Happy Holidays! Get a Free Polaris Mystery Box!

Hello !thanks alot for the Box super happy Merry Christmas ! :)
Thank you! Got a Black Body Armour :)
Thank you, for the great "Black Sword" weapon skin. Happy holidays to you all there.
Tks a lot GGG, already got it.
I didn't receive anything in the box.
I got the White Aura Effect, it looks awesome. Thank you GGG, one of the best game companies out there currently. Thank you for making an amazing game and thank you for being generous enough to give us 1 free mystery box. Awesome devs, 10/10
Khajit has wares... If you have coin...
Thank you very much GGG, and Merry Christmas to everyone involved and all the other Exiles out there. 👍
Merry Christmas all ! :) And thanks GGG, White portal effect :) <3
i didnt get my box ;/
Merry Christmas everyone!

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