Hideout Showcase

venroh wrote:
Hello, does anyone know the song that plays during this video?

It's the Act 6 Lioneye's Watch theme - https://youtu.be/LEMJ5M1gc1Y
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.

Path of Exile Version 0.7.0: Completely rebalanced everything[/quote] BEST PATCHNOTES EVER!! :D
GGG Thank you very much for listening to feedback regarding the hideout changes and doodads not loading properly. It means a great deal to us that you care and are looking into these issues.

Exile009 wrote:
venroh wrote:
Hello, does anyone know the song that plays during this video?

It's the Act 6 Lioneye's Watch theme - https://youtu.be/LEMJ5M1gc1Y

Thanks. Guess I should play with the music on sometime :p
Surely these hideouts all look nice,
But we've asked you each more than twice,
Our maps are still missing,
More players are hissing,
The Map Tab's just broke,
Bug testing's a joke,
All the pretty effects you offer,
Fix PoE if you want in my coffer!
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Good thing importing them is basically impossible.

How it should but absolutely doesn't work:

Click import.
Select file.
Get dialog about purchasing missing decorations.
Click ok.
Enjoy hideout.

How it actually works:

Click import.
Select file.
Get tons of missing decoration warnings.
Google tons of half way functional third party pages.
Spend 3 hours and a wrist sprain buying all the needed decorations.
Click ok.
Hideout reverts to old version the next time you log in.
Abandon tileset entirely.
Try to forget.

P.S. Seconding the favor issue. I have 6000+ hours in this game. Still not enough favor for some of this crap.
If you like anything I've said in a passionate tone or via a wall of text, please find me in game. I could use some like minded people on my friend list, if not in my guild. Thanks. Edit: I turned off reply notifications. My sanity demands it.
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GGG, you know what would be super cool? Lowering the cost of decorations, so that the average player doesn't have to play for FOUR YEARS straight to be able to afford these cool hideouts that these talented creators make. Have you even looked at hideoutshowcase? They can easily reach 10-30+ MILLION favour. I've been playing for years and still only have around 8 million. And what if I want more than one hideout layout? Guess I'll grind non stop for another FOUR YEARS. Or....if you want to make some money, perhaps sell all decorations in the shop.
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ayyy this is nice!
The pirate ship one is definitely the most memorable, but the celestial well is the one I would actually want to use
Owl Like
Few are nice. But most of these look unfinished or simplistic.

I am calling ggg out here for only highlighting one tileset that was made with absolutly no effort on the art team.

It is completly underhanded and immoral to push this overpriced skybox highlighting the few ones done.

Shame on you.

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