New Core Supporter Packs Available Now!

Have to admit this is the first time I am extremely hesitant purchasing these as I don't feel they are on par with previous years.
I wouldn't mind throwing another 60$ in my favorite game, but tbh first sets look kind of generic and not worth it for me.
I truly love your game but I think this model of 60-120-240-480$ pack supporting might be rethought somehow.
@GGG can you please create something that is not a variant of past supporter pack armour please.

Suggestions--steampunk themed(armour, items, back attachments, etc.) supporter packs, warhammer-esk theme, final fantasy themed, steal some warcraft tier 6 & 7(best IMO)...I'm sure these are not more outrageous than clowns and definitely more exciting than repeats. Thanks
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Oh man, I would get the Orion Core supporter pack just for the cape back attachment, it looks almost identical to the completionist cape from Runescape. Also, there's not that many good looking back attachments to buy from the mtx store, so having one that looks good would be nice. Hm... Tempting
Khajit has wares... If you have coin...
The shirt and sweatshirt were the best part of core supporter packs.
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Nice, thank you!

As others have already stated, the issue with apparitions is that we do not see them very often, and do not want to see them appear when hunting as it blocks alot of the screen. For added apparition value, could you guys make it so we can place apparitions in our hideouts?
the only things look nice are the bosses apparitions, so meh
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ice7s wrote:

The old core packs were worth buying, these aren't.
NO ty l will never keep to support ggg anymore ....for what ? for tons of bugs? for graphing problems ? for nerfs for mtx shop balance ? for destroy players freedoom with global nerfs ? 0 RNG system ? for what ??????
Not including the shirt or hoodie to the packs was a mistake. Other than the apparitions, this batch of cores all seem kinda samey.
I'm gonna pass this year.

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