3.9.1 Patch Notes

qoqoCAN wrote:
what about portals that are disappearing after DC ?

If you DC'd it was probably because the server instance crashed. Therefore there is no portals for them to show.

So what you are really asking for is "please stop the server side instance crashes!" which is a bigger issue. :(
AutoPick = Perfect!
tedbear2009 wrote:
What about the Awakener's vortex fields that cover the arena? Don't you think they need some improvements too?

yup. the cheapest boss fight in my gaming history as far as i can recall.
"When you cause monsters spawned by the Conqueror's Influence to appear it will now also cause all nearby monsters of the same Influence type to appear."

This will be so rippy... Sometime they are like 3 or 4 packs next to each other, i mean come on, it's already tricky when you can only trigger part of them... I mean i play an ignite build so i probably are one of those that will benefit the most from this change but this seam a bit too much.

Apart from that thanks for the parts it's really a pain
Who cares about his meteor ability really?
It was like the only one thing about the fight which is actually good designed. Was really intuitive and somewhat interactive. And yet you did so much to it.

Problem is tornado. The way how it interacts with you/minions (how devastating it is). And it is absolutely NOT intuitive how to make it disappear.

My suggestion: remove it/make purely cosmetical/change degen type to burning/lower this shit in size/make it disappear after fixed amount of time etc. Do something to it.

Aslo the arena is just bad. Same as the way you must approach it.

P.S. Thank you very much for Legion General fix, was really annoying. And the metamorph improvements ofc.
Bring back the ā!

RIP Tāne, you will be missed.
Organs automaticly collected?

Oh god I love you guys, other people would ask me if we guys don't have mice but you guys, you are cool.
Metamorph samples are now collected automatically when monsters die.

Praise the Sun y'all! That's all I needed to play this league. Happy Birth Day to me. Heyo!
You can now run the same Map multiple times to encounter the Conquerors of the Atlas.

Now you are talking my laguage.

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