What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

loved the decisions to either fight metamorphs or level up.

hated myself for always going for the wrong choice.

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
nice, lets go!
26 days at least to go and what's happening in between this period is exactly what was happening the last and the last and the last league.

Nearly a month without any event or any purpose to compete and play the game. I saw what most popular PoE streamers were streaming this Sunday (hint: it wasn't PoE).

If things remain as they are 20-50 player slot private leagues shouldn't cost anything to host because the amount of players playing on the servers is much lower. It doesn't cost GGG anything to implement this.

Metamorph should remain within the core game. Thanks to it so many more RIP's were happening through the league which is essential for competition. The loot needs to be nerfed to compensate for whatever else will be coming and dropping loot.

Whatever they do I hope it finally improves this state of limbo the game finds each league. Big portion of the community loves to compete and win things in the process which is quite normal and understandable.

Would be perfect
Morgath wrote:
Will there be new core supporter packs as well?

We will get 2 new League packs, new Core packs are released at the end of the year when big expansion like Conquerors land.
Is that picture on the wall some kind of hint? Maybe the return of the Perandus family.
Da pog
Morgath wrote:
Will there be new core supporter packs as well?

Probably not til next year as usual
TauOrigin wrote:
Waiting for leek info

The leek is a vegetable, a cultivar of Allium ampeloprasum, the broadleaf wild leek. The edible part of the plant is a bundle of leaf sheaths that is sometimes erroneously called a stem or stalk. The genus Allium also contains the onion, garlic, shallot, scallion, chive, and Chinese onion.

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