The Awakener Kill event, arranged with the huge help and support of Zizaran, concluded yesterday. More than a hundred players have defeated Awakener in the hardest Path of Exile mode possible, as well as achieving the other goals of the event. Today we're ready to announce the winners!

Winners of the Awakener Kill Event (cash prize provided by Zizaran)

  • First Awakener Kill ($8000) - Darkee
  • Second Place ($4000) - Havoc6
  • Third Place ($2000) - Gofferi
  • Fourth - Fifteenth Place ($500) - Steelmage, soerensko, guardianj11, rrrrath, Yukozo, Efriko, soul1027, Karvarousku, Oskarmln, Dsfarblarwaggle, takee, PoEDan79
  • First Atziri Kill in the Apex of Sacrifice ($500) - FITEGARR
  • First Uber Atziri Kill ($2000) - powershot615
  • First Shaper Kill ($1000) - PoEDan79
  • First Elder Kill ($500) - Mosh47
  • First Uber Elder Kill ($2000) - Steelmage
  • Deepest Delve (1085 depth, $4000) - PoEDan79

Randomly-drawn Microtransaction Prizes (weighted by the amount of Awakener kills)

  • Coolgav
  • duabaji
  • Efriko
  • EndOfEnds
  • fraggoman
  • gal4214
  • heliumfurz
  • Jasnai
  • Karvarousku
  • kevnbo
  • kriptog
  • Oskarmln
  • PoEDan79
  • pvpnerd
  • Realyn
  • Robotmaxboy
  • sss111
  • willowbreaker
  • XxMrFantomxX
  • Zareuther

Congratulations to the winners! Microtransactions prizes will be distributed very soon. Zizaran will also contact winners to arrange their payments. Thank you to everyone who has challenged their skills by participating in this event. Thank you to Zizaran for providing the idea and amazing prize pool. We're very happy with how this event turned out and are keen to bring more similar events to the community in the future!
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