3.14 💀 Torstein's Death Angel - All content viable - insane! 2x Oni-Goroshi

Hi exiles, and welcome to my 6th and my most insane build, Blade Flurry (single target) + Frost Blades or Infernal Blow (clear) and 2 Oni-Goroshi swords.
Probably every league so far since I started playing PoE, I've had one Oni-Goroshi character in every one of them. It's by far my favorite item in the game and one of the few truly unique items.
Because of that and huge amount of fun I had, build is a tribute to the sword creator, Charan.

Please read the full guide to understand how it works.
Ty to the exile Rorhsan who bothered to test many skills and for the Infernal Blow suggestion with Melee Splash as the best choice for map clear.
Rorshan wrote:

Infernal Blow

Change log 3. Feb
updated pastebin
-removed War Banner due to increase of mana reservation of Flesh & Stone
-somewhat lower damage but still exactly the same as in the showcase video

Build summary

Focus of the build was to make it as best as possible with least amount of investment.
+great single target damage, 12-16+ mill Shaper dps depending on setup
+medium investment (6-10ex for gear) this is hands down the best attack build overall per ex invested
+from max clear to max dps setup in 1 second due to use of 2 Oni-Goroshi swords (no gem swaps, no clunky stuff)
+Acrobatics & Phase Acrobatics will keep you alive while you dish out dmg
+positive Chaos resistance or capped with Cluster jewel setup
+very high leech rate and overleech
+very fast clear speed
+clears 20/20 Simulacrum

Her Embrace buff that grants:

Cannot be Stunned
123% of Sword Physical Damage gained as Extra Fire Damage
Unaffected by Burning Ground
Immune to Freeze, Chill and Ignite
20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed

*You can take some serious hits but it's not meant to stand like a sloth and tank everything. You gotta be swift killer.

-can't do reflective maps (phys or elemental)
-can't do "No leech" maps
-60% reduced life recovery can be nasty in red tier
-requires little skill and practice
-no passive regen
, because of this Uber Labyrinth can be little difficult for inexperienced players. For Lab only, use minor pantheon Soul of Ralakesh to take less damage from traps and bring 2 life flasks.

Showcase of the build

Path of Building 3.14

Just passive tree

In the bottom left corner of the PoB you have a menu to see points distribution while leveling.

USE Path of Building Community FORK download link

Oni-Goroshi & how it works

Oni-Goroshi sword is the core item of the build. You can obtain it in 3 ways.
1. farm it at the Twilight Strand (not recommended)
2. get a set of 27 Rebirth divination cards (usually cheapest way)
3. buy it from someone
Higher the crit roll the better.
I recommend using the Oni from the moment you get to Lioneye's Watch if you are not league starting with this build.

It's a one-handed sword that always comes pre 6 linked, WOW! Do you hate making your first 6L? I do!
Although one-handed it uses both weapon slots. So since the build have 2 main skills, you will have another Oni sword in your secondary weapon slot that you can instantly switch to by pressing "X" key.

When you first look at it it seems like it has some weird stats. 6-13 physical damage??
Here's what's going on.

As you gain levels sword adds 2 to 3 Physical Damage to Attacks per Level. So the more levels you have the more powerful sword becomes.

When you Ignite the enemy (thru Herald of Ash buff, because it gives extra fire damage based on your phys) the Goddess will give you "Her Embrace" buff which is the following:

-Cannot be Stunned
-123% of Sword Physical Damage gained as Extra Fire Damage
-Unaffected by Burning Ground
-Immune to Freeze, Chill and Ignite
-20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed

Countering sword degen

But, all of this comes at the price. "While in Her Embrace, you take 0.5% of your total Maximum Life and Energy Shield as Fire Damage per second per Level".
So for each level you gain Goddess will burn you for next 0.5% of your maximum life pool per second.
It's a massive fire degen and the best way to counter it is with overleech and leech scaling.
Vaal Pact keystone will double your maximum leech rate, 30% increased max rate from the passive tree and 15% from amulet anointment. That's a lot of leech!

Overleech effect will be provided by Soul Tether unique belt.

Also another downside of the sword is the low attack speed of it 1.45. To make it feel fast you either have to use fast skill like (Blade Flurry or Cyclone) or fast attacking Ascendancy class. This build uses both of those and it's very fast!

🗡️Build offenses & how to use this char properly
You will use 2 main skills with the build, Blade Flurry and Infernal Blow. The unique thing about it is that you will have both skills properly 6 linked while using Kaom's Heart body armor.
Max damage output will greatly depend on your skill and ability to use Blade Flurry. Build is also momentum oriented because of Rage and Berserk mechanics.

Because of this and few other skills involved, getting a "feel" for the build and understanding of it's mechanics is necessary.

Blade Flurry - one of the best single target skills in the game (kinda sucks for clear)
Blade Flurry is a channeling melee attack. While channeling, Blade Flurry repeatedly attacks a random enemy in front of the player, also damaging enemies nearby the original target. When released, it will unleash an extra number of attacks equal to the stage reached.

Stages: Each attack, while channeling, applies a single stage that grants 20% more damage, up to 120% more damage total at 6th stage. Each stage will also add an extra attack to the release of Blade Flurry.
*Note that the DPS will be slightly lower in practice because players cannot reach perfect channeling, only get very close.

Infernal Blow - one of the best melee clear speed skill (kinda sucks for single target)
Infernal Blow is a melee attack skill that converts half of Physical Damage to Fire Damage, applying a special debuff to enemies. When the debuff reaches six charges, expires, or the enemy affected by the debuff dies, it releases an explosion that deals fire damage to nearby enemies. This skill requires a sword, axe, mace, staff or unarmed.

Build uses Rage and Berserk mechanics

Rage - Berserker ascendancy notable
Rage is a counter utilized by certain attack skills and Ascendancy classes, mainly Berserker. Characters with rage are granted bonuses to attack damage, attack speed and movement speed. These effects increase in magnitude with the amount of rage accumulated.

The maximum rage a character can have is 50. A character loses 1 rage every 0.5 seconds after not having gained rage or been hit recently.

Characters gain the following effects for each point of rage:

1% increased attack damage
0.5% increased attack speed
0.2% increased movement speed
At maximum rage, a character is granted 50% increased attack damage, 25% increased attack speed and 10% increased movement speed.

Berserk is a skill applies a buff that grants 20% more attack damage, 20% attack speed, 30% movement speed, character size, and 19% reduced damage taken. It requires rage to cast and expends rage while active. The effect lasts until you run out of rage.

To benefit the most from this mechanic you will save and maintain your Rage until bosses or some other big enemies to deal with.

Ancestral Protector totem
While active give 20% MORE attack speed

How to use the momentum of rage and everything:
First off if you closely see in my videos, i come to A8 conqueror with full flasks, War Banner charged to 50 and rush from boss to lose as little rage as possible.

How to demolish big bosses:

* Ancestral totem should be active
* Blood stance and switch to Blade Flurry few moments before

In the moment of fight start

* pop your flasks
* activate Blood Rage
* use Berserk
demolish the boss :D (channel to 6 stacks and release, repeat fast)

🛡️Build defenses
-respectable life pool, around 7K eHP
-raised elemental resistances F77% C76% L76%
-positive Chaos damage resistance
-Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics give valuable dodge chance and make playing much smoother and safer
-big surplus in Overleech
-Berserk, gives 19% less damage taken so use it whenever you feel in danger of dying
-Fortify, buff that grants the player 20% less damage taken from hits
-Flesh&Stone, while in sand stance you will have blind aura around you and take 11% less damage from far hits. Use Sand Stance always unless you go for boss kill.

Her Embrace Oni-Goroshi defensive buffs:
-Stun immunity
-Unaffected by Burning Ground
-Immune to Freeze (you don't need freeze immunity flask), Chill and Ignite

If you are missing some crafting mods use crafting services from the community page. Many of them do it for tips.

Each Oni-Goroshi sword sloted in primary and secondary weapon slots are the build trademark.

Body armour

Rare helmet with as much life and resistances you can find. Preferably with some Intelligence attribute.

Better option is to buy enchanted helmet and fossil craft it like i did.Use Pristine + Frigid/Scorched/Mettalic fossils with Potent resonators.

Best helmet enchant is "Berserk has 30% increased buff effect"
Other good options are:
40% Increase Blade Flurry damage
Blood Rage grants 12% additional attack speed


Preferably Spiked gloves with as much life and attack speed. Some resistances and a free prefix to craft veiled mod "(31–36)% increased Damage while Leeching".
Another option are Spiked gloves with chaos resistance

If you can't afford Spiked gloves other rare ones are ok!

Boots with as much life, elemental resistances and preferably chaos resistance.
Look for boots without movement speed and a free prefix to craft veiled mod "(17–20)% increased Movement Speed
(8–12)% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill"


Soul Tether unique belt. Look for one with high Intelligence roll.


Cheap unique amulet that grants lvl22 Precision skill, reduces mana reservation of Precision aura and also give decent chunk of damage.

Anointment "Disciple of the Unyielding"


Base version rings

Mods to look for:
-min 350 Accuracy on one ring only!
-free suffixes on both rings to craft veiled mod "+1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges"

One rare jewel with:
-increased max life
-some increased attack speed mods / some crit multipliers

Flask setup
Base version

Chemist's Basalt flask of Acceleration - pay attention to get at least 24% reduced charges used so you will be able to use it 2x

High dps Version

Cinderswallow Urn is little expensive flask but it's very much worth getting. Buy one with increased critical chance during flask effect.

Marauder - Berserker

1. Aspect of Carnage
10% increased Damage taken
40% more Damage

2. Rage
The maximum rage a character can have is 50. A character loses 1 rage every 0.5 seconds after not having gained rage or been hit recently.

Characters gain the following effects for each point of rage:

1% increased attack damage
0.5% increased attack speed
0.2% increased movement speed

3. Flawless Savagery
50% increased Critical Strike Chance for Attacks
+25% to Critical Strike Multiplier
Adds 20 to 30 Physical Damage to Attacks if you've
dealt a Critical Strike Recently

4. Blitz (build really takes off with Blitz notable acquired)
Gain a Blitz Charge on Critical Strike
2% more Attack Speed per Blitz Charge
10% reduced Critical Strike Chance per Blitz Charge
+20 to Maximum Blitz Charges

Gem links

6L single target
Blade Flurry - Concentrated Effect - Infused Channeling- Melee Physical Damage - Damage on Full life - Fortify

6L clear Infernal Blow (clears better than Frost Blades)
Infernal Blow - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - Fortify - Ancestral Call - Melee Splash


6L clear Frost Blades
Frost Blades - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Fortify - Ancestral Call - Damage on full life

Exact gem levels and qualities you can see in PoB

4L Whirling Blades - Blood Rage - Berserk - Ancestral Protector

For the movement skill you can also use Leap Slam instead of Whirling Blades. It comes down to your preference!

4L Herald of Ash - Blood & Sand - Flesh & Stone

4L Immortal Call - Cast when Damage Taken - Wave of Conviction - Assassin's Mark
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Fully upgraded both, and yes they matter!
major - Soul of Lunaris
minor - Soul of Gruthkul

Help Alira

to be added
League start leveling (without Oni-Goroshi)
When you kill Hillock pick up the items and sell them to vendor. Check if vendor has movement speed boots. Also buy 2x Iron RIng and Rustic Sash belt.
Buy 2 maces/sceptres (dual wield) and use Ground Slam skill.

2L Ground Slam - Ruthless
3L Ground Slam - Ruthless - Chance to Bleed
4L Ground Slam - Ruthless - Chance to Bleed - Melee Phys

Breaking Some Eggs
Act 1
from Nessa - buy War Banner, it will give you some accuracy and drop it when killing bosses also buy Blood & Sand gem
You will get as reward Ancestral Protector totem
While going with Ground Slam pick up also Intimidating Cry to exert attacks.

The Caged Brute
Act 1
Get Rallying Cry

Intruders in Black
Act 2
Take Herald of Ash

The Root of the Problem
Act 2
Yeena take Flesh & Stone gem and use Sand Stance

When you finish "A Fixture of Fate" quest in Act 3 buy Frost Blades from Siosa and continue leveling with dual wielding swords until you get your first Oni-Goroshi and swap to Infernal Blow.
In the meantime you can level the gems in your second weapon set.

At this point you should be doing Chaos recipe and saving for Oni-Goroshi.


You must have Soul Tether belt, life leech allocated Vaal Pact keystone to counter fire degen.

6L Blade Flurry - Fotify - Melee Physical Damage -Infused Channeling - Damage on Full life - Concentrated Effect

When you buy second Oni add Infernal Blow or Frost Blades setup.

Leveling with Oni-Goroshi
This will be the best melee leveling experience since you can use it from level 2. Sword will gain damage as you level.

Start with Infernal Blow - Ancestral Call - Ruthless

4L Infernal Blow - Ancestral Call - Melee Phys - Elemental Damage with Attacks
5L Infernal Blow - Ancestral Call - Melee Phys - Multistrike -Fortify
6L Infernal Blow - Ancestral Call - Melee Phys - Melee Splash -Fortify - Multistrike

Lvl 4 add War Banner, Ancestral Protector and Blood & Sand
lvl 16 add Flesh & Stone, use sand stance while leveling

At level 48 equip Soul Tether belt, allocate life leech points and Vaal Pact keystone.
This will be your major dmg boost and moment you will be gaining Her Embrace buff.

For movement skill you can use either Whirling Blades or Leap Slam.

For early accuracy fix buy Hinekora's Sight amulet.

Usefull leveling items:
Belt of the Deceiver

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New build from my man Torstein, can't wait for it ^^
Torstein... Not even a single clue?? xD
Sanfear wrote:
Torstein... Not even a single clue?? xD

Give me one hand and i'll take them both... 😋
Last edited by TorsteinTheFallen on Mar 11, 2020, 1:38:10 PM

Give me one hand and i'll take them both... 😋

Don’t do this to me, Torstein! I allready have 2 of your builds lined up for my first two builds to play in Delirium. Don’t make me change tack.

Just kidding. Please do this to me. XD. Love your builds. Can’t wait to see what you have lined up.
Isn’t it 15 March somewhere?
Smmogz wrote:
Isn’t it 15 March somewhere?

In Europe it's still 14th :D Will be out tomorrow afternoon :-)
Smmogz wrote:
Isn’t it 15 March somewhere?

In Europe it's still 14th :D Will be out tomorrow afternoon :-)

Any chance we'll see it today? ))

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