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where are sunprism armour set. TT
I'll pass on the celestial teddy bear bruh.
IGN: NoahsArChen

"Oh awesome, this guy posted his current gear. Let me find him an upgrade!" ~Said no one ever.
The portal is next level
G.G.G. is Awesome!!!
pedobear MTX
Play SSF HC League only.
Already lose count how many time i be slain in SSF HC.
Never argue with Softcore/Poor people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
A Stone Golem walks into a Gym... Do you like my glowing spandex, Exile?
that armour pack is wack
It looks like a teddy bear! <3
League CARRY Thread:
hmm very nice i must say
Thats is actually a unique armour set. Not another plate&chain-mail armour which we already have plenty in the store.
And i think it's cool looking set. With its own geometry and not another "This is a tough arnour, and this is a flashy colored tough armour"
"It looks stupid" - you may say, but you also have dozens of sets in your stashes which you aint using, and which looks kinda the same. And by the same i mean that we have lots of simple armours, skeletons, liches etc.
But this thing here is unique!
I'll take it. Thx GGG.
Oh hell yeah! Been waiting all week for these, they look amazing!

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