Integrating Metamorph into Core Path of Exile

Can we please get masters on map device? :D
This makes me consider quitting the game, it finally happened. All you had to do is have the balls to fuck off with tane's lab, stop with the collectable shit we have to micromanage. Just make metamorph stay in the game as a hard boss option in every map. Not this 10% crap and not those bullshit parts I have to keep in my stash again.

It could have been such an elegant solution to risk/reward in maps, but this ain't it.
10% is not enough!
Anything that´s unrelated to elephants is irrelephant
well fuck.. if anything was unnecessary this shit was it.

I completely aggree with Zaraxia - IF you wanted to keep the metamorph it could have been a random spawn or a random placement of the tank with random "ingredients" - micromanagement of collectable trash is utterly obsolete. Ye ssure we can just ignore the mechanism - but I would rather get a roll on the other 10%s that actually arent shit.

the barely ever used sidezones are also obsolete - thane's lab - Even during the league it is rarely visited...
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And we still cant place Breachlord blessings in frag tab...
You need to find a better solution to integrating league mechanics into the core game than just slapping 10% on it and giving it a scarab or Zana mod. The game is already too cluttered as it is and it's only going to get more cluttered next league *and* you're adding another 10% league mechanic on top. At what point does this become too much?

Ashriel wrote:
Ah yes, 10% chance and "5 scarabs after playing 500 hours each league". Great balance, as always.

Sadly yupp....

As with the rest of the old leagues that uses that mechanic I might, perhaps just perhaps...., be able to use the the Tane lab once or at most twice next league... Yay....

So sadly yet another league mechanic that goes on to the scap pile for me.

I really liked Metamorph so I'm sad to see this.

Please GGG, think over the 10%+scarab mechanic for something a bit more engaging.
do i need a bigger backpack then???
Can we normalize the rates for meta Eyes dropping to go along with the (too low) 10% core rate of seeing them in addition to the other parts, so we are not farming forever for just a chance at a single Meta-meta, yet still ending up with bad RNG as our only option for getting eyes, be it from drops or vendoring the other parts?
Even though this is how i was expecting Metamorph to go core i'm still disappointed, not about the 10 percent i'm fine with that, i think it worked pretty well with Blight even if i was against it going core at first. but the Boss drop only one organ is a big YIKES for me that means i have to keep holding this things in my stash and it's gonna take a week to be able to do one boss fight in tane labe all that to get most-likely nothing,i was hoping for something better.

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