insanity). Also, great place to scout early Delirium for cluster jewel ideas.

[3.10][HC]DankawSL's Caustic Arrow Raider
[3.10]Wizzzard's Toxic Rain Miner
[3.10]Brittleknee’s Caustic Arrow CI Trickster
[3.10]Hasunic's TR/CA Trickster



I use LocalIdentity's POB fork.
-Match the Item set and Tree to see my intended arrangement
-This is not a rigid configuration, just meant to show options and potential DPS
-Jewel selections are saved in the Tree, not Item Set

-Basic: 80s, core passives/QoL/pathing, no jewel sockets
-Advanced: 90s, shows pathing to Duelist area, accessible jewels
-Pro: Higher 90s, Glorious Vanity placement+effect, tanky mitigation shenanigans
-Cluster Jewel Base: Minimal, outer socket placement, 20-30 points free

-Despair/Wither active by default
-CA in bow / TR in chest by default, unchecked support options
-CA 6th link is Mirage Archer by default
-Basic CA/TR: Lv 21/0, regular 20/20 supports
-Adv CA/TR: Woke Gems + Empower 4

-Basic: Potato gear, 'good enough' for low red maps and early bossing
-Advanced: End-game bow, crucial damage affixes, minimum 'all content' zone
-Pro: A mix of real gear, goals, and fantasy. Not 100% realistic, nor impossible

-15 "Wither stacks" by default
-"Always on Full Life" (DOFL gem)
-"Frenzy charges" (if you have them consistently)
-"Ghost Shrouds" (ascendancy)
-"Phasing" (Freedom of Movement)

Passive Tree/Ascendancy/Pantheon
-Check out the POB. "Life and damage" pretty much. I hope to add more here, but I don't think it's worth the time photoshopping/coding until cluster jewels are better understood.
-POB is the only way to 100% know the value of different pathing options. Focus on the 'per point' value from allocating/removing different wheels to get a sense of the actual opportunity cost, and/or make multiple trees to compare directly.


Basic Setup
6L BOW mods

Get a 6L here ASAP. Less than 1.4 APS base feels bad, I just aim for 'Thicket' family.
#1: 6L Silverbranch is a common league reward & can be upgraded, but no DOT Multi
#2-3: Starter, Alt '+1 Gems' or 'Bow Gems', craft veiled 'Chaos DOT Multi' (ilvl 50)
#4: Classic craft, bit more dmg to skill in the bow, maybe a skipped 'step' nowadays (ilvl 64)
#5: Modern craft, better dmg to both skills, these natural stats = end-game bow(ilvl 82)


I did most of the 3.9 atlas with just a 5L Toxic Rain, but the extra link is always better.
A rare 6L is cheaper and can give far more life, but I've always just used a unique.

Queen of the Forest: 'Minimum' is 0% MS @ 15k Evasion. Max is 50% @ 45k Evasion.
My classic choice, but needs evasion-heavy flasks. Maybe okay with 3.10's map clear focus.

Carcass Jack: My general recommendation. I kinda converted at the end of 3.9.
Damage is okay, but Trickster lacks AoE. The difference in TR's overlap DPS is noticeable.

Ascendancy gives "+1 ES per 6 Evasion" on Body Armour


I personally use The Gull until switching to an enchanted rare. Shrines=OP aside, it's got the same stats as a solid rare helmet. If not, generic rare works.
Goals: 70-80+ Life (T3) ■ 40%+ resists ■ O Affix
Ascendancy gives '+5 Evasion per 1 ES' on Helmets


Penetrating base. Generic DOT Multi is easy to get early.
Dmg roll here = crucial to >3.9 DPS baseline.

Don't spend +$ on a low-tier 'Chaos DOT Multi' Hunter quiver, if it's more expensive than a plain rare with T1 'generic'.
Goals: 70-80+ Life (T3) ■ 12%+ DOT Multi (T2) ■ 40%+ resists ■ O Suffix
Better: 90+ life ■ 16%+ DOT Multi (T1) ■ Attack Speed


ES/Eva base. Basic rares have few natural mods for us, so maximize life and resists.
Shoutout to Storm's Gift, 15% shock is its own damage taken multiplier (against packs).
Otherwise, look for low-tier 'Chaos DOT Multi' on Hunter/Elder gloves.

Goals: 70-80+ Life ■ 40%+ resists
Better: Attack Speed ■ Hybrid +Life/Def ■ O Suffix ■ Chaos DOT Multi


ES/Eva base. Just plain boots here. Temple hybrid MS/Dodge is a common league reward drop. Crafted/influenced boots are low priority relative to other slots.
Atziri's are kinda OP, but only if you don't need resists.

Goals: 30-35% MS ■ 70-80+ Life ■ ~40%+ Resists
Better: Temple Dodge ■ O Suffix ■ Lab Enchant


STR and/or INT base are good. Basic rare = *shrug* since it'll be upgraded quickly.
Hunter/Elder mods can be hard to roll, so I'm usually happy with just crafted life.

Goals: 80+ Life ■ Any% Resists ■ O Affixes
Better: Better: -Total Mana Cost ■ x% Mana Regen ■ Any %/type Damage
Allocate: 'Freedom of Movement' on a potato ammy to save points.
Allocate: 'Corruption' on a long-term ammy, Black Oil maybe +$ early league
3.10: "% Increased Chaos Damage" is both essence/fossil, so SHOULD still be a 'live' fossil outcome. Not 100% sure.


Resist, Coral, Vermillion bases are ideal. Nothing fancy. Might need a little extra STR/INT.
Goals: 60+ life ■ 30%+ Total Res
Better: 70+ life ■ Mana Regen ■ Veiled -Mana Cost ■ STR/INT ■ 16% Inc Damage (20%=1ex!)


Leather or Stygian base. Extra Abyss Jewel = extra changeable affixes.
Great slot to carry life/resists with such stronk implicits.

Goals: 70-80+ life ■ 60%+ Total Res ■ O Suffix
Better: 90+ life ■ %Flask Duration/-Charges/Recovery
Jewel: +Life ■ %Chaos Dmg ■ %DOT w/Wielding 2Hw ■ +Evasion
Mods: Double/All Res ■ Dmg/Killed Recently ■ Atk Speed ■ %Evasion/Moving

20% quality is a given goal on all flasks
Menagerie=Add any immunity to flask w/ open suffix


I haven't changed from this combo in a long time.
Jives with '70% Recovery Rate of Life if killed recently' from Patient Reaper.

Experiment with different prefixes/Divine base if you'd like.
Don't need Bleed immunity always up, so that suffix goes here.


My suggestion early when your DPS is slower than your movespeed.
~6sec base duration across all flasks really feels great.

Test/use Alchemist's if you'd like, both are 100% valid choices.
I think 29-30% is always worth.


I always use one, rarely two. Witchfire is great early league for the DPS/evasion alone. Great with QotF. Aura is ~okay~ but at least keep a 1L Despair if you want distance on a boss.
Dying Sun might be cheap earlier than ever this league ;)


Generally I go Silver + x. Try stuff! Again, ~6sec duration for immunity uptime/QoL.
Silver: '25% Reduced Charges' = 30/60 charges on use. OR "Onslaught on kill" on gear.

Jade: 'x% Inc Duration' = ~6sec. Required(?) for QotF.

Quartz: 'x% Inc Duration' .. OR "Phasing on kill" on gear/Freedom of Movement.

Granite OR: 'x% Inc Duration' .. Check POB to see which gives more Phys Reduction.
Basalt: '25% Reduced Charges' .. .. ..!! .....!!!!


Free damage + movespeed.


-About the same bow from the previous section with 5ex of bench crafting. If you're spending this much, it's worth getting a good base. Any 'extra' suffix is kindofa bonus.
-Even better if you end with an empty suffix for a Conqueror Exalt slam. Attack Speed was a lucky regal while I was trying to do that, so I stuck with it
-I filled most of my atlas in 3.9 on the same exact bow except a trash suffix.

You must use Empower with +2 Support Gems
Goal: +1 Gems ■ +2 Support Gems ■ 31-35% DOT Multi ■ 36-40% Chaos DOT Multi
Better: Good extra natural suffix ■ Post-craft empty suffix for influenced mod


-ES base to take advantage of ascendancy.
-3.10: "-Chaos Res" is now locked to Hunter bases...other influenced mods aren't very useful. Likely you'll have to buy the enchanted (non-influenced) base you want, then Hunter Exalt slam the influence before crafting.
-I like to craft pierce here so I can drop it from the tree.

'Despair Effect' is the highest all-around dmg enchant for either/both skill (IMO)
Goal: Enchant ■ 90+ Life ■ -9% Enemy Chaos Res ■ ~70%+ Res ■ O Affix[/b]
Better: Crafted Pierce ■ ?


-6L is plenty enough, beyond is your own adventure.
-White sockets are QoL.
-Gem corruption is expensive+last priority, but feels pretty damn good. Gives enough dmg to hold CA+Mirage, and TR can go in the bow for max single target. If ya got nothing else to double corrupt...

You could fossil craft a fatty Life+ES/Eva chest for tankiness. Check poe.ninja for ideas.
Corruptions: % Increased Dmg ■ +1 Socketed Gems ■ +2 AOE/Projectile/Duration Gems


-Penetrating base as usual.
-An overall juicy T1 'Chaos DOT Multi' quiver is good enough.
-I'm still a sucker for additional arrow, which took 3 Awakener's Orbs for me to hit any life/res. You cooouuld Aberrant spam the hybrid base too. Overall big/expensive RNG item.

Both 'Generic' + 'Chaos DOT Multi' = max DPS option. I never made one tho :D
Goal: 21-25% Chaos DOT Multi ■ 90+ Life ■ ~x+ Resists ■ O Suffix
Better: Additional Arrow+Chaos DOT Multi ■ Generic+Chaos DOT Multi


-ES or Evasion base is okay.
-T1 Chaos DOT Multi with good stats is solid.
-Only Elder gloves have 'Frenzy on kill', and seriously my favorite QoL mod.
I traded for these, but they could be fossil-spammed or fused with an Awakener's Orb.

Goal: 13-16% Chaos DOT Multi ■ ~40%+ Resists ■ O Suffix
Better: Frenzy on kill ■ Attack Speed


-ES or Evasion base is okay.
-You don't need to go crazy here. I was trying to slam 'Endurance Charge on Kill', 'Elusive' was lucky, but feels great tbh. Toxic Rain procs it a decent amount, can't complain.
-You can simply buy juicy non-influenced boots and Conq slam for a good affix. I think Redeemer and Hunter have the most useful mods. Room to explore here.

Goal: Enchant ■ 35% MS ■ 80+ Life ■ O Suffix
Better: Influenced mods ■ Temple Dodge/MS


-Stat base you need, or Marble for life regen.
-'+1 Dex or Chaos Gems' AND 'T1 Multi' is powerful+hard to roll, take what you can get.
Again this can be Awakener fused, or fossil-spammed. I traded for this ;)

Goal: 13-16% Chaos DOT Multi ■ +1 Chaos OR Dex Gems
Better: Any good natural mods ■ % Inc Chaos Damage (crazy!)
Allocate: 'Corruption', or your secret shenanigans


-Vermillion base is great, maybe one Unset to help stretch links.
-Prob need big life/res maxing here, I usually just buy nice vanilla rares.
-Envy Essences are the only way to roll natural '% Inc Chaos Dmg'. Good luck :o
-You'll probably want at least one -Mana craft on your jewelry.

Goal: Vermillion Base ■ 70+ Life ■ 70-80+ Resists ■ O Affix
Better: Essence Chaos Dmg ■ -Total Mana Cost ■ Crafted Dmg


-3.10: You now need Hunter influence to craft Chaos Dmg on belts, which means you'll need to buy/slam a Hunter Stygian Vise if you want it. I used a nice plain one for most of 3.9.
-I usually don't go crazy on my abyss jewel.
'Phasing/Onslaught on kill' are great if you want to drop them from the tree/flask.

Goal: 90+ Life ■ 70-80%+ Resists ■ O Suffix
Better: Hunter Chaos Dmg ■ Hunter % Max Life
Abyss Jewel mods


Dying Sun: My favorite. Additional arrows make a huge difference on both skills.
Cinderswallow Urn: Super tanky option, good with +arrow on quiver. (pathfinder's bff)
Alchemist's Quicksilver: Fastest option, less reliable uptime.


-IMO these are only better than passives, with at least Life + Inc Dmg + DOT Multi.
-Resist ones are okay if you need help getting capped.
-4 mod max life jewels are extremely expensive.

%DMG TYPES: Generic / Chaos / Damage over Time / Area / Projectile
Goal: % Maximum Life ■ Chaos DOT Multi ■ One Increased Dmg Mod
Better: 4th mod (Inc Dmg, Resists, Evasion, etc)


Huge DOT Multi roll. Unmatched and worth IMO, but expensive nowadays.


Changes a keystone passive into "Corrupted Soul":
-50% of Non-Chaos Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield
-20% of Maximum Life as extra Maximum Energy Shield

This gives a huge one-shot eHP baseline. I recommend also taking Wicked Ward.
(and dropping Acro/Phase Acro so you can scale armour :P)

ANY 'name' Glorious Vanity can be divined into 'Doryani'.
Jewel # doesn't matter, but 'Arcane Vision' = 1pt corruptable notable ;)

Example Arrangements

Caustic Arrow + Toxic Rain

-One skill in your bow as your 'main'/extra DPS
-Mirage Archer can go in either + be swapped for single target
-POB is the best way to verify the 'best' links


-Don't use Concentrated Effect with Toxic Rain
-Efficacy is an 'okay' 6th link for TR
-Don't recommend DOFL for the 'Doryani' jewel
-Any Empower required if you have +2 Support Gems
-Empower is NOT required for chest skill or '+2 Bow Gems'

-Get these whenever you can
-Inc AOE+ is for TR (and amazing!)
-Avoid Swift Afflication+ on TR if possible (-25% duration)

Malevolence + 1 Aura (or Blasphemy)

-Experimenting with 2nd aura/blasphemy recommended!
-Take 'Charisma' to help with heavy reservation
-Or try Siphoning Trap when you need to spam TR

Wither Totem

-Keep unlinked from other spells (unless you like Flame Dash totems)

Manual OR Aura Curse

-No best answer here. I often change between them throughout any given league.
-Frenzy setup is powerful/worth if you have no charges otherwise
-Only add Enhance/Inc AOE to Blasphemy if you happen to use Impresence

Movement + Utility Options

-Try to narrow down to one Movement skill. Lately I like Smoke Mine.
-Phase Run/Withering Step override each other, so pick one. I like PR for Delving.
-Don't underestimate Siphoning Trap ;)

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