Integrating Metamorph into Core Path of Exile

Looking forward to this, I didn't play this league at all.
Selling some legacy items at
Delirium Impale/Attack Speed/Maim 8 passive/2 socket Cluster Jewels at
Would be nice to have scarabs and fragments integrated into the map device as extra options to add to the map.
You open the map device, select Legion as added encounter, click which scarabs/fragments you want to add and start the map.

Currently to really beef up a map you got to remember a little too many things.
Get destracted and you can figure out what you were planning to do all over again.
For example:
You think of which prophecy that works well with the sextants you have there that you wish to get activated in combination with which added map device mod you thought worked well with that and which scarabs you thought would add even more to the map that worked well with other sextants and how many open slots would be left in the map device for fragments.
And then you forgot to activate it with the master Jun.
Happens to me often enough.
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Hype. Liked thil league much. Only hope you add more space to currency stash for catalyst, and those shards. My suggestion is special tab with 10x10 grid of those universal sockets from bottom of currency stash.
Super nice !
Bad Seed
Didn't like Metamorph, but I can always skip. Just make Tane Octavius NOT to auto spawn. It's annoying and always at the wrong time!
always adding these stupid 10% chances reduce the chance to get all the other much better integrated stuff.
good that it can be skipped, as Metamorph sucks.
Please stop making Tane Octavius spawn automatically. As a hardcore player having him and his stupid pill bottle pop up in the middle of a boss fight is the most frustrating thing ever. Example Dominus fight it got stuck in his shield during second phase so i had to avoid the boss and avoid clicking tanes object.

Yayyy!!! :D
Shagsbeard wrote:
And for the people who don't want to put a lot of money into STASH TABS, what they have to do? Drop items on the ground? Oh, i have an idea, lets BAN all of these peasants who don't want to purchase all of this expensive stash tabs.
We need only rich players who can give us money!
"but it's a free to play game, they have to put all of this stash tabs and super expensive skins" I PREFER TO PAY 60$ TO BUY THIS GAME AND RECEIVE F##ING SPACE FOR ITEMS! Yeah, it's a very cool game, but if u finish it one time with one build, you will have to drop items on the ground because SUPER LIMITED STASH TABS!
Have a nice day!

Answer this one: Why would a company care about people who wont buy their product?

Answer: They don't even care about the people who do buy their product.

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