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Changes in 3.11
SUPRISE!!! No real changes besides losing deep cuts cluster jewels and Arborix is still fine, in fact it saves one point by not having to take iron reflexes now as a starter bow into a rare one. So yeah, no serious changes, and nothing got nuked. I wish I could add more but nope, same old same old.

Changes in 3.10
Suprise there are no changes :D. If anything we got stronger from the new cluster jewel giving us another +1 impale. May need to drop a little DPS on tree or life perhaps to grab it for 5-7 nodes of travel.

I've added barrage to our main links, we do lose a little life though sadly but it's all good. A reader also told me about Barrage + Arrow nova support combined with the Barrage threshold jewel. This combination is both fast and a different way to play this build. I would quite actually recommend it over TS in SSF. Thank you @RuskyPrincess for telling me about this. They did some math and you can get around 45-55 arrows about per cast. With the threshold jewel that jumps to 70 entire arrows! Combined with chain it is just insane.. Yeah GGG said this was a bug lmao.

So as an introduction there were many things nerfed and changed wit the way this build functions. We lost our pseudo 7-link Vicious Proj Bow, and there were also impale changes. No worries though. this build is still tanky and still fast at killing bosses no issues.

* Tanky - Over 7k+(now 6.5k+) life easily with Fortify + Vaal Molten Shell. Tanking Metamorphs is our game.
* Nice DPS(High boss dps with barrage)
* Relatively cheap to start
* Projectile Skill Base

* Higher dps cost MONEY
* Not the fastest clear
* Chaos res is hard to find (Soul of Shakari Pantheon is our friend)
* May still be laggy on older computers.

*Note about Awakakened Gems.
So Awakened GMP/ViciousProj/Brutality boost our dps a nice bit. Though these should be the last things you buy seeing as they cost an arm and a leg, the same can be said about a corrupted Kaom's Heart for Increased Damage.

I wanted a bow build that was tanky but always able to do bossing on a decent level with enough investment. I noticed that using TS impale I was able to achieve both of these.

Using Champion we get Master of Metal. This gives us a free 20% chance to impale, 2 additional impale hits, and added physical damage for each impale.
We also grab Fortitude to be able to use fortify along with First to Strike for free intimidate and a way to cheat death. When we reach low life we gain adrenaline recovering us 25% of our life.

With Master of Metal we can combine a watchers eye with 2 additional impale hits for a "more" multiplier.

We can also gain 100% chance to impale by taking Swift Skewering and using Dread Banner.

Kill all.
Alira can be good for you if you are in need of res.



We grab an Arborix and use Iron Reflexes on the tree for the additional armor. With this bow, we get 2 free additional arrows and Close Range combined with Point Blank.
-note(we want to have this bow be the highest quality possible, either through hillock or bestiary 30% corruption. Every 1% of quality is basically 1% more damage seeing as it increases the physical damage roll.

Now there is a certain breaking point where a Rare bow beats the arborix, these bows cost a fortune and may not be obtainable for most.

Starter Bows
For starting bows, you can grab a Death's opus or lioneye's glare in the mean time.


For our quiver you can grab a rare quiver with life/critmulti/additonal arrow/proj speed. Though I noticed i was getting more dps using a drill neck for pierce. You can also grab a Rigwalds Quiver, seeing as they are cheaper this league than ever, the free fork is amazing for clear.


For our chest we grab a Kaom's Heart for 500 life. Other good alternatives can be a Farruls Fur for free power/frenzy charges. Another being Yriels Fostering with added phys. A very expensive choice is one of the new physical explosion chest on a crusader base.

Good Kaoms Corruption

Explosion Chest is the High-end option and we get to use barrage. The crit on the chest makes up for the dps on tree we had to drop to obtain more life.
Also we no longer need to worry about corpse explosions when everything blows up in a nice pop :D.


We want atleast one ring with Assasins Mark on hit to make clearing a breeze so we are able to drop mana leech on the tree. The other ring can just be a high life ring with res and added phys.


We want a helmet with the Tornado Shot enchant for that extra arrow. The mods on helmet we want are two delve mods, #% Increased Effect of Fortify on You
and Nearby Enemies Take #% Increased Physical Damage. If possible find one with life and res if needed.


Here we want gloves with added phys, attack speed, life and res. The preferred base would be gripped gloves, I've yet to upgrade my gloves to better ones but these have been working quite fine.

Just updated my gloves to these, they have no physical damage roll but the Inc projectile roll is really nice boost

So as an example for gripped gloves these are it right here.


Just regular Life/Ms/Res boots. There are new hunter modded boots that grant tailwind if you want to go that route. Also a good enchant can be a crit enchant on your boots.


What we really want here is a Pride Aul's. This allows us to freely run pride and pick up Flesh and Stone linked with Maim. Also we can fully rank up precision this way. If the Aul's is to far out of your reach you can grab a rare crit ammy with life/res and even aspect of the cat if you are using a farruls.

For an Annoitment I choice tenacity for a little life and damage per strength. You can pick up Discipline and Training for more life, Splitting Strikes combined with a lioneyes jewel for more Phys reduction or Crystal Skin for more Elemental Immunity.


Here we have a few choices. For damage we want to grab a Ryslatha's Coil. If we want to be a bit more tanky we can grab a Soul Tether for the Life Leech effects. If you are though lacking res a rare stygian vice will do you well.


The main expensive thing here is a Dying Sun. Though for starting off you won't need one.
- Life flask with remove bleed.
- Diamond flask with either Curse removal or Freeze removal
- Quick silver flask WIth inc Movement Speed and either Inc Duration or Inc Effect.
-Silver Flask for Onslaught with Freeze or Curse removal. Or here we can grab a Basalt flask with the same rolls.
* An expensive option is to grab a Bottled Faith if you so please and replace it with the Silver Flask or Life flask if you feel comfy.

Inc Effect Quick Silver


For leveling, I would highly recommend starting off with cleave into cyclone. Seeing as the tree is basically the same with a few different nodes it makes no sense to try to start with a bow when Cyclone is much easier to gear.
You can switch to TS during BloodAquaducts or Act10 if you want. That's when I would feel more comfortable using the skill.

VIDEOS [8] Including Shaper now & Elder(fast kill)


T14 Cemetery - https://youtu.be/2GbXgXyrzZ8 [Arborix]
t14-15 Armour/LightHouse - https://youtu.be/JV_5ToQIZtc [Arborix]
Zana Blue Map Mino - https://youtu.be/_7Pj-J-C_mk [Arborix]
Phoenix - https://youtu.be/xEAKaSem8ZE [Arborix]
Shaper - https://youtu.be/5vMaJIu9_co [Arborix]
Elder - https://youtu.be/nNLQ6pmcCGo [Rare Bow]
T15 Toxic Sewers - https://youtu.be/8cF3xLxa8pA [Explosion Chest with Rare Bow]
Minotaur - https://youtu.be/crmToy95ihk [Explosion Chest with Rare Bow]



Tornado Shot -> Greater Multiple Projectiles -> Impale Support -> Vicious Projectiles -> Brutality -> Mirage Archer OR Maim

I've also opted to use Chain over Mirage Archer now. Since I picked up barrage, TS is just my secondary single target/clear.

Barrage -> Impale -> Vicious Proj -> Increased Crit Damage or Slower Proj -> Brutality -> Maim

After some messing around Energy Leech may be better than Inc Crit Damage

*Note if you choose to go with Crit Damage you will need to find a way to get atleast 111 int to wear it. It can be tough so be aware.


CWDT - Immortal Call

Flesh and Stone -> Maim

Increased Duration - Vaal Molten Shell or Molten Shell
Dread Banner

Faster Attacks - Blink Arrow
Precision - Accuracy
Blood Rage - Frenzy Charges for Clearing and Inc Attack Speed. Useful on bosses.

I've come to realise that I can fit in a Herald of Purity just by de-leveling Precision just enough to have 100% hit chance. So taking faster attacks of blink arrow and slapping a purity herald there is a nice add on. Plus we get cool minions now :D.

https://pastebin.com/fRmeELXp - Most updated PoB.

This POB has my tree and other janky items I added testing stuff out like different gloves and etc.
If you don't have PoB -

We have two important jewels that help us with defense and damage.
For more defense a Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel, kinda rng the rolls you get.
The big rolls here would be Fortify Effect. Though I was satisfied I was able to get free Endurance Charges.

For Offense, we grab a LionEyes and stick it in the jewel node by Blade of Cunning. Another good spot for LionEyes is by Feller of Foes.


Good Rare jewels would include
- Life
- Physical Damage
- Physical Damage to Bow Attacks
- Increased Damage with Bows
- Crit Chance/Multi
- Attributes or Res if needed.
* Slight under sight I had. I get mana leech on my ring. The Assasins's mark leech only procs on kill. So a more or less required roll is mana leech on either the jewel or possibly your gloves. You can also grab 1 node of leech on the tree from the essence sap cluster. My apologies

Example jewel I'm using because of the need for INT I had

End Notes

This build Guide/Showcase will be continued and updated throughout time. If I messed up something or missed something PLEASE tell me. I would appreciate it, this is a learning experience for me also.
Gotta grind em all.
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how is it after the nerfs?
how is it after the nerfs

So the fork fix and changes are noticable. Combined with boss hp and res changes, but i still melt t16 bosses and metamorphs no problem. The build really picked up after getting the Aul’s.
Gotta grind em all.
Can you please post a gameplay video? Showing clear and st damage?
Can you please post a gameplay video? Showing clear and st damage?

Oh of course, i’ll do it later today. The clear is of course not the fastest though, but it’s smooth for me.
Gotta grind em all.
Played something like this last league, the nerfs stopped me from giving it a try again, I absolutely love Champ, giving a try to clyclone atm and it feels great, will save this thread if it sparks me hope, thanks OP.
Mukee wrote:
Played something like this last league, the nerfs stopped me from giving it a try again, I absolutely love Champ, giving a try to clyclone atm and it feels great, will save this thread if it sparks me hope, thanks OP.

I hope it does give you hope, I've been in love with this build and it inspired me to make a guide for it.
Gotta grind em all.
have you tried any bosses(elder slayers or awakener) with this build yet? i am curious how it does
IGN: hyrenfreak
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hyrenfreak wrote:
have you tried any bosses(elder slayers or awakener) with this build yet? i am curious how it does

ElderSlayers are no problem, for we can tank mostly everything from Drox. Though I suck at the Sirius fight so I would need more general practice for him, shaper, for example, is done just fine.
Gotta grind em all.
I forgot to add a reserve slot, here is where I'll have to post updates I suppose.

- A few fixed spelling errors.
- Added AWakened Gems
- Added Shaper and Phoenix video

- Included new boots and gloves.
- Updated PoB
- Added Bandits section
- Added an explanation for my oversight with mana leech.


- Added Elder Fight video
- Added to gems section information about herald of purity
- Included a new Rare bow.


- Added Barrage Links
- Added new explosion Chest
- Added 2 new videos showcasing barrage and explosion chest.
- Updated PoB
- Added a Gif, haha.
Gotta grind em all.
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