Storytelling in Path of Exile

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Can’t wait for patch!


So much this.
Need more lore about final boss of Conqueror expansion.

Shaper had memory fragments and more dialogues, Venarius had his uniques and mini bosses dialogues, Sirus has just final battle dialogues, he doesn't even appears on the atlas like other exiles.

The struggle is real I can't wait!!!
G.G.G. is AwEsOmE
cant find the eye's anywhere :(
info info info bla bla bla but we still need to go OUTSIDE the game, to the poe wiki to look for the relevant info.
Storytelling in POE is as bad as it gets. Sorry. Pretentious and hollow.
The Sirus fight is a disgrace.
"Have you ever seen the true face of God, Exile?" is still the best line in the game. And it's six years old by now! Unbelievable how the time flies!

The Elderslayers will remain memorable in the future as well, I believe. Drox's "Hand of Justice!" and "The weight of law!" remind me so much of Dominus's "I have the biggest balls" attitude. Awesome!

The fight with Sirus, the Awakener of Worlds, however, seems a bit unfinished. You never encounter him in maps and suddenly, almost out of the blue, Zana offers to open a portal to his citadel. I hope, you and Nick will add a bit more story to him. What was his relationship with Zana exactly? A few "dirty love" lore lines would be much appreciated! :D

In general, as you mentioned yourself, lore can get annoying when you hear the same lines again and again. Cassia is a bit sparse on voice lines (thank Innocence I don't have to listen to her 1-3 same voice lines in every map any more!) and also Einhar could use more lines. I could babble his voice lines like a parrot, it's so tempting. "Ready, Exile? It is time to annoy you with my ever same voice lines!" :D

A good example of well worked story telling is definitely the Betrayal league. I still hear new lines because of some rare combinations of syndicate members appearing together and teasing each other.

All and all, you've done great work! "Lines and angles that don't exist..." (Kirac in Venarius's Reliquary) Haha, right out of Lovecraft!

Innocence blesses your journey of words!

PS: I noticed that the new Zana voice lines are a bit low in volume and the sound quality seems a bit muffled.
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I just want to say few things about storytelling. I feel bad for the writer getting bashed here.

PoE lore is rly good, but the implementation of it is rly lackluster. It's made in a way to be skipped or even totally bypassed.
I'm playing this game almost 2 years every day, sometimes whole day when i have time and still yet I have no idea about prob 90% of the lore. Starting from Wraeclast...
I would rly like to know MORE about the story of this game. Make it more interesting, more incorporated into leveling part. I would rly enjoy to be more immersed into the game and the story of everything in it.
Yesterday I read review of some heavy diablo gamer converted to PoE. Dude is like arpg god gamer. Among all the good stuff he said that story between Mervel and Daresso is the saddest thing he saw in arpg.
I had no clue...
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ghamadvar wrote:
Storytelling in POE is as bad as it gets. Sorry. Pretentious and hollow.

In all hack and slash games story is jus an excuse to shash and hack. But yet there are few games that do that excuse story well. PoE despite all flaws is not so bad at this.
Much appreciated for posting this!

I love when a 'story' is presented as a jigsaw puzzle. You get the pieces and you figure out the puzzle. Sadly act 5+ from campaign 1 wasn't so good. Hope you can do much better with campaign 2!

The sense of challenge, danger and mystery has been replaced by a feeling of entitlement, security and predictability.
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