Path of Exile: Delirium Teasers

What about snipe + 4 skills and spellslinger interaction? Does each skill shoot their own spellslinger or it dont work that way(sorry for bad english)
How the new Favorite Map System Works:-

If anyone's curious as to what level of single map sustainability this would give you, here's a 36 minute video diving into just that topic -
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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"In a patch following the launch of Path of Exile: Delirium, your master missions will be accessible from the map device!"

amazing :D now i can't forget doing them :3 now something that i don't forget to delve xD
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
In a patch following the launch of Path of Exile: Delirium, your master missions will be accessible from the map device!

Holy freakin mind blow crap!
In a patch following the launch of Path of Exile: Delirium, your master missions will be accessible from the map device!


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Is this an out of season aprils fool joke?

Two QoL funktions in one day? What the hell is wrong with ggg? Maybe they all have corona... ;)
ekaye wrote:
Stubby83 wrote:
What about Mirage Archer as the last link? Would the Mirage Archer then also have multiple bow skills. Burning Arrow + Ice Shot + Lighting Arrow + Mirage Archer. Tri-element hits with chance to chill, ignite and shock and repeated by Mirage Archer avatar while you move on to next mob. WIll it work???
It's not clear that Snipe is actually a bow attack, only that it triggers bow attacks, and as far as I see it does nothing itself except trigger the socketed bow attacks. If that's the case, then Snipe can't be supported by Mirage Archer. The other skills probably can, but keep in mind you're limited to one Mirage Archer at a time.

From the wiki on triggers: Active trigger skills will, when their condition is met, trigger an automatic skill to occur. This skill uses no mana and does not interrupt the players other actions. They do not require any supports to function, but any supports linked will apply to the skill.

Linked supports funtion so mirage archer should kick off. The question becomes, can it use all 3 linked bow skills or will it just use one?
There is still master missions ? Good to know... I did 0 last league
vio wrote:
Antigegner wrote:
That sinner tricorn....I dislike it. It is beautiful but I dislike it because it's a sci-fi-warframe-helmet. I loved the very old designs in the early beginnings of PoE when they were more fantasy-middle-ages oriented. The whole armour on that picture - at least for me - has nothing to do with PoE. It looks like an Alien with high-tech weapons crash landed in PoE.

But I'm happy for people who love this total over the top fantasy stuff...for me it's bullshit.

also loved the old gritty and nasty stuff designers initially made more

if i could i would remove
- console stuff with huuge immobile bosses spawning in corners
- fantasy fairy stuff with angel wings
- clown mtx for german karneval archetypes and wolpertingers for ... (what?)
- ... scifi stuff

poe became a game where every genre has found a niche to grow.

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Beacon of madness boots are on a whole new level of trash. No life and tiny res for a buff that gives you very weak buff and penalizes you in several very harsh ways. I guess veil of the night helm has a buddy now in the bottom of the unique pile.
Lab is 0 fun. Free the ascension points from lab

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