In Path of Exile: Delirium we've made a variety of adjustments to some movement skills and introduced hundreds of new monster types to the pool of spectre possibilities.

Movement Skills

In the interest of giving players more competitive choices when picking a movement skill, we've made various improvements to some skills and have introduced a new Support Gem called Second Wind. Flame Dash was by far the most popular movement skill because of its versatility but with these changes we've given the other skills more niche uses that should make them more compelling choices.

The new Second Wind support adds an additional cooldown count to skills that already have a cooldown (excluding instant or triggered skills). This means you can use them one extra time before the cooldown prevents their use. This allows two uses in rapid succession for skills that usually only have one use like Blink Arrow or Dash, or four uses on Flame Dash or Smoke Mine.

The intention of its design is to improve travel skills and encourage investment into them but it also has some other interesting uses on certain skills like Frost Bomb. It also gives supported skills a small amount of Cooldown Recovery Speed as the gem levels, which is great for skills that usually have very little access to this bonus.

Here are some of the changes we've made to some travel skills:
  • Dash now gains travel distance as it levels, and works particularly well with Second Wind to be able to travel long distances in a short time.
  • Frostblink now deals damage and places chilled ground at both the start and end of the movement, and counts enemies at both areas to reduce its cooldown. This makes it great for both moving into and out of a fight. It also travels further than before, and gains travel distance as it levels. It can't be supported by Second Wind because it is instant. To compensate for this, it has received more improvements than other skills mentioned here.
  • Flame Dash has had its increased Cooldown Recovery Speed per level lowered slightly, as it was slightly above curve and does benefit from the Second Wind support.
  • Lightning Warp has had its cast time lowered and has a higher value of reduced Skill Effect Duration than before. This makes it easier to invest in but still requires more character investment than other movement skills as a trade-off for having no cooldown.

It's worth noting that Blink Arrow hasn't received any changes but works well with the Second Wind support. Alongside Dash, you can have a very mobile bow-based character. Travel Attacks also haven't been changed at this time but we'd like to add more attack-movement diversity in the future.

Changes to Spectres

We've added over 350 new monster types to the pool of possible monsters which can be used for Spectres. These are monsters that were not previously usable as spectres for technical reasons, such as unusual spawning behaviour or skills that only function in a specific context. Among them are monsters from Abyss, Delve, Betrayal, Synthesis, Legion and Conquerors of the Atlas content. Some of these monsters utilise skills that are fairly new and different to skills that are used by existing spectres so should allow for some new options for spectre builds.

We've gone through these monsters to make the appropriate AI and skill mechanic changes to ensure that they're able to still use their skills as spectres. Outside of these small improvements they remain relatively unchanged from their delightfully monstrous states.

In addition to this, all monsters that can be used as spectres can now also have corpses spawned using Desecrate once you have a spectre of them. Monster corpses that were previously impossible to spawn with Desecrate still can’t be spawned unless you have a spectre of them (or entered the current area with a spectre of them), so you'll have to first find those monsters in the wild. Corpses that despawn shortly after death will still do so (unless created by Desecrate), as it's vital for performance in many cases. So you'll have to be quick off the mark with your spectre raising!

We plan to keep doing this in the future to ensure a steady supply of new spectres. If you happen to find a monster that you'd like to see as a spectre but isn't currently supported, please let us know!
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Grinding Gear Games

Keen to see what these new spectres can do.

Second Wind does seem potentially very strong on the better moveskills.
Le Toucan Will Return
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RIP? edit: NOPE!!!
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Please remove selfcurse or nerf temporal chains effect on players or make headhunter buff duration unmodifiable.
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thanks chrons welmson
ok cool

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