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looks nice
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Usually 3D-artists require professional level concept art before bringing designs to life. I'm not sure what's the process when GGG works on MTX.
Is it just something that 3D-artists work "on the side" without any well planned or thought out process?

Darkprism armour set definitely isn't based on a good concept art piece and didn't go through much review before publishing.

Also regarding tools. I'd recommend that GGG adds e.g. Substance Painter, Mari or Quixel Mixer and Megascans to their toolkit for texture painting. Perhaps those are already part of Path of Exile 2 development?

For the team responsible for MTX production, please take a moment to browse e.g. Artstation.

From there you can grasp what level of works professionals usually publish and hopefully you can adopt similar level of quality requirements for GGG.
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