The Morbid Hideout

Synthesis Nexus Hideout when?
boyandroid wrote:
Synthesis Nexus Hideout when?

✰CARD✰ The Survivalist
On the toilet is the best time to read the forum.
it's as morbid as the marketing "team" using this layouts from game to cash out instantly..

one day...
Turning players into payers. Anti NPC-Echo chamber.

"I never say anything to provoke, but I do provoke to say something."

The same people laughing at the dead horse for W3 reforged mysteriously ignores that every new league TGGG releases is a W3 reforged.
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We the Piety now exile.
Too small. Again.
Waiting for Synthesis Hideout and Primordial Blocks Hideout!
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cgexile wrote:
boyandroid wrote:
Synthesis Nexus Hideout when?


How about some new hideouts we can actually farm for huh?
Unban my 15k+ hours account Chris, I gave u 500$ for mtxs dood. If not just transfer them to this one ploxaroni. 4Head
Spacious new outdoor hideout would be nice to see. Lighthouse with climbable stairs or some act 9 goodness perhaps.

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