Get the Purple Smoking Hood and Purple Eyes Free With Twitch Prime!

the color is interesting.

Sarcasm is not good.
Be patient as it took over 30 minutes to award the MTX in my inventory after I linked my account an hour ago. When I linked for the Divine bundle it was instantly awarded, however thinking back I did link a few days after the start of the bundle event.

Update: TwitchPrime webpage had issues when I just tried to go back to the webpage about 15 minutes ago, however back up again. Many accounts logging in to link at the same time is causing the delays.
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Nepenthess wrote:
cgheezey wrote:
what if i already have twitch prime? can i still get these micro transactions? or is this offer exclusively for people who are signing up for a free trial?

If you already have Prime, and it's linked to PoE, it's in the same place you claim any promos from games and such.

To give a clear answer: Yes, if you already have linked your PoE account with Prime you can do it again for each of these 3 MTX sets. Divine bundle just ended. Purple bundle is open until February 6th. Elemental Bundle will come out after February 6th for the last bundle of free MTX. "Free" of course is relative.

I also had the same concerns, which caused me to miss out during the past free Prime bundle linking event. I linked my accounts when the Twitch drop helm event happened a while back, and thought that was a 1 time thing with any new events leaving me out. Of course that is not the case. Only need to go to the TwitchPrime page, and sign in if you had previously linked your account. It will do a pop up with successful if all worked on the TwitchPrime page. Shouldn't need to do anything further except wait for the MTX to show up in your inventory.

Update: there is lag rewarding the MTX right now, so be patient. I had to wait around 30 minutes like I mentioned in my previous posting.
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7Rader wrote:
i get it on the site but it dont appear to me in my N

Check you logged into poe website and then click the link accounts button on the twitch prime claim page ( I think that was it, it's blue )
100% Ethical, most of the time.
Flasks finally have an item sound. Thanks for listening :)
TauOrigin wrote:

It's hilarious how obvious it is that whoever made this just took the base texture and cranked up "PURPLE!" to 100, without actually doing any, y'know, actual texture work.

I've done quite a lot of texture work for game meshes, so maybe it stands out more to me. But I don't really think so.

No, this is so blatantly phoned-in that I'd be willing to guess that even someone with zero texture experience can see this was a throwaway job no one gave two shits about.
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would you like to try that one again? 6th month?
What a masterpiece, of shit.
Man, now that I look at it, even the frontpage image is hilariously bad:

It looks like someone took a screenshot of the shadow and then used MS Paint to cut a hood image out from another game entirely, ran a purple filter over the whole thing, and then just pasted it over the shadow's head in the screenshot.
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literal joke, wheres this patch, nobody cares about this ugly mtx
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.

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