Hideout Showcase

The level of creativity is absolutely breathtaking!
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lupasvasile wrote:

Also, how the fuck do you level Jun to level 7? I know you have to kill Syndicate, but holy hell is it tedious.

Level Jun is way much easier than level Alva. At least for me.
@ Natalia_GGG

Blown away by the hideouts.

But we are still waiting for the "Developers React" Series.

Reacting to community creations, content, builds and RIPs.
Diggity Daaaang!
Please consider having a hideout sharing tab where you can download and share hideouts! It would be an immensely great feature for those that want a nice hideout and it would give many ideas to everyone.
awesome work guys!
so much cash burned
Simply incredible!
I really wish it was easier to level up the masters, Alva for example is the most tedious experience I've ever had in a game, absolutely stupid as hell, Jun too. Why make them SO hard?
I have to spam them every league and still find it so hard to progress with them. God damn it, i just want a hideout, I dont want so spend another hundred hours on finding stupid Alva rooms and Jun encounters which by the way , since 3.8 for me , still drop the performance really badly in any map for some reason.
Amazing, I love these!

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