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my competition entry

The game I love, art for the talent contest in Path of Exile 2020❤
We never noticed that the fortunetelling cards in Poe are very interesting and varied. So I chose the “Gift of the First” card, such an interesting creature! How do you like it?

work link in inst -
VK link of my work -

-original fortune-telling card
-my art on the map "Gift of the First"
Something a bit different from me this time around.
Not sure if i can upload .gifs here and have them work,but hopefully it'll be fine.
edit: whoa it actually works haha
Hope you all enjoy it!

The Ritual

I've seen some awesome stuff this time around. Good luck to you all
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"Lets go home, Father"

I know this is kinda far from the grim and dire tone of PoE, but when you're so engaged with a game and it's lore, you began to wonder How would be a Happy ending.

Lore changes from time to time to introduce the new characters and mechanics, but for me, and for the last 2 or 3 leagues I Wonder how would be if you could save the Shaper and reunite him with Zana, and this is the result.

Just wanted to say to GGG, thanks for such a great game

For the Full image go here:
I'll post the speedpainting of it soon if anyone wants to see it
My art pages
Hey everyone,

for this talent competition I decided to create a piece of jewelry from the game since I work in this domain IRL. Decided to go with ventor's gamble, one of the most iconic item in the game.

There are 2 ways actual jewelry is made: either with metal right away or through a wax model which is then melted in a foundry to create a mold, you then cast whatever metal you want your piece in in this mold.

I went with the wax technique because for large pieces like this one it saves time (working on wax is way faster than on metal) and metal (starting with a large cube that you drill/shape etc make you lose quite a lot of metal). I worked with brass to match the color of the ring (I wasn't going to spend thousands to cast it in gold anyway), the only disadvantage is that it oxydizes quite fast and loses its shine a few days after polishing.
The process was fairly straight forward, basically : making the wax model, casting in brass, filing/sanding/polishing, and then a touch of nail polish for the red dots.
It's actually not too heavy as one might think, and it's wearable! Hope you like it !

Here's a link with images retracing how I did it:

A creation of a nordic version of Navali.
This is my first art design related to PoE. I went for a colder theme and tried to implement some original elements from Navali.

Several parts (e.g. the face) are 3D modeled and the remaining parts are hand drawn/designed/composed/calculated within photoshop.

For a better look at the picture, here the Link:

Hi everyone!

As my Talent Competition entry I decided to go with something fun and colorful, so here it is:


Because everyone needs to have a little fun once in a while with friends!

Since the picture itself is pretty big, here is a link so you guys can fully see it:
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Ivory Tower Set + Grand Sanctum Hood Collection

Hello there, ND from Hong Kong again.

For this competition, I'd like to recreate the new armor Ivory Tower. The time and resources I have for this competition are really limited because of the Chinese New Year holiday - but I tried my very best to push this out as close as I can get. Once again, special thanks to SingSing and Kiu for helping me to model the collection and help with the photography.

Clothes & Art Direction : ND (andaerial2)
Makeup Artist & Model : SingSing (kenhoyt)
Photographer : Kiu

Full-sized Styling Shots:


Thanks for watching, hope you guys enjoy the entry!
Good luck Everyone. =D

Album on imgur:


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