Path of Exile Talent Competition

Fossarius wrote:
Hi guys! Here is my entry for the PoE talent challenge. I recreated one of the first quest items you can find in the game: the famous Medicine Chest. Hope you guys like it!

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This is my entry for the challenge. It is Infernal skin fanart. Hope you like it. :)

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Wraeclast map - Fully Painted known locations

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My submission:

Here it is, the second part!


I think im getting better at these, hope you like part two :)
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Water Color Style

Work in progress!


Progress 1

Progress 2

Progress 3

FIRST ENTRY! Trailer for POE! Link below!

YouTube LINK:

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Doing some 3D design work. There are intended to be FDM printed and the mana and health orbs lit up with LEDs. Hope to beat the clock on a build!
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Part 2 of my submission (or second submission, whichever works best ;)

A set of "Hybrid" Spells which scale their damage from the equipped weapons.

link to the reddit post so as not to occupy to much space here
My submission for the Path of Exile Talent Competetion is this time around a personal take on the Timeless Templar Emblem, in the shape and form of a fancy bag hanger. Who says a Templar can't be stylish while crusading? ;)

The emblem and the beads are made out of FIMO clay, while the Templar insignia itself is a colored piece of cardboard, which was sealed onto the emblem (after sanding) with gloss varnish.

As always, fullsize images can be found here and here.



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My hideout showcase thread:
My fanworks thread:
My second submission! A concept for the Path Of Exile 2 soundtrack. Enjoy!
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