Winners of the Awakener Kill Event

happy new year and gz all! gj winners and who tried
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rngaddicted wrote:
Smear wrote:
Antigegner wrote:
grats to everyone!

PoEDan79 has - among other lvl 100 chars - a level 100 SSF Metamorph HC char....utmost respect to him or her!

Respect for spending a good chunk of their life inside a video game? That's not healthy for your body or mind. I would imagine his boyfriend gets frustrated with him playing games 24/7.

SC kids seething lmao.

What?? I'm genuinely concerned for people's health.
I am glad that this sort of promoted HC. However I also must say that this SSF really split up the already small HC community even more. HC is really dead, and I pity this. I hope HC will get more popular over time. Congratzulations to the winners!
Well, YaBallsOnYaChin, HC will be more popular when it's not disconnects and lag that kill you 99.999% of the time.
Maestery wrote:
No1 cares about standard players? Eff this...

Congratulations to the winners. To GGG, can you also please add to the post what build and ascendency each of them used because I think there's only 1 common ascendency and build. If we don't see huge nerfs to those, I'd call you bias because I remember after melee league, you nerfed Slayer, Berserker, and Cyclone saying you're not comfortable that too many players were playing those. It has been 2 leagues now that a huge chunk of players are playing the most meta build, and I hope the ladder makes it obvious enough.
Nice grinding everyone. I have the utmost respect for your dedication, but I do kind of agree with (I think it was) the person behind the user name "Smear" who raises a good point: remember to as well experience life outside of Path of Exile. In any case, this is an awesome game with so much replay value etc.

Big thanks to GGG!
And not a SINGLE word of apology to waggle ?

Is GGG not ashamed of having released a broken encounter that people waited out (Darkee had access earlier than his attempt, but he did not want to try it bugged) ?
Is GGG not ashamed of having the first attempted purely failed because of BUGS ?


holy cow this is sad ....

What a ******* joke
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

ShakinGaijin : thread 2612666, Dyadus burning earthquake!RIP :(
[outdated]SweetBreaker : thread 823111 (facebreaker IB witch).
[outdated]Sunder guardian : thread 1831267 [BHC]ripped
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To be fair when waggle logged out he already had 0 charges left on his flask?
@Zizaran ingame
Congratulations, everybody!

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