[3.11] PoE Academy's Bugatti Claw Impale Flicker Strike (BF/Cyc) Berserker - Facetank Anything

So I re-rolled my chieftan and spent about 3-5ex on gear to test this build.

Really good trash clear, but certain rare mobs, bosses and t16 metamorphs can be trouble. The biggest problem is when you are fighting a single target, flicker strike just stops at a bad time and then you get hit by a big damage attack while you have no leech/defence.

Would +1 to minimum frenzy charges craft help this at all? At the moment it feels kinda RNG whether you live or die.
Hi. If i use cyclone does i need the red trail boots? if not what should i use? Kaom's or some unique or rare? If rare what affix i should looking for?

Sorry for my bad english
@mattrxcool The craft does not help at all, unfortunately. You could try a rare chest with frenzy on hit.

@insangel0001 I'd say rare boots with 35% movement speed, tailwind and elusive would be BIS but you can really take any boots you like as long as they have movement speed.
Is there any chance you are going to update this build to 3.10?

Thanks =)
I will do, but not right as I'm busy with the league start. Maybe in a week or so. :)
Build is updated to 3.10.
How viable would this build be with headhunter instead of the Soul Tether?
I'd say very viable, but you might suffer from epilepsy after playing for a minute :D
Expensive trade links whennn?
Any advices on what to upgrade next (besides watchers eye/auls)?
Working on helm right now, with the 9% phys dmg, but is there any improvments i could do that are below 15ex?

POB link https://pastebin.com/hLLsX94f
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