Carnival Microtransactions are Now Available in Store - Gore Fireworks Return

they look alright
You tell me to do this
He tells me to do that
You are all bastards
Go fuck your mother
on EU isnt live?
Moonwalker wrote:
on EU isnt live?

ggg is still on vacation
usually the salt starts from page 4 or 5 but page 1 has to be a record
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Lixy wrote:
Everyone in here complaining about their pet issue, I'm just wondering why an announcement that the Carnival Microtransactions being in the store isn't accompanied by the Carnival Microtransactions actually being in the store.

Was this posted early?

I thought the same at first but scroll to the very bottom. They're there.
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I'd rather see the fireworks be permanent, not consumable. Even if it requires a price raise.
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GGG your not offering the duplicate portals that also come from the box if you combine the extras?
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adds more shit to buy,,, cant fix the shit wrong with the game.. logical
Where are the cool lawn gnome looking guys???


Edit: they got added 1/10, thank you!
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Again no combined MTX in shop? Why?
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