[3.9] Pure physical Barrage/Rain of Arrows Deadeye boss destroyer (4m+ DPS)

*Major update to gear. 4m single target DPS achieved. PoB updated. Added video of T15 clear + Drox lvl 8 fight.
**Another update to gear. PoB updated. Added video of fights with Sirus, Uber Elder and the rest of Conquerors. Also added "Bandits" section and explanation about my choice.

Welcome. After Galvanic arrow turned out to be trash (for me) this league I decided to give a shot to pure physical ranger bow build. I was a bit scared it might be lackluster, especially at the highest possible content, but I was surprised and wrong.

Important note
If you are a new player to PoE, just getting through mid to higher tier maps or you are not familiar with game mechanics, then I would strongly not recommend this build.

If you are quite decent player, but for example you haven't played Deadeye yet, but you would like to face new opportunities, then you may give it a shot.

If you are god-player, familiar with every single game mechanic, Deadeye fangay (just like me), then I would really recommend trying this build.

Let's get into build's pros and cons. It should explain why do I categorize like this.

Pros and cons
+ Boss wrecker
+ Very high single target dps even without high end/crafted gear
+ Possible league starter
+ All map mods available (except physical reflection of course and maybe no leech)
+ Most metamorphs are getting melted with an ease
+ Quite decent map clear speed with Rain of Arrows

- Quite squishy, especially on juicy maps
- Wouldn't consider this build as noob-friendly
- A lot of game mechanics as well as experience as Ranger is required...
- ...otherwise you may die a lot and get frustrated :(

Build idea, tree, gems, gear

Link to PoB: https://pastebin.com/9xCdGQ21

Build idea here is to get as much additional projectiles as possible without losing damage on projectiles (so generally no LMP or GMP for Barrage). Additionally bleeding helps increase our dps output.

Current gear looks like this:

Note to first gear update: Body armour finally changed to Dex's one. It allowed me to change amulet for Aul's Uprising and remove Intelligence from build. With this change, build achieved 4m single target DPS (previously 3,3m).
Note to second gear update: Gloves have been changed. It forced me to get better Stygian Vise to cap resistances. With these changes we are now Intimidating enemies on every hit.

Why Arborix?
Good question. Besides additional projectiles from Arborix it gives us Far Shot and kind of Point Blank buff. We have either one or the other and I found out it scales really good with our DPS as well gives us room to experiment with an Ascendency. More to follow below about that.

Obviously Dying Sun should be used against bosses only, but I'm running it with Rain of Arrows, because I'm too lazy to switch it with Amethyst flask X-d

Try to get Watcher's Eye:

The more mods benefiting you, the better.

*After gear update and adding Aul's Uprising to the build (with free Pride aura), it would be great to grab Precision/Pride one, but this one is quite expensive, but for sure worth it.

Stacking Searching Eye jewels with flat physical dmg is also a great addition to this build.

Gem setup:
Single target: Barrage - (Awakened) Vicious projectiles support - Slower projectiles support - Impale support - (Awakened) Brutality support - Maim support

Clear: Vaal Rain of Arrows - Vicious projectile support - Impale support - Brutality support - Maim support - Concentrated effect support

Additional gems: Blood Rage - Haste - Precision lvl 1 - Summon Ice Golem - Pride

Movement: Dash/Blink Arrow

CWDT: Immortal Call - Cast when damage taken support - Increased duration support - Enfeeble

Here's the trick with an Arborix. We might not have Far Shot everytime, but going for Ricochet or Endless Munition is a waste for a strong Single target DPS in my opinion.

My personal choice was: Tailwind - Rupture - Fast and Deadly - Powerful Precision

Pierce is kind of useless for single target, but that Crit Chance is a juicy one.

My choice was to kill all at first (2 passive points), but later in an end game I decided to get Alira's buff, mostly because I needed to get extra resistances, but crit multi and mana regen is really useful too.

In short, help Alira or take 2 extra passive points if you are "ok" with resistances and got an idea to change passive tree a bit.

There is no leveling PoB. Just aim for getting big nodes from main PoB and you should do fine while leveling. Also use Rain of Arrows and
You will be almost immortal and have no mana issues at low level before getting Soul Raker from claw nodes.

What have I done with this build
Sirus lvl 8 - deathless
All conquerors lvl 8 - deathless
Shaper - deathless
Elder - deathless
Uber Elder - 3 portals left
Delve - currently at 350
36/40 challenges done (would get 40 easily, but I'm slowly quitting the league)
Mastermind lvl 83 - deathless
No Uber Atziri done, because I suck at her and hate fighting against her ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*Simple T16 map clear + 700% max life metamorph (Autistic music taste alert, don't hate me plx, ty):

*T15 clear + Drox lvl 8 fight:

*Regular Elder gif:

**Baran, Veritania, Hunter lvl 8 fights:

**Sirus lvl 8 fight (deathless):
Uber Elder >>> Sirus btw

**Uber Elder fight (3 deaths):
Bring him back GGG wtf

* = video made before first major gear update (No Aul's Uprising, Pride etc.)
** = video made before second gear update (No Tombfists, Intimidate on hit etc.)

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hi, can u pm me for more info about this build? ty))
*Major update to gear. 4m single target DPS achieved. PoB updated. Added video of T15 clear + Drox lvl 8 fight.

**Another update to gear. PoB updated. Added video of fights with Sirus, Uber Elder and the rest of Conquerors. Also added "Bandits" section and explanation about my choice.
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