Happy Holidays! Get a Free Polaris Mystery Box!

Thank you for White Dragon Pet! It looks amazing! :)
Thank you GGG, happy holidays to you all!
plsss make it can be redeemed via web like last year , the progrmer of this internet cafe has delete the poe game , i cant claim it

this is worst christmas ever 😫😫
black and white impermanence gift,dead await.
btw,merry chrristmas.
Play SSF HC League only.
Already lose count how many time i be slain in SSF HC.
Never argue with Softcore/Poor people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
Thanks! I got my black dragon, just as I wrote to Santa about!! :D
ummm my box didn't show up......I must have been a bad Exile and received coal in my stocking :-(
i got quin69 from that chest, a RAT...
Can't see the Mistery box in the in-game-shop !!

Maybe I am not lucky ^^
Yaaay a black rat, looks good with black kitty :D

Thank you GGG for awesome gift this year too :)

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