Community Creator Interview - DerroK

Very cool article. Also fix the bug waypoint cant rotate or flip please, its been for a while.
Very nice interview, I'd definitely love to see these lanterns too, and thank you for the shout-out ! :))

Edit : Day/Night toggle would be so nice too !
My hideout thread :
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nice read & thanks for the shout out!
check out my hideout templates at
Thanks everyone! I am really very pleased to read comments! - Hideouts
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Its high time to improve Hideouts. Most of us play Path of Hideouts and are avid fans of creating hideouts but are constrained by deco reputations. Most of us newer players can barely buy enough decorations for a full hideout creation.

Please let us have fun with our hideouts as its one of the way we escape from the burned out of playing PoE.
cool interview, thanks for your HO Derrok :)
As some guy on reddit sad, - "This guy is Bob Ross in world of poehideouts".

Thank you for a great job!
Поэтому просто кастую волну осуждения с сапортом на конверт физы в навоз.(c) Kondit
затем игра останавливается на пару секунд и пишет воскресенье в городе (с)gachiBoeing
core loop, как можно понять из описания - основная петля (с)StayAllone
inspiring. good stuff.
As always, he forgot to bash the 10USD for a single decoration prices... Ho decorations almost always have 1000+ items in there, who the sane person can spend 10usd for a single decoration?

1. We must assume we need to use bought items, so 50decoration would be okay number if the hideout has 1000+ items in there... So why ggg charges 500usd is beyond logic and reason.

If we must support ggg then we must buy items. Look at point 1.

You can buy solid steam games library for such price.

I have ice block wall. Its a single decoration, nice thing "I can UsE it".. lol.. I would need at least 50 walls to make something out of them... Or maybe 10 to make something lame and crappy.
It should return 80% of an MTX's current cost as points that can then be spent as I wish... not tossing something in and getting one of a thousand random results...
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Just wanted to add that I'm a big fan of DerroK's work. Thanks for sharing your hideouts with us!

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