[3.11] PoE Academy's Bugatti Claw Impale Flicker Strike (BF/Cyc) Berserker - Facetank Anything

Hey Exiles,

PoE Academy here with a short written guide for a build I had a lot of fun with! I mainly used it for mapping and bossing in T16 maps in Metamorph Softcore. As of 3.10, nothing really has changed and the build is still viable! Playstyle:


If you don't want to read through everything by yourself, watch the extensive video guide with gameplay and a leveling section:


Jan20: Added the Blade Flurry and Flicker Strike Setup, added 'What others say about this build' section, added a GG PoB for those who want to spend 100+Ex on this build
March20: Added 3.10 PoB
April20: Added the video guide banner
July20: Added 3.11 PoB (quite buffed compared to 3.10)

Pro's & con's

+ Damage is very good
+ A lot of scaling options
+ Clear speed is godlike
+ Very Versatile

- Damage feels poor with bad gear
- Rage mechanic takes some time to ramp up
- Random 1-shots can happen (Bye, hardcore)

What others say about this build

This build is pretty fun, if you really ball out and dump some currency into it.. its nutty.

Im trying this build and it feels really good for mapping.

Blackie Majesty (YT):
soo im running this build now :) its one of my favorite moves so far, i am gathering more money to get the fur's ..



3.9 - Regular version (including leveling trees): https://pastebin.com/FcuKq0RV

3.9 - Absolute min-maxed GG PoB for those who want to throw 100+Ex at the build: https://pastebin.com/P5zHPi2z

3.10 - https://pastebin.com/mUKC010q

3.11 - https://pastebin.com/DSr34hd1


I go over every mechanic used in this build in detail in my YouTube video, so you might want to check it out! (https://youtu.be/wS2zWwqz3Es)

My Current Gear



Here are all the links I'm using in order of importance:


Body Armour 6-link: Flicker Strike - Multistrike - Melee Splash - Fortify - Impale - Melee Physical Damage

Auras: Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone - Maim, Herald of Ash, Dread Banner, Precision

CWDT: CWDT - Ice Golem - Enfeeble (lvl 8)

Movement: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks

Utility: Ancestral Warchief - Culling Strike, Frenzy, Blood Rage

Tree / Ascendancies / Pantheon / Bandits

This is the final tree in 3.9 (look at current PoB!):

For Ascendancies we go
1. Crave of the Slaughter
2. Rite of Ruin
3. Flawless Savagery
4. Aspect of Carnage or Blitz, if you are too squishy

We take Soul of Solaris and Soul of Shakari (don't forget the upgrades!) and help Alira.

Blade Flurry / Cyclone Setup

Blade Flurry 6-link (Body Armour): Blade Flurry - Fortify - Melee Physical Damage - Pulverise - Impale - Maim
Cyclone 6-link (Body Armour): Cyclone - Infused Channeling - Fortify - Melee Physical Damage - Impale - Concentrated Effect


1. I can’t afford a corrupted claw for power charges. What can I do?
Link whirling blades or frenzy to power charge on critical strike.

2. Where to sink my money into?
Buy GG items such as Aul’s Uprising or a Watcher’s Eye, buy or craft a one handed claw with 400 or more dps, try out Farrul’s Fur or get some of the new influence gloves or boots with very strong stats such as Initimade on hit or tailwind on crit

3. I die a lot. What can I do?
Improve Chaos Resistance, Get more Life/Damage, When Metamorphs Spawn their ads, kill them first before going back to the Metamorph or take the ‘Blitz’ ascendancy instead of ‘Aspect of Carnage’

4. What about reflect maps?
We can run elemental reflect, but I died sometimes when my life was low and I jumped into a large pack (we deal some elemental damage). Phys reflect is a no-go.

5. How do we get inflicted by bleeding?
We ocassionally get bleeding from this mod '50% chance to be inflicted with Bleeding when Hit by an Attack', which comes with the Red Trail boots. Since we are melee, this happens quite often!

6. I reserve much more mana than you do. What am I doing wrong?
Most likely you have leveled Precision too high (I keep it at level 7) or have linked Maim to other gems then Flesh and Stone.

7. What Annointments should I pursue?
Offense: Disemboweling, Claws of the Pride, Master of Force, Forceful Skewering or Claws of the Falcon
Defense: Discipline and Training

8. Can I use the Scourge Claw as an alternative for the rare claw?
It's about 4% less damage compared to a 328DPS claw, so, if your claw is worse, yes.

9. Would the +1 to minimum Frenzy Charges craft help with Flicker Strike sustain?
The craft does not work with Flicker Strike, as the Frenzy Charge can't be consumed, unfortunately.

Please share any question or feedback!

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for bandits it only says to kill alira. is that supposed to be help?
Yes, we help here. Thanks for pointing this out, I have corrected it!
Can this run either reflect mod on maps?

Also, where is the self bleed coming from for the Red Trail?
Last edited by LelouchLamperouge on Jan 13, 2020, 6:53:23 PM
It can run elemental reflect, but I died some times when my life was low and I jumped into a pack (we deal some elemental damage) and hit many mobs at the same time. Phys reflect is a no-go.

We ocassionally get bleeding from this mod '50% chance to be inflicted with Bleeding when Hit by an Attack', which comes with the red trail. Since we are melee, this happens quite often!

I updated the FAQ section with this, cheers!
Is the Soul Tether belt mandatory?
I really like the tankyness it provides but obviously you can skip it. In the video guide, I give you an alternative.

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? The clear is really good but damage feels bad against t11 bosses, and when bossing, my flicker sometimes stops. Also, I can't run all the auras you're shwoing in gem setups, when I trune them all on I have 46 mana, and my auras aren't event levelled yet , for the most part.
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Hey mate,

thanks for your questions. From what I can tell, you're Precision is level 11, mine is level 7. Also, you are not using a Diamond Flask, which gives almost 25% increased damage. If you feel tanky enough, you can swap in Ryslatha's Coil for Soul Tether (~18% increased damage on top of the Diamond flask) and retake the Dismembering cluster. I don't have you PoB, but your hit chance might not be at 100%. Flicker can sometimes stop due to bad rng. You might solve this by using a Precursor's emblem, but I found it not to be very good (Btw. this is the reason why we use frenzy). Last but not least your rings could need some flat physical damage.

Hope it helped!

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