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I'm trying to create a Elderslayer's hideout after they defeated the Shaper and Elder each having their own throne and Sirus influence creeping up on them.

(Work in progress balcony not finished yet)

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Awesome, already been hard at work on my submission since seeing this post a few hours ago!
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Although not a native English speaker, the only thing I think I can do is writing, so why not write something, huh? At least I could end a very long sequence of not-writing-a-single-line-of-creative-stuff, so I feel like a winner for just breaking this curse!

Not the most talented of writers neither the most creative story, but I had fun doing it, that's what really matters, right?~

So here it is:

They Offer Fusing

There is a rumor in Wraeclast. "Those who seek fusion shall seek those who inhabit the Ledge." They've been called false gods by many, but they're also target to the praise of many more. Erecting from the sands of a ravine, their energy is known to bond the most repellent materials. This rumor has bestowed a hope upon me, and I shall seek those divine presences in order to achieve my greatest accomplishment, the fusing of my gifted hammer. 

People are usually terrorized by the numerous faces depicted in the head of the hammer, so I began covering it with a piece of cloth, since the eyebrow-raising was beginning to bother me. A powerful relic that strikes fear in the hearts of passers-by, my weapon of choice can tremble the earth and decimate the most fearful creatures, but its power peak was not yet reached.

Those who are familiar with the "magic" that runs through Wraeclast are aware of the powers an equipment can have when presented with the forces of gems, but these objects of brawn are also victim to the limitations of the flesh, usually succumbing to the immense amount of power contained in such gems. These gods are known to break these limitations. With their help, I shall conquer power, I shall conquer Wraeclast and beyond. 

Kuduku, Kadaka, I offer you boundless servitude in exchange for power. Bless me with the fusing of my gems, bless me with the power only you can grant.


In a split-second, the hammer erupted in energy, consuming the soul that supplicated to them. This very same hammer was held by others in the past, which had the same fate as the latest owner of such artifact. When materialized again, somewhere else, the hammer presented a new face to it's macabre head, the one it consumed not so long ago; its power raised, and so had its attraction to the eyes of wandering riches-seekers. Very soon, another adventurer would find it, would hear it whispering in their dream about rumored gods that could unite the most repellent materials. Very soon, this very same adventurer would achieve the dream of fusing, for he would fuse himself to the consumer of souls, the last piece of the Trinity of Luck, the God of Bad Luck, Kodoko.
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Come faster to see

Made a quick metal cover of the Metamorph theme, originally by Kamil Orman-Janowski.
Blanktastic wrote:
This time I'll finish in time....

hahaha yeah same!

This is a screen play for a comedy sketch in the vein of Robot Chicken or Family Guy. Animated or Live Action. The sketch consists of a number of scenes, as you will see within.

Feedback is deeply appreciated.

Infinite Gamer I

by Peter Gardner


The closed lid of a black laptop fills the scene. A hand reaches out and opens the laptop.

We draw back from the laptop to a scene of a desk with three monitors, surround sound, and a sweet ass gaming rig underneath.

Two disembodied male voices are speaking. Sounds of POE playing in the background.

(from the right)
Path of Exile, huh? What kind of a game did you say it was again?

(from the left)
Action RPG.

Are you sure?

Yep, it just won Best Action RPG on a prestigious Award Show that I made up for this joke.

A fancy red carpet show opens up on the laptop.



We see an Oscars-type award show red carpet, we’re in a close up two well dressed people talking like Joan Rivers about the event. They are standing in front of a wall of corporate gag logos Starfucks and Lulu Lemon’s Clothes for Thin People (only). Two Stereotypes of Hollywoo Hangers-On types are gushing for the camera.

This Awards Show tonight, the First Annual Achievements in Greatness Awards, is the premiere awards show in the world. Nothing else can stand up to the extravagance and opulence of this event. It’s utterly magnificent in the real (with gravitas) old school meaning of the word. The production values are Super Highbling Ultra Lux. The group of presenters is inclusive list which has some real A-Listers on it. It almost puts the list of possible winners to shame, but not quite. ( STEREOTYPE ONE gives a big full face wink )

Even the goodie bags are Hollywood Legend with the highest total value in terms of Sellable Item per Bag for sixty years running.. The PA Guild gives them two thumbsup. I heard this PA from last year got two “by mistake” and he sold them. With the earnings he bought a used car and he drove home to his family farm in Indiana to “rest and recuperate” and “get the stench of Hollywoo out of his hair.” When he got home to the farm, he texted his entire phone book, it just said “Arivaderci, Bitches!”

Oh yeah, I heard from that guy, He got a dog. He seems happy. With no further Non-Sequiters here’s a clip from the Next Game on our Game of the Year List



We see several Exiles standing around the Stash.

I think I’ve figured out what kind of game POE really is.

Oh yeah?

It’s an Inventory Sorting Game.

The sound of an explosion plays in the background.



Two Stereotypes are at the mics

Stereotype One:
That’s right folks POE has won the Game of the Year Award and, in an Awards Night Surprise, has swept the category for Sorting Games Awards..

Stereotype Two:
That’s all for tonight, thanks for watching and play safe! Good night.

Credits roll and a fanfare plays for a moment or two then VOICE TWO interrrupts as the fanfare fades away.

Voice Two
(speaking fast)
Did I tell you that I joined the Awards Show as a Consultant. They are working on a lot of amazing ventures right now. They gave me a company car. It’s a unicorn powered Tesla ((#humblebrag #unicorns4life #unicorns4change #unicorns2charge) with a Fast Flying Fairy in the Super Charger. What else? They do this weird thing where they don’t pretend that the CEO is worth the salaries of 10 or 20 other people and so they were able to hire 15 extra people, like me.

We also started a bowling league and installed our own little four-laner in the office. We have a nightly ritual of champange and blow at the late night company parties. If we make our monthly goals, the company calls in “entertainers”. It’s great for morale but people are starting to comment on the smell in the boardroom.

That all sounds expensive and dangerous!!

And disgusting!

Oh it is! We’re so far over budget we make the Fyre Festival look like a masterclass in foresight but it’s okay, the Award Show only needs to have enough cash on hand to last until the end of the joke.

A ping like a jewel dropping plays in the background.

(Stage directions reminder: Remembering that we’re supposedly watching an awards show on the laptop on a desk.) The laptop closes and we see the cursive word FIN in start glowing white like the Asus or Apple logo in the center of the side facing us.

GL everyone !
I make music, and I'm bad at playing games.
--- I know one guy did the same thing before me, but I didn't like it so I made my own.I know it's just a couple of sounds, but after I did it, the game became 10 times more fun
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Meta(morph) Crafting a GG ammy | Upgraded the character and submitted something for the talent contest, a win win c:

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