[3.10] Pure physical Barrage/Rain of Arrows Deadeye boss destroyer (6M DPS)

bloodytusks wrote:
Although this is futile against any unwavering mobs.. right?
Unwavering if I remember is "cannot be stunned, cannot be taunted".

There is a different map mod that I think goes "chance to avoid blind, bleed and poison" and that one will lower your chance to apply any of these 3.
Hi. First of all, sorry for a bit late reply.

bloodytusks wrote:

Question How are you evasion capped and I'm not??? I have more %inc evasion than you. I also have more flat evasion on my gear than you?? But I'm @55% ?!
- What am I missing??

According to your PoB (I'm not sure if it's updated to current state) we are at almost same evasion rating/evade chance. The difference is really tiny (about 1-2% with either Blind on/off).

bloodytusks wrote:

I do but it's only 10% chance to blind on critical strike(claws of hawk). Not nearly enough to depend on, especially with super juice maps... Was hoping to have a more solid approach. Any other options?

This is fair point. I would say it's actually more reliable, simply because more monsters on map should result in potentially more critical strikes, but that's still not enough as you've said.

bloodytusks wrote:

I could upgrade to my stygian, get an abyss with %chance to blind and also get some better gloves with chance to blind on hit. Although this is futile against any unwavering mobs.. right?

Yes, you could do it, but honestly... I would say it's not worth it. The thing is that evasion is a really bad defensive mechanic. That's why Ranger is in tough spot when it comes to defence. Personally, I treat it as a bonus to defence rather than something I could rely in the long run. If you look for more defence on your char then I would really recommend allocating new keystone passive called "Wind Dancer". Maybe I'm exaggerating too much, but as a big fan of Ranger, this is seriously INSANE buff. In fact, you lose 40% of evasion rating (which is almost nothing if we consider evasion's RNG) and you gain 20% more evasion + 20% less damage on hit (refreshing every 4 seconds). 20% less dmg taken should help you taking big hits, often resulting in one shots. In the long run, it doesn't matter if you have 50% or 90% to evade. Most times it will fail you anyway, because there's a lot of attacks coming at you and you will be dead.

Also, if you want even more defensive stats, then you should get annoint on amulet. For example "Crystal Skin" (+1 to all resistances, very cheap) or "Constitution" (a lot of HP, but quite expensive).

To sum up: Evasion is really bad. Your best defensive ability is just to kill everything, before it kills you.

About Unwavering: I agree with everything what Viktranka said.

bloodytusks wrote:

I could run flesh and stone and stay in sand stance ?

Of course you can. If you are able to manage Mana, then I don't see anything wrong with it.
Can someone help viewing the skill tree? I can't import it anywhere.
Necro'ing this thread I guess, but I'm a newbie (76 hours to date in the game) and am reaaaaaly wanting a non-flashy, noChristmastree-Neon-GnomeRainbowBarf Ranger/Deadeye build and this looks great to my untrained eye.


As it's 2 years old (I'm writing this as of mid Aug 2023) now I've no idea how many changes GGG has made to the classes, gems, skill tree, etc.


My question is for anyone in the know, how good is this build still? Can I still do end game content with it? I don't have to be the greatest chart topping leaderboard king, but I do want a build with which I can experience most/all of the content of the game with, even if I get to say a 8 out of 10 on the scale of difficulty if that makes sense.
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