Get the Purple Smoking Hood and Purple Eyes Free With Twitch Prime!

Thank you, GGG! They're awesome!

I love the purple and claimed it through Twitch Prime, but it's not showing up in game for me. The previous rewards of the holy eyes and neat portal are there, but the brand new ones aren't.

The previous one was going through Amazon's website, so perhaps should've done it that way again? This time, I clicked the link in your post and just did it through Twitch directly.

Yes, I keep logging out and back in to see if it's updated. I want my purple eyes. /sad face
shout out to Orion <3
Pardon me for saying....but holy hell pimping for Twich? Come on Man.
I claimed this about 7 hours ago and have yet to receive it. I've claimed a few Twitch bundles in the past and didn't have any issues.
so the advantage of twitch prime, beside some chat bling, is you get to play other games cheaper and you get some paytowin shit in other games, a principle so hated by ggg that they never ever wanted it?

makes no sense to me to promote something that drives players away to other games but i'm not in marketing either.
the 2020 more positive version
claimed it a few hours ago and still haven't received it :S
TauOrigin wrote:

Reminds me of my "but its free"-MTX experiments back in Bestiary league.

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FramFramson wrote:
So far this week: Two MTX announcements and one micropatch non-announcement.

Almost a month-long break and they just throw another "BUY MORE THINGS" while dangling patch notes we can't read in front of us.

I'm glad they communicated that they plan to give notes, but I was done with the league prior to them...and this renewed interest is turning out to be a mistake it seems.

Edit2: Funny how I get DC'd minutes after making this post an lose my zana map....meanwhile literally every streamer I put on is doing just fine. (Not whining about streamers; merely pointing out the inconsistency.)

Edit3: I got in, got into my hideout and typed "gonna DC me again?" and got DC'd immediately. Guess I also said something about not liking criticism...
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THX ^.^
G.G.G. is AwEsOmE
got it all after 5 hours, just wait and don't panic
Purple ExileCon Bundle Jan 8, 2020, 12:02:07 PM SUCCESS
Divine ExileCon Bundle Jan 7, 2020, 7:55:42 PM SUCCESS

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