Atlas Changes in 3.10.0

Is it possible to make Labs worth again?

With all these buffs to maps, temple, etc... It's not fun to do labs anymore
It was so fun doing lab!
Overtuned Reflect is allso hige problem.
I lost My lvl 96 "reflect immune" miner this league to elemental reflect in a 23% elemental reflect map on a 1-linked flame dash setup.
Those numbers chould easyly be halfed and still serve as a instant death for players who dont read mods.
Bex_GGG wrote:
The very easy access to maps in the Conquerors endgame diminished the relative reward earned by running other game content.

Are you for real ????
other game content map reward did not feel good because :
a) In some cases you need to remove watchstones to adapt the dropable map tiers which is tedious and unintuitive (because of that convoluted joke of an Atlas you introduced in 3.9)
b) even when doing a) properly, in some (many) cases IT'S STILL BUGGED and pretty much nothing drops !!!!!

Holy cow are the guys in charge of reading feedback on vacation or drunk or something ? Oo

what the .....
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.
BFGjstVnQr wrote:
So now that 3.0.10 is basically dead on launch (unless your into yellow maps all day looooong), what are you going to be playing??

Borderlands 3 as it hits Steam on same day as PoE 3.10, and will actually be the better ARPG, sadly...
PSS: Our almighty TencentGGG overlords are very scrupulous regarding criticizing their abilities to take proper decisions and consider everything "needlessly harsh and condescending"...

Good to know "free speech" doesn't apply in any form or manner on the forums these days...
I find this statement totally opposite of what I have experienced this league. Map drop rates have been the WORST to date.

There is no way I am paying Zana's prices either. They are a joke.
Just junk the atlas from 3.9 and go back to what worked and wasn't a dumpster fire. POE will continue to bleed away players if this disaster isnt immediately corrected... you keep trying to polish this turd and there is no coming back from what the future of POE will be if you dont
I got a fever and the only prescription, is more cowbell!
"While map mods are designed to hinder your character, the Map Mod Effect can sometimes push it over a reasonable limit"

you guys do know reflect and no regen has been in the game for years, right?
You are fixing stuff that's not broken. Actually, you are breaking stuff that actually works.

The old Atlas was fine. It was easy to understand. There was a clear sense of progression, something you stated you wanted, but is right now missing in the new Atlas.

Divide the old Atlas into 8 regions for influence purposes, and be done with it.

Awakening Bonus also wasn't broken, and you broke it, reasons being:

1. Map Mod Effectiveness comes with positive and negative effects, and the negative ones are very noticeable. Awakening Bonuses aren't bonuses anymore. They are Awakening Conditions.
2. These conditions are permanent. If I don't want my maps to be harder than it needs to be, I can't get rid of it like I could before.
3. You nerfed Master Mission spawns when they matter the most--early end game. We can only get Awakening Conditions from T14+ and some Awakening Levels, which means in early end game we are stuck with 35% spawn rate. When we get to 150 Awakening Conditions and 45% spawn rate, it's late end game and who still cares about a few more master missions.

As for target farming, you haven't arrived at a solution yet. Just do the right thing and restore Cartographer's Seal. I'll be blunt here: It doesn't matter how you feel about how we play the game. It matters a whole lot more how we feel about playing your game.
Sounds to me like 1) You dont even know that Temple map drops are F'd. 2) Delve map drops are equally F'd. 3) I can not wait to see how AL7 AL8 is build disabling as it'll be 60% block and 60% ailment chances 100% of the time.

GGG, this was a terrible feeling manifesto....
The whole rework of maps is a mess that didn't integrate at all with all the previous mecanisms. It need a deep refondation. You will probably not trash it because hubris but it create so many issues that it will be better to just start from the previous Atlas again and make slight adjustements to it.

Watchstones are a bad idea. And a chore, there's 32 of them for god's sake. 5 different tier per map is a bad idea, and the reason why it integrate so bad with all the previous mecanisms : we can't loot so many different maps with all those differents tiers. They even overlap, like T14 maps can be of two watchstone tiers. There' so much structure needed here.

The previous Atlas was better. You only need slight adjustements. Like a special sustainable drop chance for some maps of your choice, like one choice for white, one for yellow and one for red, without loosing other maps drops. And a T16 of your choice like before, but with a proper drop chance, not reducing other maps drops.

We can made choice with that and play the way we want. I will love to do a few T2 Alleyways for the chaos recipes in SSF, some yellow Strands for casual play while doing yellow master missions and having a chance for the Beachhead card, and T15 Grotto for the very rare card. And for the T16, Strands or Underground River for the cards. Or a wide open map for scarabs like Legion or Breach, I don't know, I will have to make a choice here.

Oh god, choice ! Like before, when I actually enjoyed the game so much. Now, with more than 60 T15+ maps, it just feel random to play them. Sometimes, I log into the game, see my 411 T15 and 298 T16, none being sustainable, I can't plan anything other than play random maps because I drop so few of the ones I really want to do. So I log off and play another game.

I have played very little this league, and that's not because i'm burned. I'm hungry for PoE. I still try to play, but it deliver no more.

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