celestial nebula pirate island

A syndicate pirate ship, adrift in the infinite celestial sea, with the masters marooned on a tiny island


- MTX used - a pet in a cage next to Einhar, you can use any pet you have, or leave the cage empty

- I have used multiple copies of the armor bench and gladiator benches (as the carriage under the guns on the pirate ship and around the masts on the pirate ship), if you are new and do not have these the guns should look fine without, the gladiators benches could be replaced by barrels if you want, otherwise should also be fine without

- all masters with portals should be fully accessible


Last bumped on Jan 12, 2020, 11:43:44 AM
That's brilliant, I love it! <3
Awesome design brother
Great hideout!
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Forum moderation is pathetic.

There's nothing I regret more [PoE-wise] than starting to read this forum because of Charan's posts. I'm extremely happy he left, because that made me leave too; I wish him well IRL and to never come back here.
The only one really interesting work from entire showcase (imao), with fresh and exciting idea and with good-weighted balance of decoration placement. Great job!
Last edited by FoxFluffy on Jan 10, 2020, 12:23:11 AM
I really WANT this one! Way Cool. Great Job!
Amazing!!! I luv it!!!!!!!!
Top 3 HO of all time, Fantastic job and beutifully design... really nice mate
thank you all :)
so happy to have my hideout featured on the login page and hideout showcase!
thanks GGG xx

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