[OLD 3.10] 400+ ms Darkness Farmer Scion [see 3.14 thread]

Still working great in 3.14.! See my latest build @ImaBitGay in the new thread here!

3.10 VOD highlight: Depth 175 Magma Fissure ~440ms

In-Game: @BitGay_BNB
not streaming right now, sorry

Check out my Caustic Arrow + Toxic Rain Trickster Guide for a delve companion.

Inspired by Brittleknee's Darkness Farmer


Basics + Viability Checklist
Darkness Farming means exploring the Azurite Mine for the basic azurite, currency and fossil nodes/"chests", without actually activating the cart, dynamiting walls, or killing mobs. If you've Delved a bit, likely you've come across across a ridiculously long, expensive Delve node with more walls than your dynamite capacity.

-First, dig to just the starting point of this kind of path on another character, but leave the encounter uncomplete + fractured walls intact.
-Then, load an instance of that path on this character, as if you were going to pay sulphite
-Run around the start circle into the dark, fully explore the main path + side areas for chests, and re-log at the end.
-Re-load the instance, which also resets chests. Repeat x times.

This build doesn't damage enemies. It's just phasing, high movement speed, and life recovery shenanigans for mitigating the stacking darkness penalty. You still have to (not often) throw a flare whenever the darkness outweighs your recovery. That also means leveling to ~80-90 with an actual mapping build, then fully spec into a darkness farmer.

You will end up with easily tradable+usable: mixed currency, fossils, resonators and azurite for buying upgrades+resonators. I feel okay saying this is at least equally as profitable as efficient mapping, or just regular Delving (assuming you blow walls and explore side areas). Darkness runs don't have a sulphite buy-in, but you miss out on map drops, league mechanics, Conqueror/Sirus spawning, and EXP. And tbh, doing this at high speed for too long = serious brain drain :D

Getting to the farming start point is a huge effort itself. This is definitely not a league starter, and would be expensive to max out in the first few weeks.

This guide is not meant to be a deep reveal of my understanding on darkness/mitigation, or even necessarily an explanation of how I use the build. I kinda like its simplicity and ~~sEcReCy~~, and IMO the less focus/popularity it has, the longer it stays viable.

To clarify what it takes:

Indigon AND Enduring Mana Flask exists and you can get both [hello 3.12 from 3.9]

-An established character, maps/scarabs/Niko missions to Delve normally
-Progressing Delve depth downward: 250-500 is solid, ?? deeper
-Extra sulphite to probe fog for long juicy pathways
-Actually finding good path in okay biomes, ready to farm(and 75 dark res)

-Time/effort to level a Scion, ideally to 85+
-Currency to twink level/gear an alternate build
-Currency to respec + fully buy into the main gear/gems

-Learning curve for going fast, clicking chests, spell/flask rotation
-Stare at map + cart around aimlessly + test zones in the dark + ?? = intuition for good routes
-That big trade brain to maximize profit on the loot
Finding A Route
A saucy looking route on the map could always end up with multiple map blocks of 0-few side areas, or aimless inter-connected backtracks. You'll never know if you don't test it. Exploring for and checking paths to get a a big part of playing this build!

My personal ranking of the biomes in rough order:
Frozen Hollow/Magma Fissure: good fossils, best layouts, easy to navigate. Hunt for these.
Fungal Caverns/Sulphur Vents still have good fossils, but sometimes atrocious layouts.
Petrified Forest/Abyssal Depths generally bleh in my experience. My least favorite.

I've done a little bit of currency tracking (1 hour in each zone), and most 7+ unit long routes past 250 will at least spawn enough azurite to be profitable. I found a lot of potentials/winners, but I did a lot of Delving this league with the guide in mind too :D

Here's my #1 goldmine where I locked my map in 3.9:

imgur gallery of screenshots below
(matches above)




The rest are only meant to show the kind of pathing I'd go out of my way to check, not ranked or necessarily ideal biomes for "the" one.

Each screenshot has a matching janky grid to show how to measure the number of walls from the map. In short, one less than the total "units" traveled in any given direction. That's guaranteed information for prospecting, but the only way to know for sure if it actually feels good, is to dig there and do some runs.

There's no "worth?" rule on number of walls. Something like the 1st pic above would still be okay with 2 less walls, because of the extra runnable tail. A shorter path just means you reset sooner.
Alt Leveling Build

Here is a basic BV girl I tested to 88 for this guide, with leveling + map gear. Has a lot of core passives already, only ~30 regrets. Take "Path of the Ranger" last.

Indigon is a gamechanger for leveling. The mana charge can 2-3x your damage, and allow you to do yellow/low red maps fairly easily...and of course 100% 'life' flask uptime, MOM, etc. It's worth investing in your leveling build. Dying in yellow maps feels bad.

Yes, turn on RF :P
I'll have links for my 3.10 leveling gear soon, after a friend finishes using it ;)



I use LocalIdentity's POB fork.
Go here if you want your dang numbers :P Contains all the core items, passive tree and gems. Basic/Advanced/Pro roughly match the sections below. POB saves jewels in the passive tree, so you will need to match the item set/tree name to see exact arrangement I intended.

Ascendancy/Passive Tree/Pantheon
Kill all bandits for 2 extra points.

Here's a quick overview of important stats you get from the tree and lab, and total values you get from each wheel and/or pathing.

Basic Stuff, Lvl 72: core passives+1pt jewels+Timeless jewel
Advancedish, Lvl 85ish high-value jewels+goodies off the path, my recommended baseline
Start Nodes, what you get for pathing
Militant Faith placement+info, The Agnostic tooltip, Devotion count
Jewels and their travel cost

Click for full size images (gallery)

Garukhan for Minor. "Stalker" is the Dig map boss.
Arakaali gives ~15 stack buffer, overall best choice.
Lunaris is okay if you don't care about degen.

Example Gear Arrangement

Phase RunEnhanceIncreased DurationEfficacyArcane Surge

Smoke MineIncreased DurationEfficacyEmpower

Temporal ChainsBlasphemyEnhanceIncreased Area of Effect

Grace Clarity

Cast When Damage TakenImmortal CallIncreased Duration
Cast When Damage TakenWithering StepIncreased Duration

Basic Setup


This and the Enduring Mana Flask are the build. The only variable rolls that affect us are increased mana and life recovery rolls, if at all, so maybe just don't buy the worst one.

Queen of the ForestAnyAny 5L65+ Res5L + >65 Res
Up to 50% movement speed, capped at 45k evasion. 6L is unecessary. High resist rolls here will make min/maxing rares easier. I don't think extra $$ for a high evasion roll is worth it or necessary to reach the cap. Maximum life roll is trivial.


Highest MS on a weapon. A second one is okay as a placeholder for Perepiteia.

PeripiteiaAny(15+ MS)(1 OK Mod)+(Any MS)(56-70 Evasion)+(Any MS)

Highest MS on a shield, but 1-20% D: Can have 3 implicits. Any version with 15-18 MS is okay really. T1 FLAT Evasion gives 250-330 total, and indispensable for min/maxing 45k evasion with better gear. For a nice shield, expect to buy for the implicits and divine the MS. A 350%+ evasion roll can't hurt, but don't delete currency over it (or the mana roll).

Rare Evasion Gloves(70 Life)+(>70 Res)

Evasion base for QOTF. Ideal gloves have an open suffix for crafted (ie changeable) resists. 120 total res is great. You can set "Empty Suffix" to 1 in my search, but would actually hide the 2nd gloves, or any that have full suffixes with a craft you can replace. I recommend browsing the default search first.

Rare Boots(>70 Life)+(>30 MS)+(O Suffix)(>90 Life)+(>30 MS)

Evasion base for QOTF. Go budget if you're saving for 7-Leagues, baller 35MS boots aren't worth it. The 2nd search is more a chance to snag nice boots cheap. Also, try to build around eventually losing that bonus life/evasion/res.

Rare Belt(3 Flask Mods)(Any Life+Mana)+(2 Flask)(MS)+(1 Flask)

Like boots, don't overspend if you intend on switching to String of Servitude. Shaper/Hunter belts have an MS suffix. Flask Duration/Gained Charges/Reduced Used help the Silver Flask uptime and overspam on the Quicksilver. 6% Effect gives ~5 MS. Mana Recovery gives darkness mitigation. Don't craft 1ex (7-8) Flask Effect, or the Reduced Gained hybrid. Resists shouldn't be necessary in this slot.


Shaper/Hunter Amulet(>7 MS)+(>11 STR)(>7 MS)+(Any Life+Mana) or Karui Ward

I've stuck with Solstice Vigil, but these work too. Shaper/Hunter amulets have an MS prefix. You'll probably need ~11 Strength somewhere here (implicit/natural/crafted) to use a lvl 20 Increased Duration, other stats are a bonus. Karui Ward is a budget "any" version.
Annoint Freedom of Movement.

Essence WormAnyWhite Socket

This is where Grace goes, and required to keep mana reservation down. White socket for style points (or lab setup).

Rare Ring(>60 Life)+(>40 Mana/Regen)(>60 Life)+(>40 Mana/Regen)+(Eva)

Basic stats here, nothing that will make or break the build. An open suffix is ideal to change resists.

Conqueror's PotencyAny ■ (Act 9) Wings of Vastari Quest

Gives 6-7 MS, and a little buff to Grace and Temp Chains. Good opportunity cost.

Rare Jewels(Life+Mana)(Life+Mana)+(1Res)(Life+Mana)+(2Res)

Life/Mana alone is an okay socket filler. This is an easy last stop for topping resists. Single res is usually cheap. Double res can get expensive, but you might find a corrupted one for cheap.

Militant Faith(Any)(Aura Effect)(All Res)

-Name MUST say Venarius to corrupt a keystone (Pain Attunement) into The Agnostic
-# doesn't matter, but "Aqueous Accelerant" must NOT be changed to a timeless notable
-Name and number can be divined, "x per 10 Devotion" mods will not change

You get 50 Devotion fom pathing to the socket and nearby Flask wheel, thus 5% aura effect for Grace, or 10% all res. The jewel itself is not even functionally mandatory, but gives a lot of stacks. Since evasion/res have a cap, the Devotion mods are really a gearing/passive QoL.

Keep in mind you're blind buying any already-Venarius jewel, as you might get ganked on the notable and have to re-roll it anyway. You could always ask the buyer if they can test it. Anticipate nomming divines :D


Watcher's Eye(Clarity-MOM)(Clarity-Recovery)(Grace-MS)

Nowadays this market is often expensive + volatile, which I think is kinda fun. Check trade frequently: the deals are out there!

I think you can farm comfortably without Clarity mods or WE at all. MOM is a huge mitigation boost. Recovery Rate is kinda only 'noticeable'. 10-15 MS with Grace on its own is OP relative to Conq's Potency. I did most of my farming in 3.9 with the 1st jewel.

READ!!!: Upon further testing, Mana Recovery Rate WE is a (?)trap(?). Not only is it's effect trivial, Lavianga's only has duration off full mana. With Militant Faith AND Mana Recovery WE at life degen stacks, you stay full mana and can only spam insta-heal. Might as well use a Saturated Life Flask with that combo.

Leaving it in the guide, but recommending NOT spending $$ on it.


Stuff that doesn't change:
Queen of the ForestAnyAny 5L65+ Res5L + >65 Res
Essence WormAnyWhite Socket
Conqueror's PotencyAny ■ (Act 9) Wings of Vastari Quest

Better Perepiteia(56-70 Evasion)(56-70 Evasion)+(1 Good Mod)

The flat evasion implicit and good %eva/ES roll will make reaching 45k a lot easier...Any extra mods are great. No guarantee the 2nd search isn't hiding something nice.
You can sort by shields in this Synthesis Implicit Database


Better Rare Gloves(>90 Life)+(>70 Dbl Res)

The main source of resists vs. the potential loss in equipping 7-League and SoS. T1 bases are nice, but hopefully 50-100 evasion isn't breaking your 45k cap. The first gloves are probably overkill, but they were a good deal :D

Seven-League StepAny

The max speed go to. You'll have to bench socket if ilvl<25.

String of Servitude(>24 MS)(>27 MS)(>30 MS)(>33 MS)(36 MS)

Pretty big MS value in this slot with any roll. Price per 3% is a bit exponential, value it at your discretion.

Solstice VigilAny

Highly variable price. Stacked with Essence Worm, you basically get "Blasphemy has a 40% Mana Multiplier". Not mandatory to function, nor is Temp Chains necessarily, especially at low depths. A 2L Blasphemy w/o Solstice will reserve ~50%, which IMO isn't functionally detrimental. I don't think the MS or rare stats are necessary in this slot.
Annoint Freedom of Movement.

Better Rare Ring(>70 Life)+(>50 Mana/Rgn)+(Eva)
(>60 Life)+(% Life)+(Mana/Regen/Eva)

2nd source of resists, otherwise maxing out useful stats. The Vermillion/Cerulean bases are cute, but in my case a low opportunity cost on this build and not always strictly better. As always browse for cheap treasure.

Double Watcher's Eye(1 Clarity)+(Grace-MS)

Haven't discovered anything exciting past these 3 mods, so a direct upgrade is basically either Clarity mod + Grace MS. Get your exalts ready. As I said in the previous section, I did most of my farming in 3.9 (to great effect) with just a Mana Recovery WE.

Double Militant Faith(Aura Effect)+(All Res)

Highly variable price for these 2 mods together. In the end, this was more helpful to me while experimenting for this guide ;)

Double Res Rare Jewels(Life)+(Mana)+(Multi Res)

Third source of resists. A couple of these will probably be required as you trade stats for MS.

Pro Max 500
This is mainly to break 500% movement speed . Personally I think it's a bit fast to darkness farm smoothly, but you can definitely get a top 10 lab time with this stuff. A major consideration for going this far is QoL of dropping Smoke Mine entirely. Phase Run + Flasks only = smooth.

Uber Lab Enchant(Any % MS Enchant)

This won't have 100% uptime, but it's "10%" you can't get anywhere else. Out of any xTrEmE maxing, this one is the easiest as it only costs time to run lab.

MS Watcher's Eye(Grace-MS)

Bit redundant, but this mod is necessary to min/max MS.

Transcendant SpiritTranscendant SpiritTempered SpiritVial of Transcendance

Definitely not necessary, but can comfortably get ~14 MS (20 max) in the Acrobatics socket, or 10 MS above Art of the Gladiator just for pathing. Mana is nice too. Quite expensive, but you can easily Tempered Spirit yourself by farming Alva's for the Apex of Ascension (Sacrifice Room).

Corrupted Karui Ward

This is from Standard to show the max MS potential, not something I've used for darkness farming. No link cos don't buy it for this build lol. It's BIS for a lab runner, so actually a pretty good needle-in-a-hay-stack-mass-craft, if you're willing to buy+annoint+vaal 50-?00 1c items...one-by-one.

Uberlab Setup


-Proof/clean existing searches
-Searches for flasks+gems
-Gem level/quality details
-More map screenshots
-Sample Video(s)

Old pre-launch patch notes notes
3.10 Patch Notes

Enduring Flask Nerf
-'Now has 30% reduced duration (from 25%)'
---Pretty trivial

-'Now also has 30% reduced Amount Recovered'
---Decent nerf. The Indigon+Enduring mechanic are powerful for lots of builds. They probably want you to get a Flasky cluster jewels to make up for it.
---TBH as long as you have Militant Faith, you'll have plenty of mitigation and ~150 stacks before your life actually starts ticking (post nerf).

Carry on, pretend it wasn't way too good/easy in the first place.

-'Flasks with this modifier are no longer queued while a stronger effect is active. Instead, the duration will continue to expire with no effect until the stronger flask effect ends or the Enduring flask's duration expires completely.'
---I'm not ONE HUNDRED percent, but I think this only matters when you have two DIFFERENT mana flasks active, e.g. Lavianga's (stronger), or you switched your already-queued Enduring Eternal with a (stronger) Divine and started smashing it.
---The worst outcome (I don't think it's this), is that your stacked uses on the Enduring Flask continue to tick behind the active one, meaning you could no longer quickly stack up 6x6seconds and forget about it. Even if it IS this, you can still have 100% uptime, just means slight extra flask rotation effort...instead of zero-brain ignoring a mechanic intended to kill everyone in seconds.

Fossil Mod Nerfs
-Might make fossils/resonators less valuable overall? Who knows. I think it will be clear early if Delve loot is absolutely worthless, but I doubt it. There will still be plenty of people needing mass crafting materials for end-game mods, it may just come later since they'll need the influenced item first.

Transcendant Spirit Buff/Balance
-'Now grants 3% increased Movement Speed per 10 Dexterity on allocated Passives'
-'...2% reduced Movement Speed per 10 Dexterity on unallocated Passives'

-Kind of ridiculous opportunity cost now. Huge buff for lab runners that take every Dex node anyway. That's 20-->30% from the right-side jewel socket, but you DO have fill it completely.

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[3.14 Ultimatum]
It's here, but check new thread


The Build:
-Core Delve+build mechanics functional and relatively unchanged since 3.10
-'The Agnostic' now a permanent keystone, 'Avarius' Militant Faith = quirky legacy item
-Tainted Oil makes amulet choices more interesting
-As always, is it worth tho???

My Update:
-Core items same as OP
-Now with full cluster wheel
-3.14 POB with gems+items+passive tree, a speedyboi tree, and 80ish tree
-Contemporary gem combinations
-IRL <5ex BV+Wave of Conviction alt build, viable for T14+ Delve/map/aura'd EXP carry

-Lv90-92 makes passives/cluster jewels less headache
-2nd Essence Worm with Haste, why not, if clever with passive tree
-High roll Stibnite still more reliable than Jade Flask, assuming you hit evasion cap

As always, more than a guide, this is an outline of essentials for wonks. Most will struggle most with reaching respec level. Smart planning + investment in the alt build means less time wasted dying. Aura'd EXP parties are absolutley the play. Regardless, prioritize the EXP/hr stat, i.e. avoid death by skipping content + map mods, and staying at appropriate ilvl/AL. Don't do Conquerors/Guardians, or do the boss on another character.

Blade Vortex + Wave of Conviction - PF/Trickster

Cool Facts:
-Start tanking and shredding with Indigon at level 69, nice
-Solstice Vigil = huge effective skill duration
-Obliteration = indispensable corpse explosion
-Trickster = frenzy + damage + life/mana recovery + ~stun immunity
-'Crystal Skin' + 'Thick Skin' + Taste of Hate = 100% Chill/Freeze Avoidance
-3 Max Resists notables + amulet corruption = thicc
-Max Res + Taste of Hate = decent phys reduction

-Activate plain RF, and use Vaal RF + Grace as much as possible
-Take "Winter Spirit" if not using Hrimsorrow gloves for Phys Conversion
-Don't run Phys Reflect without full 50% conversion from non-gem sources
-Ele Weakness corrupted gloves make building everything else easier
-If you have an aurabot, put Herald of Ash in Essence Worm to free mana,
and consider unspeccing 'The Agnostic' and avoiding plain RF, for the ES
-Buy level 21 BV + WoC gems and equip immediately at lv72
-Make sure to buy and level 20% quality gems that you'll want after re-spec
-Better yet, buy every gem you will eventually map with at 1/20%, to resell
-Get your boot enchant and Pantheon done yourself before re-spec

-6L Carcass Jack, Sporeguard, or Inpulsa's/Explodey chest would all work great
-Disintegrator would work amazingly, and open up using any spell
-If no Bisco's Leash, use Sinvicta's Mettle swap for Rampage
-Pro gamers will manually cast Immortal Call as their Guard skill
-If you can figure out Archmage and Indigon, you win the damage
-All a joke compared to Penance Brand, probably

Starter Items
-Purifying Flame until lv12 (WoC)
-Orb of Storms until lv12 (Storm Brand)
-Blade Vortex sucks before lv38 (Unleash), use Storm Brand as long as you like
-Rush 'Elemental Overload' ASAP, then 'Phase/Acrobatics'
-Use Added Cold/Fire/Lightning as damage supports until lv18+
-Pre-craft a lv18 Enduring Mana Flask, and a lv30-36ish one
-Keep Bleed/Freeze immunity on other flasks, so you can continually upgrade life flasks
-You will probably need to change socket colors throughout
-Pick up Essence Worm at lv38 if you'd like
-Don't lab enchant anything you want to keep low lvl requirement on
-Victario's boots are a placeholder to show gems, 7LS are ofc the best option

big stats

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OLD 3.10 Update
3.10 Notes
-Enduring Mana Flask no longer queues. Doesn't affect efficiency at all, just requires more attention. Overall slightly more dangerous if you aren't minding your stacks. Being able to AFK your mana flask for a minute at a time was broken...

-Reduced base amount recovered is kinda shrug. With Militant Faith + no Clarity WE, I can still make it to 200+ stacks before flaring.

-In my POB testing, you could reasonably fit 1 Large + 2 Medium Cluster Jewels, and get quite a bit of Flask Duration, Mana Recovery, Effect, and open jewel sockets at the end. I'd say mostly QoL...but how can you not have one??
You must use the POB fork to import/experiment with cluster jewels!

3.10 for me so far (day 7)
This is my fresh character post-respec, after using every chaos recipe i had to buy the last items + run a few tests on the path I found. Militant Faith is <100c now, Indigon is still ~2ex. Nowhere near perfect, but I'm happy :D


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Build works well so far. Still delving to a good depth but I can stay in the darkness pretty much as long as I want with just a few flares. Flask uptime doesn't seem as long as in your VOD, could you link exact gear and tree your VOD uses? Pretty happy with it so far though, seems a little less micromanagey than brittleknees with the mana flask uptime.

Assuming I can get the flask uptime issue sorted, I'm very happy with the speed. very easy to cap evasion for QoTF, but I'm not sure which Amulet I want to use. I would love a 10ms vigil with Freedom of movement but I think that might be a long term project at 40c+ a pop. Was able to cap resist without a resist jewel, what would you suggest to replace it?

Current Gear:

Last edited by Tripartist1 on Apr 24, 2020, 11:13:54 AM
Hey, I've been buying the things for your build and was wondering if you solely want to run uber labs, what changes would you make?
Last edited by Myrito on Apr 29, 2020, 3:53:29 AM
Or if you could go more in-depth on how you would run uber lab with this setup
Tripartist1 wrote:
Flask uptime doesn't seem as long as in your VOD, could you link exact gear and tree your VOD uses?

The difference is probably the Medium Cluster jewel. The POB for the VOD is in the secondary 3.10 post. I also added a Small jewel. You can view/import my current character (Immunological) to take a quick look.

Just the 1 Medium + 1 Small should give enough duration to make all flasks comfortable, and ofc a nice boost to recovery as well.

Here is a POB with two lvl 90 trees:

(1) 1 Medium + 1 Small Cluster Jewel (roughly my final build this league)
(2) 1 Large + 2 Medium + 2 Small ("Better")

---Added 'Flasks Applied to you have 10% increase Effect' on Med Cluster
---(for uncounted 10% Non-Unique Notable, so Lavianga's stats will be incorrect)

Hypothetically, going from 2 --> 5 jewels gives roughly:

Enduring Mana (+Life) Recovery: 1600 --> 2080/ 1sec
Enduring Mana Duration: 6.4 -- > 7.4 sec
Silver/Quicksilver Duration: 9.4 --> 11 sec
Total Movement Speed: -10% = (~10 from Large Cluster) - (~20 from lost passives/Conq Potency)
Resist/Evasion: ~Equal, assuming you're trading bottom Scion start

Tripartist1 wrote:
Assuming I can get the flask uptime issue sorted, I'm very happy with the speed. very easy to cap evasion for QoTF, but I'm not sure which Amulet I want to use. I would love a 10ms vigil with Freedom of movement but I think that might be a long term project at 40c+ a pop. Was able to cap resist without a resist jewel, what would you suggest to replace it?

Picking up cluster jewels should use up extra passives. Pure Talent gives 7% MS. I'd probably just drop the socket and take any useful natural passives, or go full Transcendant Spirit in the right side socket.

Karui Ward is probably easier to corrupt. You can skip most corruptions with ilvl 44 or lower, tho they might be hard to find late league ;)

Myrito wrote:
Hey, I've been buying the things for your build and was wondering if you solely want to run uber labs, what changes would you make?

Honestly my Uber Lab setup is not refined at all, I just know it got the job done. You definitely need Indigon with BV, and is not a guaranteed one-shot. I couldn't tell you how much DPS is necessary, but I can only recommend a decent investment into leveled gems, chest corruption, and +dmg weapons (whatever setup you choose).

I'd probably just adapt whatever chest/weapon swap Pathfinder lab runners are using nowadays, i.e. something that doesn't need passive/gear scaling outside the swap (there are guides). For top speed you'll probably also want to pick up Devoto's + Smoke Mine MS Enchant, Haste, and 1-2 Transcendent Spirits.

Running lab is really just speed, as long as you an kill Izaro. Modifying this build beyond a basic lab swap, prob means changing the passive tree and/or gear enough to break darkness farming, since you don't need all the mana recovery stuff. A dedicated PF is most definitely optimal.
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got any youtube video, or stream with this build? i`m curious :D

i`m noob, new :D

how can atack? to going deep 200+?
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