Remi's Icicle Miner (archived)

Hi everyone, this build has been discontinued and archived and I won't be touching this guide until I decide to revisit the guide. Guide will still be available for reference if you want to


Hello everyone! After reading the 3.10 patch notes, getting some info and "survey" from other people, I would say this build is a strong league start for next league, but do not expect good boss damage on endgame (Example Uber Elder), you can use this build then safely transition into other builds, for example Cast on Crit Ice nova build.

This build cost almost no cost to start with, even with shitty self found gear could pretty much carry you throughout the game.

Build Info

So 3.9 is around the corner, i would like to make a league starter that allows everyone to push their atlas and face the new metamorph league bosses.

I did not league start blight with icicles, but I start using icicles at a private league racing (not hardcore), initially I used lightning trap but the damage kinda falls off on blight mechanics, failing most of the encounter in maps. So I decided to swap to icicles mine which i scale crits on it, making the gameplay a lot smoother, stronger and fun. I also utilize MoM (mind over matter), which allows me to take a hit from strong monsters without being 1 shotted.

Currently this build is my highest level character in softcore.

Patch Notes

3.10 Update :
Mines throw speed has been nerfed, what happens is you really don't want to use Minefield anymore because that gem reduces a lot of your throwing speed, adding another less throwing speed on mines is literally stunning yourself.

Other than that, no significant changes.

3.9 Update :
3.9 Patch notes update

This is a nerf to slightly early game damage and endgame nerf in a nutshell. But due to the new chill and shock buff, I doubt that this is a buff instead of nerf, but I am not that sure.

Projectile damage to speed is a nerf to endgame min max damage, getting a 20% quality is for better clear. Clearing of icicle mines have been halved by 1/3 because of the projectile amount nerf, using the Dying Sun might be able to fix this reduced projectile.

Lightning spire trap got nuked, the nerf is very huge, but still use-able because it acts as a "damage booster" for us, for us this skill is for endgame boss damage, early game boss damage will be shit but it will still perform fine for us.

Now we can roll higher spell damage on essence, this is a buff to our build!

Overall this skill is still a good league starter, good early league endgame boss killer, nothing major have changed and early game damage is still good, this build is looking good for 3.9 league!

Updated : added video guide to the build, I'd kinda rushed the build guide so there might be some typos, the video guide covers most of the guide this forum guide, so if you have read this guide, you won't need the video guide. I put quite an amount of effort into this so hope you guys enjoy it <3.

Video -

Why Icicles mine?
Icicles mines offers a huge amount of damage without depending much on a very strong gear and weapons, it also allows players to kill monsters at a safe distance without going close to them. Additionally you can pretty much freeze almost all of the monsters in the game with icicles mines because of critical strike multiplier scales your cold damage so high that it freezes the monsters.

With chain support, icicles mines clears the map with decent speed and pretty smooth. Boss wise it still performs pretty good on guardian maps and bosses like Shaper and Uber elder. I killed Shaper with ease with some shitty weapons

What is icicle mine?
This section is recommended for beginner players in mines builds to read, for those who have experience in mines build you can skip this

Note : post 3.8 update mines have changed on how it works, so if you haven't played mines on 3.8 I'd also suggest you to check this section.

Introduction to mines and icicle mines

What is a mine?
Mine is a support skill that turns a certain attack or spell skills by laying mines to activate. It has a self target AI for most of the skill and not a self cast skill, which reflect damage from monsters won't deal any harm to you because the source from the damage is the mine, not the player. Downside is you won't be able to life /mana leech monsters. On 3.8 Blight mines rework, mines are now a throw-able mine that reserve some percentage of your mana upon throwing. After it is detonated, it will remove the reserved mana after detonation, the more mines you placed the more mana it will reserve.

The mines mana reservation will not be fully removed when mines are detonated, they detonate the mines each by each and also removes the percentage reserved mana by each mine detonated. Until all the mines is detonated, the mana will return to its original state with no mana reservation from mines.

Each mines have a base duration, after a certain amount of seconds passed the mines will not be armed and will disappear.

Mines required a manual activation to detonate, some people might find it clunky because of how mines generally work. I don't find mines clunky but this is subjective, so this build is not suitable for all players on playstyle wise.

What is icicles mine?

Icicle mine is a spell based mine that have a built in mines support, so you will not need the gem for it. It acts the same way as any other mines acts, including damage scaling wise, how the mines perform and etc.

Icicle mine fires a nova of 4 ice projectile, dealing cold damage. It will fires an additional projectile for every 2 prior mines in detonation sequence, which means the more mines are detonated in a single detonation sequence, the more projectile the icicles mine will fire. Each mine also increase crit chance to hits against enemy near it, which makes the chance to freeze nearby enemies are extremely high.

Since icicles mines have the projectile and spell tag, we are able to scale the damage of icicles mine with spell damage and and projectile damage. Since icicles mine is a projectile, projectile logic and behavior in this game applies. Here is how the projectile logic works in this game.

Pierce - Fork - Chain - Return

Pierce - Projectile pass through the first target it hit, projectile trajectory will not change

Fork - Projectile will fork when hits an enemy, the original projectile disappears and two new projectiles travel past the enemy away from each other at a 120 angle.

Chain - Bounce off enemies on hit, seeking new nearby enemies to hit

Return - Projectile will return to the entity that fired the projectile (entity as in players / totems / mines)

Projectile behavior in this game acts in order and have priority level, the order of the projectile behavior cannot be changed. After the projectile able to reach the maximum amount of behavior (for example able to pierce 3 targets maximum), it will proceed to the next behavior. If there is no existing behavior in the projectile (for example projectile is not able to fork), it will skip the existing behavior and will proceed to the next projectile behavior. (Example if the projectile is not able to fork but able to pierce and chain, it will pierce, skip fork, then chain).

Pros :
1. League starter and SSF viable
This build is not very gear dependent, which means you don't need a very good weapon to deal damage. I killed Shaper with ease with shitty weapons that I found when mapping red maps. The mods on items you look for are not very rare to get, making this build League starter and SSF viable.

2. All map mods viable
There's not a single map mod this build cannot do, even monster reflect because the source of the damage is from the mines not player, so you will not be affected by the reflect damage. I personally would avoid temporal chains because it makes your character pretty slow the general flow pretty bad.

3. Easy to gear
Because Icicle mines is spell based skill and not gear dependent, scaling icicle mine is pretty easy and not very specific, icicle mines also benefit from a wide variety of stats so to find the weapon for icicle mine is easy.

4. Safe and easy to play
Icicle mines are projectile based and you can kill monsters with icicle mine with decent range. You don't need to go close to any monsters just to kill them, you can stay a safe range from the monsters to kill them.

5. Cancels the need for cast speed
Mines does not need cast speed, the speed for laying mines is already fast enough so you won't need much mines laying speed for it to feel smooth. Mines makes the skill cast instantly.

Cons :
1. Mine playstyle
Some players may dislike the playstyle of a miner build. Due to the need to manually detonate the mine, you would need to press a button to detonate them, which some people may find it clunky.

2. Not the strongest mine skill
Icicle mine does not have a very strong damage like GC mines (glacial cascade) which is able to 1 shot guardian bosses. They are decent but not very strong.

3. No life or mana leech
As this is not a self cast skill, you will not be able to leech life or mana from monsters, instead you will be rely on life and mana regeneration or flasks for recovery.

Videos / Clips
Shaper deathless fight -
Uber Elder fight -
Actually my first time doing Uber Elder without a carry, pardon me for my deaths, it is my first attempt. (My gear is also shit)
Video guide -

My PoB that killed Uber Elder

New PoB -
This PoB is VERY in depth, please use this PoB if you want all of the variants possible for the build. Also Please check the notes section because I have something written there for both new and experienced players. PoB contains multiple tree for all players so go ahead and check there.


Because this is a league starter build, all of the items below are SSF (solo self found) items, I did not get any of them from trading, all of them are self found gear. (except for unique items)
If you see the items that does not have a private league tag, then it is not a SSF item, it is from the main Blight league

I will include unique items that is able to benefit the build and also the price. Note that I will only price Unique items, I will not price rare items.

I will NOT be including jewels in this section because Jewels range are pretty wide and I would not recommend you from using it. Unless you got some really juicy jewel, you can drop some nodes to use the jewels. But I will not touch any jewels on league start.

Gearing (items / flask / jewels)
Here is how the pricing works here.
1-10c falls into the category of CHEAP
11-80c falls into the category of MODERATE
80c or above falls int into the category EXPENSIVE

General gear

I personally use a dagger + sceptre, because shield in early game slows you down, using a shield have a 3% movement speed penalty which can affect the general flow of the game, so I did not use any shield until late game where I am trying to push for lvl 100.

These weapons are next tier shit. It is very bad, daggers only have 3 helpful stats and the sceptre only have 2 helpful stats. But I'd still managed to kill Uber elder with these weapon.

So why dagger + sceptre? Because I am using a "statstick" which is the cold damage as extra chaos. Sceptre have implicit that increase elemental damage while dagger have implicit that increase critical strike chance, both of them benefit this build. But you don't really need these 2 items together, dual wield dagger, sceptre and wands also works

Look for these stats
Spell damage
Increase global critical strike chance / critical strike chance for spells
Increase global critical strike multiplier
Adds # to # cold damage to spells

Note : Make sure to look for global or for spell, because without either of those stats like "increase critical strike chance", it won't benefit us.

These are for later game min maxing
elemental damage as extra chaos (Shaped Sceptre with ilvl 85)
+1 lvl to all cold spell skill gems

+1 lvl to all cold spell skills are very strong, prioritize using a weapon with that stats unless the weapon itself is very bad, talking about only that one stat is on the weapon. But if you manage to get your hands on that stats and with some decent stats roll, it is very strong and able to carry you to uber elder.

Recommended unique

This dagger is for early mapping, the damage this wand provides falls off when it reaches red maps. I used this dagger since T2 maps until I found a rare dagger which is able to outperform this dagger.


This is the shield i found, it is pretty decent, I would want to use it when i got a multimod weapon.

For shield, look for these stats
+ to max life
Increase (any elemental) resistance
Cold as extra chaos
Increase crit chance to spells

These are for later game min maxing
+1 to all cold spell skill gems
Recover life / mana when you block (shaper mod)

Update : I found a new weapon that is a bit better, but not too good


My current helmet

This helmet is NOT mandatory, I found this while essence crafting and it's pretty good

Look for these stats
+ to max life
Increase (any elemental) resistance

For unique helmets, you can look for these

*Fractal Thoughts is not suitable for our current build*

Starkonja offers both offensive and defensive helmet, it also provides additional crit so it greatly benefits us
Price : Cheap (no helmet enchant)

Meanwhile Fractal Thoughts are a bit more expensive and requires a lot more different pathing in the tree because we have more intelligence than dexterity and strength and more knowledge to the game to fully utilize this item. This helmet is not suitable for our build but it works with icicle mines.
Moderate (no helmet enchant)

Helmet enchants :
Icicle mines increase 40% damage
Icicle mines increase 15% throw speed
30% increase proj weakness curse effect

Body Armour / Chest piece
Any rare chest piece

Look for these stats
+ to max life
+ mana
Increase (any elemental) resistance

*note that the implicit "+2 levels to duration gems" does not effect a single bit of the build.*

I use tabula until I found a geomancer incubator which i found this 6l Chest piece, the implicit is from double corrupt.

Use Tabula until you found a 6l, 5l is not worth it unless you are a HC player.


Look for any rare gloves

Look for these stats
+ to max life
+ mana
Increase (any elemental) resistance

After you reached maps, you could try to find a better base glove which gives you additional damage, here is an example of a glove that can be easily found.
We use this gloves because it has the implicit "increase spell damage"


Same as any other armour piece, look for any rare boots with life and res

Look for these stats
+ to max life
+ mana
Increase movement speed
Increase (any elemental) resistance

I prioritize movement speed more than any other stats, I found an unique boots that gives increase 20% movement speed until I found Atziri's step from killing Atziri.

Price : Cheap

I personally like this boots because it gives us additional dodge chance and a 30% increase movement speed, which increases our survivability and the general flow of the game faster.

Any rare belt with life and res

Look for these stats
+ to max life
+ mana
Increase (any elemental) resistance

Stygian vise also works

I use an offensive amulet but with increase life

You can use an essence to craft the increase cold damage, but we are looking for spell damage and crit for spells, here's an example of an essence crafted cold damage amulet

Look for these stats
Increase (any elemental) resistance

Here is an example of amulet I use from lvl 40 until I found a better amulet in maps (actually not recommended but I only use it for the res xD)


Any rare rings, here's some GG rings I found

Look for
Increase life
Increase (any elemental) resistance

These rings are pretty damn good, I can't say that you can get the same stats as I have but you can manage to get a ring with decent life and resistance.


Flask setup
Look for
1 Divine Life flask
1 Enduring Divine Mana flask
1 Quicksilver flask
2 Utility flask

Flask suffix can be crafted from beastcrafting, visit Menagerie, place a flask with an open suffix in the altar and proceed to do the respective beast with the recipe "of Staunching" or any other suffixes you need on the "Add a mod to a flask" section.

Life flask

Look for these stats
Prefix : any
Suffix : any remove X mod, prefer "of Staunching" (remove bleed)

Mana flask

Prefix : Enduring (flask effect is not remove at full mana)
Suffix : any remove X mod, prefer "of Heat" (remove freeze)

Quicksilver flask

Prefix : any
Suffix : any, prefer "of Adrenaline"

Utility flask
This section you throw any flask you like, prefer a
Diamond flask (your crit chance is lucky)
Sulphur flask (increase 40% damage)
Quartz flask (you have phasing and dodge chance)
Basalt flask (physical mitigation)

Unique flask

Price - The wise oak : MODERATE
Increase our damage, make sure cold resistance is the highest or else this flask does not benefit us!

Price - Atziri's promise : CHEAP
Increase our damage, super cheap and super easy to get. Drop by doing Atziri.


Gem links
My gem setups

Main icicle mine setup

General icicle setup

Bossing icicle setup

Just change chain support with Hypothermia support, you will deal significantly more damage, I only swap when doing hard bosses like guardians, shaper and Uber elder.

Gems above is based on priority, so if you have 4l, drop charged mines and cold penetration.


4-Link setups

Boss damaging setup

I use this setup from acts till uber elder, it gives you additional damage while you are spamming the icicle mines. It deals more damage compared to icicle mines

Curse setup

I choose projectile weakness because it allows you to knockback enemies when you use icicle mines, it is pretty safe because you usually knock them back and freeze enemies that are close to you. Culling strike is to immediately kill off any boss with 10% of hp, it acts as an finishing move for us, no matter how much health the boss have, as long as they went about 10% hp, you can pretty much instantly kill them with culling strike.

Other gem setups

Aura setup

*make sure precision is at lvl 4
Skitterbots is deemed to be broken at 3.8, it is so strong that it allows you to freeze a lot of mobs.
Precision is to boost your crit chance, make sure not to level it above lvl 4 because it will reserve more mana and reducing our EHP (effective hp)

Mobility setup

Smoke mine is mandatory, it is very useful for us to facetank bosses because it blinds the bosses. Make sure to throw a smoke mine in front of the boss and detonate it, it makes them very hard to hit you.

The enchance gem is to reduce the cooldown recovery for flame dash, nothing else pretty much. You can replace enchance gem with portal. Flame dash also can be replaced with shield charge if you are using a shield.

Defense layer setup

Make sure to keep the both gems at their respective levels

This setup allows us to take a hit from monsters, it acts as an "shield" that blocks certain amount of incoming damage. Detonate mines are supported by the CWDT (cast when damage taken) so when we take damage it will immediately detonate the mines, helps us to kill monsters in sticky situations like stunned.

Damage booster setup

This is to penetrate the enemy resistance so we can kill em easier. Also make sure to keep arcane surge at lvl 4 so we can activate arcane surge on every cast of frost bomb. Arcane surge gives us additional spell damage and mana regeneration which benefits us a lot.

Other viable gems / setups


I personally like Minefield more than Swift Assembly because you can place more mines, but minefield have a micro stun that stops you from doing any action for a micro second while swift assembly does not have that. I am using Swift Assembly because my crafting bench decides to give me 4 green when i use "have at least 3 greens" and it is corrupted now so I have no other choice but to use it :v .

Other defensive setup

This defensive setup also works, but not as effective as steelskin if your gear isn't armour based gear. But this setup still works


Passive Tree and Ascendancy
Passive Tree + Ascendancy

Passive Tree
First part

Second part

Third part

Fourth part

My Final Tree

Note that when you swap to MoM, make sure to take all the mana nodes or else you will find yourself ran out of mana and unable to do anything in boss fights. Flask management needs to be on point on here.

3.9 Tree update - no changes at all, still the same old tree.

Additional notes : I personally drop Blast Cascade (you can see it on the 4th and final tree) when I get my 6l because Blast Cascade gives you power charge while Charged mines also, so I will be dropping this damage node until I reach a higher level (lvl 97) then I will retake the node.


1st Lab : Bomb Specialist
It allows us to place mines faster and detonate faster, increasing our clear speed. Not only that, it also increases our damage. Mines AoE doesn't really have any effect for Icicle mines

2nd Lab : Demolitions Specialist
Hinder is reduce enemy movement speed by 40%, which significantly slows down their speed towards us, on some sticky situations this may help us out, it also allows the Lightning Spire Trap to hit the enemy by restricting their movements, increasing both our survivability and damage.

3rd Lab : Explosives Expert
Because we use Skitterbots, we benefit from the "80% increase crit chance and elemental penetration because skitterbots both chill and freeze.

4th Lab : Pyromaniac
Immune to both ignite and shock, which helps us out a lot without needing ignite and shock immune flask. Additionally it also gives us life regen and reduce mana cost, which increases our survivability.


On 3.0 Fall of Oraith update, the game introduce us Pantheons, which gives us additional defenses when we killed a god during on a quest. For each pantheon, it will give you additional defenses on certain aspects to increase your character survivablity. To upgrade Pantheon, you need to have an item called "Divine Vessel", place it on your map device along with the map that contains the boss. After killing the boss, the vessel will capture the soul of the boss, trading the vessel to Sin will give you the upgrade your pantheon.

Major gods
Soul of Lunaris (act 8 final boss)
Lunaris give us physical damage reduction, when upgraded it gives us additional defense to projectile dodge, drastically increase your survivablity.

Minor gods
Soul of Gruthkul (act 7 side quest)
We use Gruthkul because it gives us additional phys reduction and also reduce enemy attack speed when hit, which also increase our survivability.

Soul of Garukhan (act 9 side quest)
Garukhan also increase our survivablity, with the upgrade version of garukhan, it gives us additional movement speed to clear maps faster.

Act 2 Bandits quest
Help Alira
Alira gives us critical strike chance, mana regen and also all resistance, it greatly benefits our build too, so we will take the Alira's reward because the stats she offers is just too good not to.


Icicles mine can be purchase by Nessa in act 1 upon reaching Mervial Caverns, we need to find 1 orb of transmutation to buy Icicle mine from Nessa.

character creation

We are going to mule a scion to get onslaught gem, so what does mule means? It means that we create another character to get the gems that is not available to purchase for our characters for eariler leveling. So for Shadow we are going to Mule a scion.

Create a scion character, kill Hillock, check if speed boots is available to purchase from Tarkleigh, if there is then purchase it. After that, put all of your items into stash tab, then create a shadow character to start the leveling process

Act 1

Upon reaching Lioneye's Watch, talk to Tarkleigh and take a Freezing pulse and support it with onslaught that we received by scion. After that, check Nessa to buy a 3 link wand (even with no stats, just buy it) with a blue - green - green / blue - green - blue. Then also buy Stormblast mine from Nessa. After buying the items and gems you need, go to the Medical chest quest at tidal island.

After completing tidal island quest, take a quicksilver flask and swift assembly support from the quest reward. Then you would continue to level until 4. After reaching The Submerged Passage, use the waypoint to go back to town, buy Orb of Storm (OOS) from Nessa and Frost Bomb from the quest reward from Tarkleigh. Replace Freezing Pulse with OOS. Also take frostblink from the qeust reward. Continue to level with this setup until you reached Lower Prison.

After reaching lower prison, take added lightning damage and support it on your orb of storm. Make sure to do the Ascendancy trial in the area.

After killing Brutus, take flame dash and drop frostblink. If you have enough currency go buy a smoke mine from Nessa. After reaching Mervial's Caverns, you will need to buy Icicle mines, but that that moment yet we will replace stormblast mines with Icicle and icicle will act as a boss killer mine.

If you stumble upon any essence / strongbox / rogue exiles, it is recommended to do it.

at the end of act 1, your setup should look something like this
OOS - Added lightning - onslaught
Icicle mine/Stormblast mine - Swift Assembly
Flame dash
Frost bomb

make sure to upgrade your flasks as you go through the acts.

Useful crafting recipe (sell these items to vendor together)
wand + (blue / yellow) chain belt + blacksmith's whetstone
= increase spell damage
wand + (topaz / sapphire) ring + orb of alteration
= add (lightning / cold) to spells
iron ring + any blue or green gem
= topaz (blue gem) / sapphire (green gem) ring

Additional note : don't equip any shield and body armour, because they will reduce your movement speed.

Act 2

After you've completed act 1, you will later reach Forest Encampment. When you reached there, go to The Old Fields and then proceed to do The Great White Beast quest.

After that is done, grab your second quicksilver flask from Yeena. Proceed to The Chamber of Sin 2 and complete the trial of ascendancy there.

Upon completing Intruders in the Black quest at Chamber of Sin 2, you will need to go back to town and grab your Skitterbots. After that, Proceed to The Western Forest, do not kill Alira there.

After you have completed Sharp and Cruel quest in The Weaver's Chamber, get 3 gems, one of them can be claimed by talking to Silk.

Trap and Mine damage
Controlled Destruction
Elemental focus

Place all of these gems in your alternate slot weapon set (press X for the second slot). If you don't have enough currency to buy the gems, don't worry just proceed the game because you won't needed it immediately. These gems are for later support for lightning spire trap. You can support Elemental Focus or Trap and Mine damage to Icicle mines.

Make sure you've completed the other ascendancy trial in The Crypt.

When you've taken the crafting recipe at The Caverns (near the waypoint), you can craft movement speed on your boots with 2 augmentation orbs in your hideout. No upgrades required to your weapon.

If you stumble upon any essence / strongbox / rogue exiles, it is recommended to do it.

Your final act 2 boss fight should have a gear that is similar to act 1
OOS - Added lightning - onslaught
Icicle mine/Stormblast mine - Swift Assembly - Trap and mine damage
Flame dash
Frost bomb
Smoke mine
Summon Skitterbots

Alternate slot gems
Elemental focus
Controlled destruction

Act 3

Lost in Love quest does not have anything useful for us at the moment, you can get an Assassin's mark but it is NOT that helpful.

Upon completed Sever the right hand quest, take lightning spire trap and support all of the available gems into lightning spire trap, take your added lightning damage and put it into lightning spire trap.

If you stumble upon any essence / strongbox / rogue exiles, it is recommended to do it. Upgrade your existing weapon with the essence if you found a suitable essence.

Starting in act 3, you will able to find 4 link items, no matter what rarity they are on as long as they are on the suitable color, use them. Use essence to craft them if you found a suitable essence. Also check vendors for possible 4 link items. If you found any 4 link item, socket your lightning spire trap and all other gems into it. If it is not 4 blue, use trap and mine damage.

Only change in your gear is the Lightning spire trap, frost bomb can be kept in alternate slot weapon.

Act 4

Golems are not needed, you can use a stone golem for health regen, but I personally find it annoying to keep resummon the golem so I just drop it instead.

Before you enter Belly of the Beast, it is recommended to get a flask with a suffix "of Staunching" (remove bleed) because the monsters there will inflict bleed on you, walking with bleed makes you take additional damage over time.

When enter Belly of the Beast, take chain support from Dialla. Around this place you would start to need a Body Armour.

If you stumble upon any essence / strongbox / rogue exiles, it is recommended to do it.

Act 5 - 10

There is not much I can guide you now when you reached act 5, make sure to do your first lab when you're close to the end of act 5. When you reach act 6, go to your hideout and craft elemental resistance to all of your gear, after completed Lily's side quest, you should be able to buy the remaining gems that is on the build guide. When you've completed act 10, you should have at least 2 labs done.


Additional Notes

Saboteur VS Deadeye

Icicle mine performs well on both deadeye and saboteur. So why not Deadeye? Because saboteur offers more early game damage and survivability. Compare to deadeye, she requires some gear and more pathing to scale well, also deadeye does not offer any survivability node. Additionally deadeye scales on projectile damage, it is only for full in damage builds but not for league starting type of build.

Because you are starting as a ranger, you won't have access to icicle mines on early game too! Ranger requires more tree pathing to get the nodes icicle mines need.

Since this is a league start build, we would want saboteur for easier leveling experience.

I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide :
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
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Frequently asked questions

This is build suitable for league start? Would you recommend a beginner player using this build?

This guide is specially made for beginners and league start, almost all of the items I linked here is the items I found in a full SSF private league, I've tried Icicle mines on all endgame content and it is amazing with a bad weapon, I can conclude that it is not weapon dependent.

But note that you must know if this playstyle is for you or not, because some people dislike the mine playstyle itself, stating that "it is clunky". I would say this is a TRUE STATEMENT, BUT not everyone would say it feels clunky.

I highly recommend you to try it first by yourself before league start, because overall having fun is more important than those "earning currency" method.

Icicle mine vs Other spell mines, which one is better?

Because there is A LOT of spell mines in this game, I will not be covering all of them, I will be covering the most popular ones for now. Neither of them are better, it all depends on you, what you want to do and what playstyle you like.

I will be covering these 3 popular mines.
Pyroclast mines
Glacial Cascade mines
Arc mines

Pyroclast is great on bossing itself, but clearing wise Icicle mine takes over it. In comparison on survivability aspect, Icicle mine wins because Icicle mines is able to chill and freeze enemies while Pyroclast can't. I have not tried Pyroclast mines myself so I would not talk much about it.

Glacial Cascade mines or so called GC mines, are very good on bossing, they are just excellent. But the downside of GC mines is the clearing is worse than Pyroclast mines, you can feel that you are not leeching, slow and average 3-4 minutes per map, some people say that "time is your currency" which is not false actually.

Arc mines, yes the clear is better than Icicle mines, but one thing is that arc mines is a "target required" skill meanwhile Icicle mines is a "skillshot" if you know what I meant by that. Arc requires a nearby enemy to latch on and chain to nearby enemies, means that It must be close to the target in order to connect the damage, so offscreen is not possible for arc mines (except for offscreen chain) while Icicle mine is a skillshot, means it does not need to latch onto a target, if it hits it hits, so offscreen with icicle mines is way easier.

Would deadeye perform better?

On damage and clearing wise yes, on survivability wise no, and also not suitable for league starter. I tried ranger icicle mine early leveling and it feels TERRIBLE, I leveled that on stream and I'd gave up on act 2 using ranger icicle mines because you have no access to the support skills. The best bet is to level with something else then transition into icicle mines.
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Looking forward to 3.9 and probably starting as a miner, not quite sure what mine skill i'm going for yet though. I'll keep an eye on your build, nice work :)
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no tree? sad.. but good guide.. I made an Experiment while killing uber elder with 100c investment on 89. Killed t16 Hydra on 79. A few hours after ending story. Build is really strong but really squishy i think. Played with the Chain ring and double wand.


no tree? sad.. but good guide

I've just added it, because making the tree does take quite a bit time off from me and needs to post on Imgur. I will add PoB later to the guide. Also thanks =D.

I made an Experiment while killing uber elder with 100c investment on 89

I did record the moment I did uber elder on this build, but i suck because it is my second time facing him, so i died a lot because not much experience but the shameless me is going to post the uber elder fight with 5 deaths =D.

1st death = died to Elder slow, Elder circle and Shaper ball combo, reasonable death
2nd death = the flame dash made me dash out the elder circle, fuck flame dash
3rd death = why tf i did not react in time for the shaper beam
4th death = tentakliz, we all hate that shit, also +20 action speed is a pain
5th death = elder spin literally killed me idk why i died to that shit

But i do quite surprised that I manage to do Uber Elder with this shit gear.
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide :
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
Ty so much for this build
Novus ordo seclorum
Prob my starter build
Thanks for this awesome guide. Anything in 3.9 change this?
Possible change in 3.9, this is only prediction
1. Skitterbots nerf - indirectly nerfing Icicle mines, i don't know what they will change, prob the chill and shock effect.

2. Icicle mine reduce projectile damage - nerfed overall damage

3. Icicle mine reduce crit multi - unable to freeze all the monsters

These are the predictions I have, it won't matter that much, just need to rely more on the weapon but it's still do-able.
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide :
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1

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