Celebrating Seven Years Since Open Beta

Thank you GGG for many thousands of hours of fun, but also frustration and grief, that I was able to spend in Path of Exile. The best ARPG on the market ever since its launch.

I wish you GGG that you keep your spirit high and muses plentiful to continue improving and expanding Path of Exile and making its sequel as big of a leap as this community hopes it will be.
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its 2020 and im still watching Baker stream^_^

shameless bump https://www.twitch.tv/baker
Who Are We? Where do we come from?
This game took my life away, and I don't regret it for a second.
On a serious note, thank you for staying true to your core values and being the shining gem of a development studio.

Keep going strong Exiles
definetly my favorite game ever since diablo 2 :D

god job GGG, love you guys.
Best game I played, and I played so much different stuff the last 30 years. Keep it up... and I will too.
You mean "Celebrating 7 years of open beta"
It has been a wonderful seven years, thank you! I hope that no less awaits us ahead.
IGN Odminko, Orlangoor.
Good times, appreciate the celebration!
Absolutely fantastic!
oh wow, my account was created Dec 04 2011. Can't believe its over 8 years i have been playing this game.

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