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iLL3aT wrote:
I suspect warrior DPS (phys) is pretty similar to last league where it was still a very good build. Cold...not so sure (look how they murdered my boi)

Physical Skellies POB: https://pastebin.com/aY1XgFwX

They had a nice boost from 3.15. Currently running 931k per skelly and 3.15 was about 822k.
Add in Divergent multistrike and set Pride to max effect and your at 1.6m per skelly. More than enough to get the job done.
spectres: 2x carnage chief, 1x host chief, 1 ravaged dude (proximity shield)

I messed around to see if I could get a build based on phys skeleton to work with Chaos and was reasonably successful. We get about 2.5M Sirus DPS per skelly, which isn't bad. 12 skellies of course, so it adds up. It's pretty expensive to run this build. Getting quad-white Triads is annoying, and the chest and clusters are a pain. But otherwise, this is a straight-forward build.

It's squishy (5k life), but determ + decent armor pieces gets us to 32k armor. We're not going to do 100% deli content with this build, but it puts down bosses OK.

Here's a POB: https://pastebin.com/r2qVWcsB

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