[3.14] Wizzzard's Toxic Rain Miner | Starter | Lategame is NERFED

Hello i am CrazyWizzard and i present you my first ever Guide:

Shout out to Remicaster for helping me creating this guide, you should check out the other guides by him too

Here is his icicle mines guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2683377

I wanted to play boss killer for 3.9 and since i played icicle and toxic rain the league before, i had some idea how that works.
Since icicle had been nerfed and some supports for it, too, i decided to look for something else.
So i found that Toxic rain mines is actually a thing and began testing league start and endgame content with it.
Turns out its amazing. Since i couldnt find a proper guide for it, that wasn't from 3.7 or ssf only, i decided to try to make one myself.

After 3.14 the single target is hit pretty bad, and its very likely not amazing anymore.

Ofcause this means that alot of stuff might be not optimized or perfect, so please tell me your feedback!
You can dm me on Discord:

3.14 Patch notes update

Toxic rain no longer properly scales with aoe, guttin alot of single target damage from overlaps!!
While this means, its still a decent league starter, it wont do as well against bosses. I will not recommended in the current State.

3.13 Patch notes update

Trickster lost 10% movement speed, 10% spell dodge and 50% increased damage
My old Character lost 5% effective damage in the Pob, but that seems very little. The build loses a bit more effective damage then that probably. Overall toxic rain was really good and should still be very good.

3.12 Patch notes update

The build didnt get touched at all, so everything should be the same, enjoy
I might add a more tankier version later this patch. For now: the elusive node on the tree ACTUALLY works, so feel free to take that instead of life, or damage on the tree

3.11 Patch notes update

1 mines notable on the tree lost 20% increased damage and one Chaos node lost about 13% chaos dot multi. The best cluster jewel nodes also got nerfed.
Overall its not alot compared to crit nerfs. Now we can consider the bow cluster jewel, since it still provies damage over time multi.
The Corruption annoint got completly killed also.
The build will still be a very strong starter, especially since crit is now even more expensive.

3.10 Patch notes update

we are losing about 2 mines per second, assuming there was no extra throw speed on helmet or belt. This translates to going down from 7.5 mines per second to 5.5.
If we get 10% mine throw speed on the helmet, 20% per essence on a belt and annoint destructive appartus instead of corruption, we are back at the same throw speed and lost about 2% damage.
If you can get extra frenzy charges, that is also pretty good now.

Overall this should be fine, since there will be some pretty good cluster jewel damage upgrades and throw speed from tree and support gems was so good that investing more into it wasnt really worth it.
Also, you can now hold down the detonate button! Huge quality of life while mapping.

3.9 Update :
3.9 Patch notes update

slight buff to toxic rain


Why mines?
After the 3.8 update, mines have changed how it works, it makes casting attack based projetile much smoother and easier.
One of the major problems that TR (toxic rain) has, is that it needs alot of attack speed for it to feel good.
The solution to this problem is to change TR into a mine based skill.
With mines, all the casts happend in rapid succession and the pods of toxic Rain can overlap gloriously.
You can find more on how Toxic rain works below!

After searching information regarding mines and TR on the internet, I found useful information about this build and put them all together in one place in this guide,
links to the source:
mines in general: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2683377
toxic rain: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/9dc0di/some_toxic_rain_mechanics/

How does toxic rain work?

Each pod applies an stackable DoT instance. It's safe to assume there is no limit in the number of pods damaging an enemy. I have tested this with around 0.12s attack time and more than 150% increased skill effect duration.

Since the DoT stacks and it has a 1 second base duration, investing into skill duration greatly scales your damage without introducing too crazy build up times.

Modifiers to area of effect don't affect the area in which the pods land, only the pods own aoe. Unlike similar skills, increasing your aoe will actually increase your shotgunning against single target. Conc effect is a no-no because of its less area modifier, unless you have some very high aoe increases.

Additional projectiles will increase the area in which the pods land. The pod distribution works similarly to that of the reworked rain of arrows. This makes gmp a great link to boost your clearing, not so much to increase your single target damage.

Each pod can technically hit twice, on landing and on explosion. However the landing hit has an absolutely tiny hitbox (I am pretty sure it's not even an actual aoe, just a simple point). If you target an attack on a regular pack the chance to not hit any mob with the landing is pretty high. You can easily test this with mirage archer, since it only procs on hit.

Introduction to mines

What is a mine?
Mine is a support skill that turns a certain attack or spell skills by laying mines to activate. It has a self target AI for most of the skill and not a self cast skill, which reflect damage from monsters won't deal any harm to you because the source from the damage is the mine, not the player. Downside is you won't be able to life /mana leech monsters. On 3.8 Blight mines rework, mines are now a throw-able mine that reserve some percentage of your mana upon throwing. After it is detonated, it will remove the reserved mana after detonation, the more mines you placed the more mana it will reserve.

The mines mana reservation will not be fully removed when mines are detonated, they detonate the mines each by each and also removes the percentage reserved mana by each mine detonated. Until all the mines is detonated, the mana will return to its original state with no mana reservation from mines.

Each mines have a base duration, after a certain amount of seconds passed the mines will not be armed and will disappear.

Mines required a manual activation to detonate, some people might find it clunky because of how mines generally work. I don't find mines clunky but this is subjective, so this build is not suitable for all players on playstyle wise.


Pros :
1. League starter and SSF viable
This build is not very gear dependent, which means you don't need a very good weapon to deal damage.

2. All map mods viable
There's not a single map mod this build cannot do, even monster reflect because the source of the damage is from the mines not player, so you will not be affected by the reflect damage.

3. Okay to gear

4. Safe and easy to play
you can stay away from monsters and toxic rain slows alot

5. Cancels the need for attack speed
Mines does not need attack speed, the speed for laying mines is already fast enough so you won't need much mines laying speed for it to feel smooth. Mines makes the skill cast instantly.

Cons :
1. Mine playstyle
Some players may dislike the playstyle of a miner build. Due to the need to manually detonate the mine, you would need to press a button to detonate them, which some people may find clunky.

2. Not the strongest mine skill
Toxic rain mine does not have a very strong damage like GC mines (glacial cascade) which is able to 1 shot guardian bosses. They are decent but not very strong.

3. No life or mana leech
As this is not a self cast skill, you will not be able to leech life or mana from monsters, instead you will be rely on life and mana regeneration or flasks for recovery.

Videos / Clips
Shaper fight - https://clips.twitch.tv/MagnificentTastyWerewolfBudStar
Shaper fight (3.9)

Eder fight (3.11) by nsantos06


Gearing (items / flask / jewels)

old leagues Gear

Metamorph Gear 3rd day

Metamorph Gear 3rd week

I also made some changes to my gems and tree:

End of Metamorph

super expensive Gear

End of Delirium

Expensive Additions

Metamorph Upgrades

A Helm like this can be crafted with just single socketed aberrant fossiles on a high ilvl hubris base. The important stat is the "nearby enemies have -% chaos resist"
The entchant is totally optional, but a pretty good damage boost.
Es is more important than life, since it also raises evasion rating via the trickster ascendency. Always look at the total ehp gained tho!

Perfect Form will usually drop in price. This gives us health, dodge, evasion and a free arctic armor

Carcass Jack is the max dps chest, it provides less defenses but the increased Aoe and the increased area damage are really good!

This isnt as expensive as it use to be, since you can annoint better stuff now, but until oils are afordable this is good for speed. The projectile damage scales the dot also!

Another option is the solstice vigil gives us the ability to run an temporal chains aura, which is amazing and scales effect duration of Toxic rain, which is really good, since the default duratio is just about 1 sec.

An despair impresence is better for damage even, but lacks the defense of temp chains.

I found these as replacment for atziris steps, just really nice rares.

For quiver either a chaos damage over time quiver or one with extra arrow/projectile is really nice. If you get both on one quiver its pretty insane

General gear

use a bow

Look for these stats
+1 to socketed gems
+1-2 to socketed bow gems

Increase damage over time multiplier


Body Armour / Chest piece
Any rare chest piece with high evasion rating is good
look for:
high life
ele res
missing stats (dex/int)


Perfect Form: This armor will give plenty of good stats, but will be more expensive at league start


Look for any rare gloves
with high life and resist

Later on you should look for gloves with the projectile damage implicit, since that also scales the dot damage of toxic rain


Same as any other armour piece, look for any rare boots with life and res

Look for these stats
+ to max life
Increase movement speed
Increase (any elemental) resistance

I prioritize movement speed more than any other stats, I found an unique boots that gives increase 20% movement speed until I found Atziri's step from killing Atziri.

I personally like these boots because it gives us additional dodge chance and a 30% increase movement speed, which increases our survivability and makes the general flow of the game faster.

Any rare belt with life and res

Look for these stats
+ to max life
+ to max energy shield

Increase (any elemental) resistance

Stygian vise is usually best in slot, since you can have an extra jewel

rare rings

Look for
Increase life
Increase (any elemental) resistance
increased chaos damage


a rare amulet with some chaos damage high life and res

expensive version:

with this you can go for a despair aura setup which is nice!


Flask setup

Look for
1 Divine Life flask
1 Enduring Divine Mana flask
1 Quicksilver flask
2 Utility flask

Flask suffix can be crafted from beastcrafting, visit Menagerie, place a flask with an open suffix in the altar and proceed to do the respective beast with the recipe "of Staunching" or any other suffixes you need on the "Add a mod to a flask" section.
As for unique flasks:


Life flask

Look for these stats
Prefix : any
Suffix : any remove X mod, prefer "of Staunching" (remove bleed)

Mana flask

Prefix : Enduring (flask effect is not remove at full mana)
Suffix : any remove X mod, prefer "of Heat" (remove freeze)

Quicksilver flask

Prefix : any
Suffix : any, prefer "of Adrenaline"

Utility flask
This section you throw any flask you like, prefer a

Sulphur flask (increase 40% damage)

Unique flask

Witchfire brew gives us a good amount of evasion and an amzing aoe curse, that does not reserve our mana.

Price - Witchfire Brew : MODERATE


Gem links
My gem setups

Main Toxic rain mine setup with at least a +1 bow


Other gem setups

Aura setup

you can also throw in a low level clarity
I really want both malevolance AND disicpline in this setup, but a less reserved helmet or tree nodes are needed for that.
If somebody has more ideas, pls tell me.

Boss/Wither setup

Mobility setup
Smoke mine - dash - enhance
blink arrow - faster casting
withering step

Smoke mine is good, it is very useful for us to facetank bosses because it blinds the bosses. Make sure to throw a smoke mine in front of the boss and detonate it, it makes them very hard to hit you.

The enchance gem is to reduce the cooldown recovery for flame dash, nothing else pretty much. You can replace enchance gem with portal. Flame dash also can be replaced with shield charge if you are using a shield.

you can also use a blink arrow setup, since we are using a bow.
withering step is also nice.

Defense layer setup

Level cast when damage taken and steelskin, so that it procs at a damage level your a comfortable with! level increased duration to the max. Enfeeble and steelskin must be on a level, where they will be cast by cast when damage taken, not too high.
Check the cast when damage taken gem, what level it support at its own current level.


Skill tree and Ascendancy



Cluster jewels

All of these are without testing but pretty straight forward:
They are listed in the order they were on the reveal page.

- unspeakable gifts
- wicked pall
- Tempered arrowhead
- Eternal suffering

- Exposure therapie
- Flow of life
- Brush with death
- Cicling oblivion
- Vile reinvigoration
- Brewed for potency

- Wish for death
- Evil eye

- Eye to Eye

- Expert sabotage
- Expendability
- Guerilla tactics
- Careful handling
- Student of decay

- Fettle
- Sublime sensation
- Energy from naught
- Spring back
- Will shaper
- Prismatic dance
- Natural vigor

- No witness
- Antivenom

Good Annointments are:

-skittering runes
-avatar of the hunt

-destructive apperatus
-coruption (nerfed)



Patient Reaper - Ghost Dance - Escape Artist - Prolonged Pain

You can take "Weave of the Arcane" instead of "Escape Artist", if you wanna go faster instead of safer


For bossing i recommend Soul of Solaris
For Mapping Soul of Lunaris

for minor gods adjust for what you need, i like Ralakesh for less bleed damage and overall physical damage reduction


Act 2 Bandits quest
Kill all

Additional Notes

Trickster vs Saboteur

Trickster has better defense and speed, while saboteur has more mine QoL.
I personally think trickster is better for mapping especially, since you are way safer and super fast. Go sabouteur if boss killing is all you want to do.


How to level Toxic Rain mines

Lvl 1-12 with explosive trap
Lvl 12-infity toxic rain + blast chain support + swift assembly + trap and mine damage/void manipulation

Step 1:Get a silver branch (unique leveling bow) for 1-2 alchs at league start
Step 2:Get the Silver Wood (fated prophecy) for 1c at league start
Step 3:Kill the unique Mob in Act 2 Riverways
Step 4:???
Step 5:profit

Upgrading the bow can be done way later, if the prohecy is more expensive

- edit tree and Pob slightly
- added 3rd week gear progression and Pob

- added cluster jewel section

- adjust poB
- adjust skill tree
- add super expensive gear section
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Reserved -
More reserved -
not sure for what yet, but i saw other people do it
TR Trickster miner, this sure looks interesting.

Could it be the replacement for arc/pyro sabo miner? hmpp
Last edited by Moksu on Dec 12, 2019, 1:54:35 PM
It is the replacement build for me at least! =)
Does this only have 96% life from the tree or am I missing/screwing something up looking at this? Seems extremely low if that's accurate.
Yechidah wrote:
Does this only have 96% life from the tree or am I missing/screwing something up looking at this? Seems extremely low if that's accurate.

You are right, it does have low amounts of life from the tree, but it is also a hybrid, and has about 2.5k es also.
Is there a good number of increased life, that even a hybrid should have?
You can stretch the tree over to the scion life wheel, but you lose alot of other nice passives.
I tested it likes this in SC and git to about 6.2k ehp with lots of dodge and evasion and it felt durable.
Also there is a „level“ tree in the poB that has alot less passives allocated.
The build looks really cool! I was just wondering how it does against the league mechanic and as a league starter. Anyone know?
ADeadlyDwarf wrote:
The build looks really cool! I was just wondering how it does against the league mechanic and as a league starter. Anyone know?

It was my League starter and it was really smooth. a 4 link silverbranch and its upgrade will carry you until maps and 5 link of the same will be good enough for much later.

I was always doing the strongest metamorph i could and obliterating them.
TheWizzzard wrote:

It was my League starter and it was really smooth. a 4 link silverbranch and its upgrade will carry you until maps and 5 link of the same will be good enough for much later.

I was always doing the strongest metamorph i could and obliterating them.

I see, sounds really good, I think I'll just give it a try and see where it takes me.

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