[3.9] Metamorph N1koee's Dual Voidbattery Electric Shatter's 2 screens 1 spell [Videos]

Welcome fullbuild clear :

This build can be easily started with 5 to 10 ex but when u start to min max it, theres place for upgrades forever :D
Budget version available

We link orb of storms to our The tempest helm to get free 6 link to it and gain frenzy charges there, we do herald of ice 3 link with AOE and increased crit to make herald explosion clear all packs nearby, we use storm brand for killing big rare monsters if they dont already died to our orb of storm + chest explosion

im currently lvl 84, will update boss killing videos after i get some level


https://streamable.com/dma5q 84 lvl awakened 6 sirus kill
https://streamable.com/lbv5r No HH lvl 84 clearing t13map
https://streamable.com/qzf77 HH lvl 84 clearing t15 map
https://streamable.com/sxcps Elder

Gear u should be looking for
this order
- 2x void battery
- the tempest's binding
- assasins mark ring + u can fit there anything
- explode chest, rare is obviously better than inpulsa but inpulsa will make also ur clear significantly better.
-Glorious Vanity jewel, Doryani one and place it down from minion instability to get 20% of ur max hp as extra energyshield.
- unnatural instinct (set it top of witch, next to power charge)
-Badge of the brotherhood amulet ( ur just fine with crit multi, life res amulet)

Void batteries was 180c each, inpulsa's broken heart 6c, tempest's binding 30c and there is ur main setup.

My Gear

People asked me about budget gear and there is some items and clear with the gear including 5 link inpulsa and other rare items instead of my gear.
CLEARING VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsDniBgAiO0&feature=youtu.be

Budget gear

had to use that amulet just for dex. nothing else. (first who pm's me gets 5l inpulsa and tempest's binding)

Path of building

U can ask me anything about the build, ingame name : viimenehomouuniin
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do u generate frenzys through a node from the timeless jewel?
@Tobinator Ice bite support from my helmet, which supports my orb of storms and my amulet gives me equal frenzy charges as i have powercharges.
this thing melts XXXD
ok theres now item thingies
i see your build says mark of the shaper and assassin mark on hit ring but youre not really gaining much from the mark of the shaper since assassins mark rings are shaper rings too. I know your ring is crazy expensive so im trying to see anout other options
Hello! Are you willing to put up a budget version of this build? I'm afraid hte badge of the brotherhood price is what it seems like it will kill people T__T
@drigorin lul you just need rare amulet with life and crit and u are good to go, that amulet just gives us little amount of damage from power charges and 6-7 extra frenzies. its powerful yes but totaly doable with rare amulet
, i will upload videos where im using just legit rare gear with voidbatteries

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@drigorin there is budget gear version, feel free to watch the video

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