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iLL3aT wrote:

poedb seems down right now, but I was using 84 (for T1 minion damage) uninfluenced convoking wands as a base. You need four fossils not three unfortunately, corroded, metallic, shuddering, and jagged. This combination blocks out everything but spell damage, minion damage, +1 minion, and +1 spell, with spell damage being the most common.

About 10% of the time, you should hit +1/+1, with the jackpot being a high minion damage % as a prefix as well. I'd recommend the app, Path of Crafting. Put the four fossils in, and you can kind of see how common it is to hit +1/+1 - it is pretty fun just to play with as well.

I only hit has high as 39% minion damage self crafting, so I actually bought all of my convokings - others were luckier than I was. If the prefixes are good and there is an open suffix, then you can metacraft (aka burn all your currency) to try to get a GG wand.

ouch 10%? those resonators are sooo expensive. I think I'd better figure out how to farm currency more efficiently before I dive into something like this (next league). I used a lower Ilvl because I was just focused on getting the +1/+1 and it removes a lot of undesirable mods, it leaves 4 prefixes iirc, +chaos gems and +minion gems as one, +spell, ES, and some other I forgot.

I don't have a good phone to use that app :\ else I would. but I really wanna try that lol.
Tabaxus wrote:
Stupid question, but something that keeps me constantly vexxed when I try to aply with skels--how do you keep them from despawning as you run off screen??

Not much you can do with that, I usually just summon a new set in front of me while mapping - it speeds up clear as well.

supafiya1989 wrote:
ouch 10%? those resonators are sooo expensive. I think I'd better figure out how to farm currency more efficiently before I dive into something like this (next league). I used a lower Ilvl because I was just focused on getting the +1/+1 and it removes a lot of undesirable mods, it leaves 4 prefixes iirc, +chaos gems and +minion gems as one, +spell, ES, and some other I forgot.

I don't have a good phone to use that app :\ else I would. but I really wanna try that lol.

Yeah it is not cheap for sure. You probably need like ten exalts or more before you try since you might be unlucky and just waste all of your currency.

A build like this pretty much prints currency though, being fast and cheap to start with. I just killed a ton of conquerors and Sirus(es) - the dropped gems and orbs provided a nice stream of starting income.
3.15 ❆ Cold Skeletons guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2774965
I want to leaguestart this. But I also want to try the new Animate Weapon. I think Skellies and Animate Weapon gems can basically just be swapped, all the rest of the build is still good to go. Might even be profitable to remove one of the support gems, and have both animate weapon and skellies in the main 6 link.

Just need to find a way to fit a bladefall gem somewhere to tackle harder bosses.

What do you think ?
Why not take Charisma instead of Inlufence and use Skitterbots paired with lab enchant for Hatred? Its more dmg that way
You have a much more straightforward way to do that (ugh lab enchant) and still gain a good amount of dps:
-Remove frostbite and blasphemy (You already have -95% cold resist)
-Put Skitterbots + bonechill instead (It's +36% damage taken)
-Remove Influence, take Sovereignty (or keep Influence if you think you have enough unreserved mana, you can still cast skeletons with it)

Basically that:

Dps goes from 6 893 191 to 8 104 553 (+17.5% more damage) with just the above (and it's even better against curse immune monsters). Zero investment, just gem swapping. The enchantment is even cheaper.

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Holy crap man! I thought I was the only one who used this setup.

I've been playing since synthesis, and basically only minion builds since then. In 3.8 I started using 4G triad grip with my skellies, and in 3.9 started using leash of oblation. It got me my first uber elder kill with only 2 deaths. Reached something like ~12.5 million shaper DPS and was really happy with that. Thought it was so broken that I was thinking of writing my own build... Only to find that someone else has done it way better than I ever could. The gear that I got that I thought was super good, turns out to be what you call "budget" items.

Anyway, I was wondering why you don't give your AG Eye of Malice. If you're stacking negative res, it gives a lot of increased damage.

Great build, definitely saved!
@Vulgarny - Definitely an idea with merit. I played around with my current PoB, and charisma, the hatred enchant, moving sovereignty to move down the left side for max reduced mana reservation (one small life node removed), and replaced carrion golem with skitterbots. Plugging in the shock at 19% (level 31 skitterbots), the damage is 8.1m/skellie, compared to my base (with new wand) at 7.7m.

A good suggestion, but not for me since that would involve me hitting level 100 (unless I sacrifice more life), which unfortunately due to stupid work hours the last two weeks, will not happen. I would also have to buy and craft another helmet (three elder 86 bones on the market right now for 7, 8, 15 ex including offlines)I will credit you and add this to alternative setups next update (Sunday maybe?).

@Keyen - Thanks for the comment! How did you come up with the 36% shock? Base skitterbots is a 15% increased damage taken, and levels increase this by 30% at level 31 skitterbots to 19.5%, but I believe the game rounds down. Bonechill helps the effects of the chill (super useful on bosses), but I do not believe it increases the shock.

@wazzupdj - thanks for the kind words! That is a lot of necromancers that you have, and I like your defensive approach to the tree (soul of steel, bloodless).

I think the best upgrade for you would be to swap the amulet out for a +1 int gems one. Unless I'm calculating wrong, your skellies are at level 29, so one off from the extra skeleton threshold (level 30). The level itself gives 10% skellie damage on top as well. I'm all for hatred stacking, but 15% is about ~4%ish compared to the 10% + extra skellie.

The way I read eye of malice was that it was for super range/offscreen builds, since "nearby (no distance given, but judging by GGG, probably 40-60 units)" enemies have +50 res. I also believe exposure does not stack, and we already have one from frost bomb. Not 100% sure on this one.
3.15 ❆ Cold Skeletons guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2774965
I put 36% by simplification, but Skitterbots-bonechill does two things:
-First, a shock a 15% with 26% increased shock effect -> 18.9% increased damage taken
-Second, bonechill has this effect you may have missed : "Enemies Chilled by Supported Skills have Cold Damage taken increased by Chill Effect". That means that since SB has a 10% chill effect with 26% + 44% increased chill effect, it increase cold damage taken (the same thing in the end for us than shock) by 17%
-So, both combined increase all cold damage taken by 36%, hence why I put the shock value at this amount. But yeah, it's maybe 35% if it's always rounded down.
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Nice Build!

Does anyone one have a set of wands they can sell me?
@Ill3at thanks for the reply man. I kept the jinxed juju basically for the extra defense (basically -10% damage taken from hits was big to me), with the aura and curse effect being essentially a consolation prize. I basically focused on going defense first since I don't trust myself to not die all the time.

Summon skitterbots with bonechill does basically two things:
-Increases the amount of chill done by skitterbots (basically only QoL)
-Increases cold damage taken by chill amount
so the higher minion level + bonechill support + aura effect (probably) can stack the chill to approx. 15% to 20%, which then turns into +15-20% increased cold damage taken. Stack this on top of the increased damage taken (of all types) from the shock skitterbot, and it easily gives over 30% increased damage taken.

As for the eye of malice, the item is worded super, super poorly. It doesn't give +50% to fire and cold resistance, it gives 50% INCREASED fire and cold resistance. If the enemy has 50% cold res, it jumps to 75%, 10% to 15% and so on. The idea is that this also increases negative resistances, so if the enemy has -20% cold resistance, it gets turned into -30% cold resistance. With the -9% cold res from the helmet, -50% from EE, and -25% from exposure, you can already push shaper's cold res from +60% to -24% cold res, with maybe another -26% res from curses (with shaper's/elder's 66% less curse effect accounted for) getting you to a total of -50% res on the shaper/elder. eye of malice would push this down to -75% res, which is a ~16.6% damage increased.

The damage increase gets proportionally bigger the more negative res you stack, and since you stack a whole lot of it, it definitely adds up. The exposure doesn't stack, but it's a nice QoL to have -10% res on enemies while your frost bomb hasn't applied yet. I know you lose a lot of AG survivability by giving up mask of the stitched demon, but there are other ways to make up for that, namely:

-Fortress covenant (+12 attack block/+12 spell block) boosts block chance for both from 37% to 49%, which makes your minions on average take 20% less damage. Factor into that the fact that bone offering gives over 800 health on block and your minions are extremely defensive. A good roll also gives 45% increased minion damage which is very nice.
-Anoint Decay ward. This gives another +10 attack block/+10 spell block, with an additional +2% of life on block. With an AG possibly reaching over 100k health, this means 2k life gained on block on top of the bone offering life, with 59% block/spell block (if you also run Fortress Covenant). This is probably overkill, but there is no way in hell that guy will go down.
-Swap out Carrion Golem for meat shield. Makes your AG take 26% less damage as well as sticking by you religiously, ensuring you are in the garb and kingmaker aura almost constantly. In this case I would recommend not fully linking your helmet, so your zombies are aggressive and your AG defensive as opposed to both being neither.

Last point: You can put Frostbite on a CoH setup, or even get a ring with a "curse enemies with level 8 Frostbite on hit". Lose a little bit of damage, but saves reserved mana and gem sockets you can use elsewhere (if you go the ring option).

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