Content Update 3.10.0 -- Path of Exile: Delirium

oh no my necro
Hmm thought I'd come back this league to play some (unoptimized) skeleton summoner build but -40% damage across all levels sounds rough, very rough, and one less skeleton doesn't sound appealing either (damn I remember the times where you could have like 25+ skeletons just with the normal gem lol). Probably gonna test it a bit in standard first and if it sucks too hard I'll be probably back for PoE 2 (still have some time till then lol)
Shite, mind of the Council change + Tempered spirit and mana. Didn’t expect my Mjölner-Manastorm-CoC build to be destroyed. Luckily still works in Standard!
ruined summoners with the constant nerfs. RIP zombies and skeltons..
I like the fact that casual semi-afc generic necro-builds was nerfed. That autistic cancer dominated all content in game for a couple of leagues in a row.
Crying metaslaves included of course.
I still love this game but let's be honest, when it comes to balancing, you have no idea what you are doing. I was laughing out loud a few times, when I read the patch notes (nerfing elusive, EA etc.).
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pog new leag hype !!!
dW2005 wrote:
satanttin wrote:
last league so what? not talking about that now am i xD play meanly ssf and a shit ton of minion builds never been a problem doing t16 maps :P
but with this nerf i wonder if i could still do t16 without it being slow as hell:')

Well, if you try to ctrl-f "spectral spirits" in these patchnotes, i guess there will be no match. Meaning the main 7-link damage source of that particular build ain't touched. Vaal skellies as an "OH SHI" button are still okay and specters most likely won't die too despite their monster level lowered.

Umm, and frankly, any spherical summoner in a vacuum is "slow as hell" compared to some glass cannon clearspeed builds out there.

Or alternatively there's a plenty of golem builds which are hardly nerfed (they were doing fine without carrion one in the past), say that somewhat famous "flame golem 101", tho its more pixel-expensive than the build i linked previously.
lel not afraid of minions dying afraid that they lack damage and it's not worth playing anymore. as far i've seen coc hasn't been touched among other things that are still op.
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
Just remove HH now (as it is unethical to have a character higher than the screen) and it will be perfect
True justice for summoners, love it

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