[3.9] Bah's Ignite Fireball Elementalist (1M Shaper DPS, Awakener/Uber Atziri/Uber Elder complete)

Hello there! Glad to see a fireball build. Can you post a leveling tree?
Hey, really loving the builds so far.

I have a quick question about the weapon:
I'm currently using a 6L Searing Touch. How did you craft your rare weapon? Bound and Scorched Fossil?
I love this build! do you have a min/maxed version? i happen to have some exalts to burn. Also, what do you think of using a kaoms heart?
xBraiNx: Eh lazy. Personally I went to the Shadow side first, for projectile speed (QoL).

Draisch: Bought off market. Pretty sure it dropped like that, because it has an Incursion mod.

Caldofernandez: Not really. I suppose you could go for a perfect +4 staff and a +2 amulet? They don't exist on the market though. Kaom's heart sucks. I swapped out from Kaom's Heart (~6.5k hp) to my current gear (~5.5k hp) because Heart doesn't save you from physical slams, and there aren't enough sockets for all my skills (need to give up the CwDT).
This is a great build.

Just built it, i have everything except the +3 staff and could do with a bit more fire damage overtime multiplier.

It has great durability in boss fights and with the golems, i am able to just tank and or dodge hits. I am using the support gem meat shield to make my golems taunt for the extra survivability.

I am currently doing t16 map bosses and metas with ease, you just need to pay attention to ground effects and boss hits but other than that it is really easy. I am yet to try Sirius.

Thanks for the build it works really well.

It could only be improved by adding more damage (my items needs upgarding a little) and a little more speed but im not sure how you would do that.
I am playing this build,lvl 80 now.
Lacking a bit HP at the moment,but stil i am just lvl 80.
I just spend 6 ex on awakened supports hope it is worth it.
Vaal fireball is kinda funny :).
Thanka man 4 the build!
Thanks for the awesome build, it's a lot of fun!

Do you have any mana issues? I run OOM after 5 consecutive fireballs, but the Devouring Diadem's feast saves me sometimes. Do I need to find a source for ES leech maybe? Or do I just wait out the ignites and not cast too often?

I'm still missing Soul Ripper so maybe that's it - that it will replace the need to cast normal Fireballs on trash.
olliehax: Thanks!

luka2113: You're welcome!

falfool: I don't ever run out on normal mobs (due to Devouring Diadem restoring ES every few seconds), and for bosses the ignites last at least 7s anyway; you don't need to cast that often. I didn't take any mana leech at all. Though maybe you could get more ES on gear (belt, ring, amulet, etc.) to improve your recharge per second.
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is there any way of skipping Devouring Diadem? (resists problems)
is there any way of skipping Devouring Diadem? (resists problems)

I don't know. Imo you have more resists if you use a rare helmet... but then you run into HP recovery issues, mana issues, and reservation issues. You can't reserve 20 * 50% auras and then a 25% Aspect without EB.

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