The Furious Hideout is our newest hideout, set in the boss arena of Kaom’s Stronghold. Surrounded by a moat of lava, the hideout offers a great base for red or volcano themed designs. With its Karui carvings featured on the ground and around the lava falls, the hideout also looks great without any additional decorating. To see it in detail you can check out our video below, or purchase it here.

If you are considering doing some redecorating, you could try using some Sin Cathedral Decorations and the Dark Mural Tile Decoration to make a dark altar to some evil god.

Thank you for your support!
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next up, king of blades hideout
Yeah, about that....
That one is realy hot!!
G.G.G. is Awesome!!!
Why not have a portal out to a bigger area so you can actually decorate the place? This is just way too small and seems like a wasted opportunity for a cool tileset.
Mambray wrote:
next up, king of blades hideout

probably Waste Pool - it's even smaller
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18$ ...
Pretty lame, I expect more than just taking an area in the game and being like "here, spend money on stuff we already developed a while ago!"

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You expect more? That's literally what they have done for 90% of the past MTX hideouts.

Corrupted: Atziri
Void: Elder arena
Eclipse: Act 8 Boss arena
Innocence: Act 5 and 10 Avarius/Innocence arena
Indomitable: Act 3 Dominus' Arena
Shaped: Shaper's aren
Towering: Pillar's of Arun tileset

And I'm not even talking about them recycling the theme. They literally recycle the arenas/tileset INCH BY INCH.

And then proceed to charge too much for it.

Ethical F2P I guess, since it's optional. Undeniably low effort content, though.
It seems really small for a hideout. Like maybe 1/3rd the size. If people are going to buy this, how about letting us control the shape and flow (direction and speed) of the lava flow? Then, we can bisect or shape the hideout how we want, fence it off where we want, and even have bridges where we want. Maybe even an option to "attack" NPCs and pets and knock them into the lava--and have an animation like at the end of T2 of them sinking in the lava and then they reappear on the Waystone or back at their fixed location. The player and anyone else in the group that moves into the lava gets the same animation before reappearing! Now that would be a great hideout to have!

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