Carnival Microtransactions are Now Available in Store - Gore Fireworks Return

The items are not in the shop. Also, working with maps is awful, did not anyone noticed how bad is it when developing the Conquerors??
Screw MTX items!
WE NEED PATCH! Sirus lagging, legion drops from the game, ETC
Fix map stash in standard mode instead.
Tudo feio flw
No no NO! Repeat after me children. We don't want a game that is playable, we want more MTX more MTX MORE MTX!

Screw the damn game, we wanna look spiffy!
No Tencent crap, patch game and update stash tabs!
with only fireworks could fix my game

20 days btw

I wanted to buy your orion sup pack. But since your priorities do not lie in the game I will do anything else with that money instead of giving it to you.

I hope you know that you lost so much trust throught the playerbase. But since you did not make an aproproate post, not even one, you couldnt show us anymore that you do not care.

Also this isnt the first failed attempt on releasing a major update befor going into vacation mode. You showed to us even more that you are to proud or stubbern to learn from your mistakes and or that you only care for the first hype buyer mtx wave.

I dont think that your vacation was wrong or not deserved. You sure deserve a lot freetime. But goddamit you could at least give us some info on what you are working when you are releasing a patch and what it tries to fix.

Also you should shut your own forum and redirect us to reddit if you dont care for it anymore. Have you even read one of the comments in the bug or feedbackforum? Not even a "sorry to hear that. We are working on it" reply. That would have been enough to calm down a lot of people. But yet again it seems we are way beneath your feet to make us feel wanted in your community or your own forum.

This league could have been great. But my frzstration turns into even more rage day by day and turns into such a point I dont even want to play this game ever again as long as you behave as a dev/publisher as you do right now.

shouldn't the back attachments be on sale together with the other ones for the back attachment weekend sale?
PoE Item Info tooltip script - reveal detailed affix breakdown for any rare or unique! | IGN: Sadou
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bug fixes when?

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