3.9.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

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1mustfall wrote:
Sadly the memory leak what have been issue on Win7 still didnt get fixed. It did slow it down so i can do 2 maps before it consumes 5+gb memory. Still game is unplayable....

This starts to be one of the worst launches on any league in last 3 years.

And yet, not all on Win7 have that problem. My game runs totally fine, I even have music running and my internet browser.

I envy you completely. I wish I didn't have that problem because it really makes the game unplayable. A game that was running flawlessly before Patch 3.9.0e happened.

And indeed, although many Windows 10 shills try to pass it as Win7 fault, some Win10 user also have the issue. It is a 100% GGG issue.

It's actually so sad that the game before 3.9.0e was running so good and now it was completely obliterated and on top of it it's almost christmas :( Nice present for win7 users.

Here I saw a new patch and was like :)))) and then :(((( because memory leak was nowhere near addressed.
Memory usage seems to FINALLY be OK.

Hopefully, this mess doesn't happen again.
Something is horribly wrong now. I am not smart enough to know what is wrong so I have nothing to offer since any of my criticisms would not be constructive and by definition that makes them complaints; and that kind of attitude is so unbecoming at this time of year.

On the bright side, my death count needed some buffing and it has doubled in one day. I am on soft core so its fine. Its kind of trollish to have a big money contest for hardcore and then have 420 or so glitches that bring on death. Neon is probably laughing really hard core right now. He said he loves to kill exiles. He is winning.

Keep fixing it smart people I love this game. I know you will get it right you always do.

Happy Holidays GGG

And everyone smile at someone random in IRL today they need it.

I am smiling at you!

The win7 low performance problem still persists for me
Still not getting eyes, omegalul
Me neither. sick of seeing another lung or brain. 30+ lungs, brains and hearts, 10 livers = all useless in the end, since even IF the eyes start dropping someday after the next patxh that actually fixes this, these extra's are worthless.
I know you gys at GGG want the 4.0 look loog compared to 3.9, but this is just sad.
Memory leak still happens, my poe takes up to 15 gb or ram and my fps drop to 1 fps when i use ice storm...
Copy-paste from topic above. Just incase.
Try to install oldest drivers for graphics card in case if you have NVIDIA card and win7x64. For my GTX950 i installed 355.69 version and make sure to turn off windows 7 compatibility in properties of launcher/game(it causes FPS drops even with this driver), for some reason it works just like before and all lags/FPS drops gone!
For older Nvidia cards try this GeForge Driver - 2012(they said it works as well).
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Metamorphs on yellow maps still drop exclusively white maps...
GGG - You did a good job trying to fix the Eye drop! Great attempt!

After about 2 to 3 dozens drops since this patch, I finally got an eye.

Hats off to those who strive to succeed!

P.S. I think 20% got coded as 2%
Well if the drops got changed i haven't noticed any difference the struggle for eyes is real https://imgur.com/a/ysK7L1E
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