3.9.3 Patch Notes

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SandallE wrote:
neohongkong wrote:
Ajji11 wrote:
Ugh, saw a great trade deal, so quickly launched POE only to be met with updating...Thanks this will take me 20 minutes to finish.

Please do something about the slow patches. It literally makes me want to uninstall this game.

Like quit Steam and use standalone launcher?

For me, Steam only had a ~200Mb download for 3.9.3 while standalone had a 400Mb + stealth 100Mb later. :shrug:

Yes, there is stealth download but way faster in tern of patching compare to Steam. Despite download speed portion (size over time) part is the same, Steam quite often have a larger file
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quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"
Bought them both :( I'm addicted...
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i got a bitch....why the hell is it so important to add all these patches for the next version, when you do not fix the issues in the game. the login sucks taking up to 20 mins just to dc. always a log in error. anytime there's a morph in the game it lags out 2-8 sec's to die, getting very tired of loosing my exp to a lag deaths, you do not work for the exp I DO so stop taking it... while running just about any map theres gliches that shut the game off completely ..In my opinion screw the new crap and fix whats here

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