Huge Skill Effects Sale This Weekend

Hey Natalia_GGG, any patch expected today or this Weekend?
no consecrated path effect, i'am sad :(
I've searched high and low, but couldn't find an effect for the skill named "Huge".
Please fix it asap.
All void emperor effects are on sale, but not the bundle. Although the bundle for essence drain is on sale. Kinda dissapointed because I wanted to pick up the void emperor bundle :(
We need a Herald of Purity effect!!!
This sale includes every skill effect in the store except the ones that were released since the launch of the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion.

So then why isn't the Celestial Necromancer Bundle on Sale.
I held off buying a supporter pack until i played (tested) the league and i am glad i did.

The game ruining exploit with the awakener orbs has really destroyed all credibility of poe (again) and I can assure you, that the OVERWHELMING silent majority, is not happy at all.

Couple with the fact that my PAID for map tab is still frakked in standard and i can't even play, there is absolutely no point buying anything to support you.
Reminder: Do not buy anything! Okay I`m surfing through the shop again. :D
new sale- yes
hole mamory fix -no
great new buisnes strategy
Last edited by LaComedihumaine on Dec 27, 2019, 5:19:17 PM
Expecting a mega sale of sorts for new year, perhaps a new annual discount on supporter packs? one can dream T_T

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