Storytelling in Path of Exile

These sessions were great at Exilecon.
Le Toucan Will Return
Once upon a time:

We released a patch that bricked your paid for map tab, so you cannot use it ever.

The end.
thanks for sharing
the 2020 more positive version
I really wish they'd tone down the vague artsy writing with the "really makes you think" every dialogue line. Namely anything Sin says
Jerle wrote:
Can’t wait for patch!

Night and day the streets resounded with music, song and the clinking of chalices and tankards, for it is well known that nothing is such thirsty work as the acquisition of knowledge.
- Andrzej Sapkowski, Blood of Elves, 1994.
Hey, uh, important question.

Are we just not getting the promised lore for Acts 5-10 and the existing lore with a voiceover? That was half the reason why I loved Acts 1-3 and Daresso and Kaom's ramblings in Act 4.
Are you planning to upload Rhykkers interview with David Brevik and Schaefer Brothers?
Really need a FAQ published regarding the new Atlas, and a balance manifesto wouldn't hurt a bit.
thanks for uploading it, was waiting to see it since main stream of ExileCon didn't cover it
can you guys go back to fucking work already? or just dont launch leagues in december
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.

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